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Why Work with Shoestring Travel

I am not your Influencer but your Marketing Partner.

I believe that successful collaboration can only happen when there is an exchange of ideas.
With a degree in Marketing from one of the Top Premier B School of India and 12+ years of Marketing & Consulting experience, I try to add value to the brand which I am working for.

While collaborating, I look at long term opportunities which not only helps in building the audience but also helps in generating conversations & conversions for the brand in the long run.

Content is King

With immersive storytelling and excellent photography skills, I ensure that the content is always fresh and exciting and which connects to the right audience.
If you are looking for immersive experience through 360 Virtual Reality videos and photographs then I can provide the perfect solution which will help to showcase the destination/property/product through an immersive experience.
I am a result-oriented professional hence during the entire collaboration I keep the end result in mind and build my content accordingly and don’t give up until the result is met. 
You might often find me posting more content than what has been agreed upon to ensure that the end result is met.
I don’t believe in just writing a blog post and promoting randomly on various Social Media channels.
All the blog posts are well researched and presented in such a way so that the readers find value and can use the same as a guide while experiencing a location. The blog posts are optimized for Search Engines using relevant keywords. The blog posts are promoted in relevant online groups to cater to a specific audience which the brand is looking for. The blog posts are promoted on Instagram with relevant hashtags and images. 
The collaboration also includes unique images which the brand can use as stock images saving them of high revenue outflow on account of buying stock images.
If you want to buy any images or create any content for you Contact Me at

Key Brands who Trust in Us

What We Do


After traveling to 26+ countries across 5 continents and interacting with a lot of people who travel we know what a traveler looks for while traveling.

Before I travel to any destination I will discuss with you and make a detailed Tourism Marketing Plan. During & after the visit, I will drive exposure to your destination through various social media campaigns, amazing guides and itineraries will be created and promoted through Blogs/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. A Unique discussion platform will be created on Facebook with awesome destination videos. We will show off what makes your destination unique on our blog, YouTube, Social media and various discussion forums.

We are open to collaboration with different Tourism Boards, travel service providers, and brands. You can also send us for press trips.


I have been able to polish my writing skills over by publishing posts on this blog over the period of the last few years. I also contribute to print and online publications. If you are looking to generate quality content based on personal experiences, I am open to discussing possibilities of me working on one of your projects.

I can generate content for guidebooks, print materials, blogs, websites, coffee table books. We also do freelance writing or social media projects for your brand or company.


Apart from Still & Video, Shoestring Travel also provides 360 DEGREE VIRTUAL REALITY IMAGES & VIDEOS which are more immersive than Normal Videos or Photographs. It’s a new technology which will change the way we experience a place. Google, GoPro, Apple, and other tech companies are investing heavily in Virtual 360.

Using state of the art 360 camera Shoestring Travel provides an immersive experience of a place using 360 Degree Virtual Reality Videos & Images

My photographs have been printed in National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Vogue Italia and have been featured by Skyscanner. 

STOCK IMAGES are guaranteed when you work with me. Using latest DSLRs / Mirrorless cameras and high end lenses images which can be used for commercial purposes are clicked and given to the brands.
I am also a Getty Images contributor and hence stock quality images are guaranteed and you can save few marketing spends on buying stock images.

I have a huge collection of photographs covering various places, culture, festivals and events. If you want to purchase any images on license basis then reach out to me on


My readers and followers always look out for interesting products that adds value to their life or travel experience. If you want me to show how your product could be useful to the readers you can reach out to me. 

My reviews are based on the perspective of the users.


With 12+ years of experience in Marketing & Consulting at top organizations, I can create and execute an interesting & engaging Campaign for your Brand. The campaigns will be augmented by on-ground activations as well. 

Contact me for any campaign you would like me to do related to Travel or Gadgets.


If you want me to share Travel experiences or Tip and Tricks on How to travel on a Budget or anything related to Trave or Photography reach me at

I have conducted many Photowalks for esteemed Brands & have been a speaker at many Corporates like Vodafone, MTS etc.


We have planned bespoke trips for  1000+ nights for 400+ people. 
My wife owns a Travel Company - Tripify Travels which offers Customized Tours within your Budget. Check Tripify Travels website here or reach out to at +918240582844

Let's Work Together

Together we Can Make the World a 
Better Place to Travel 


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