Bitten by Travel Bug ? How to save money for Travel

People often ask me these questions:

1. How do I get time to travel

2. How do I save money to travel

3. How do I decide the place to travel

Well, these will automatically fall in place when you have the intent to travel.You don't need long holidays to travel.
You can explore places even in 2-3days.In my blog I will write about how to travel when you have lesser number of days and trust me its easy.

Now back to the questions.Let's start with the basic necessity of travel -Budget.

How do I save Money for travel

I know many people who want to go to a particular place and try to save money to get the experience however due to certain constraints they are never able to save the money and end up going nowhere.

My suggestion is to start traveling with whatever money you have. This way you will be able to gain many experiences of life.

So how do i save money for travel.
NO, You don't have to downgrade your lifestyle to save money.

You can enjoy life and still save a huge amount for travelling.The following are my few personal tips:

1. First start with jotting down all the expenses for a day, and when i say expenses i mean even jot down if you spent few cents. 

Everyday we spent many dollars unknowingly on things which is not necessary and if not done will not change anything in our life. When i jotted down my expenses i found that on an average i am spending $2-3 unnecessarily which will not hamper my life if i cut down. That's almost $90 a month and $1080 annually.
Now you understood how to save money.

2. Open a bank account exclusively for traveling. 

Allocate some % of your saving basis your comfort level towards traveling and deposit the same in this account. You will find that at the end of the year this has become a huge amount and you could be on to your dream vacation. I saved $3000 at the end of the year that's just $200 every month. The expenses you have reduced by following step no 1 should also be deposited in this account.
The best part of this account is you can use this fund for any emergencies or exigencies.

3. Look for Materialistic pleasure vs Travelling pleasure

Whenever you are reaching for your wallet to spend, just for a second think, which will give you more pleasure saving the same amount for traveling or spending. If you think you can save the money for traveling then put the amount in some other pocket and at the end of the day/month deposit the amount in the bank. Following this process I saved around $400 every month.i was happy that i was saving for the travel i intend to do also at the same time i was enjoying my life by spending on things which gave me more pleasure.

So,how much did i save by following the above 3 steps- $8280 annually. That's a huge amount of you want to travel. That's like traveling for almost 2 months luxuriously in Asia or 15-30days in few countries in Europe.

​No more cutting down on expenses, the next tip I'm going to give you is SPEND.
Sounds confusing right? Well no.
Ditch your current credit card and opt for a travel credit card. This way you will be spending normally and also earn points which you can redeem against airfare, hotel stay, discount on food etc.
Sounds exciting right?
So please start implementing right now.
Now to the next two questions.

How Do I Decide the Place & Find out Time to Travel

Sometimes I end up thinking where and when to go next but get confused.

So what do i do?
On the first day of the year i prepare a list of places where i want to go in the year. Then I find out the minimum days i require to travel to these places. I list down the places in groups of days required to visit each place eg: i will be having 4-5 places which can be covered in 2 days, 2-3 places which can be covered in 7days,1-2 places which can be covered in 10-15 days.
We often miss to visit places because we don't plan in advance. Suddenly we might discover that there is a long weekend but it's too late to do the booking.
In the beginning of the year find out the calendar of holidays and find out long weekends or make it a long weekend by taking 1 leave eg: you can have a holiday on Tuesday so take a leave on Monday and make it a long weekend for 4 days.
Yes its simple.

​So what are you waiting for plan your next vacation now.
Let me know if the tips have helped you to travel and experience life. Cheers!!!

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  1. Liked the way of saving money for tours. It will help a lot. Thanks for sharing.


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