The Great Italian Dream Holiday

Every traveler dreams of a vacation in Italy and why not it's one of the most beautiful places in Europe which is filled with history, architecture marvel, natural beauty and high street fashion. If anyone has to write a book on Italy then the index will run into few pages.

I fell in love with Italy in 2009 on my visit there and my heart yearns to go again. I am planning a trip there soon. Italy will mesmerize you with its beauty , people , hospitality and rich culture and history. My Italian trip had such a major impact on me that after visiting Italy I fell in love with everything Italian.

It's almost impossible to visit all the places in Italy at one go if you want to do justice to it. So the places in Italy has been divided into three sections : 

a) Must visit 
b) Should visit 
c) Can be missed

Based on your interest and how much days you want to travel, you can mix and match the places you want to go.
Before jumping on to the places lets understand how and what you should keep in mind which will make your travel fun as well as budget friendly. Shoestring travel is all about making memories and gaining experiences on a budget.

Important Tips when Travelling to Italy:

  1. Most of the restaurants charge EUR 2-3 extra for sitting and add it to your bill. 
  2. There are no free washrooms (WC) either you have to pay EUR 1-2 for using the same or else a restaurant/café will allow you to use their washroom free if you order something
  3. You need to buy tickets for Buses/Metro before you board and there is no option to buy it once you board. The fine without validated ticket is EUR 50 approx.
  4. Few museums may have free entry on a particular day so look out for the same. If you happen to stay for 2-3 days then try to go to the museums when there is a free entry.
  5. Stay away from the City Center as the hotels located there are very expensive , stay in a place away from the city center but near a Train/Bus/Metro Station.
  6. No need to buy bottled water you can drink directly from the Taps. Tap water in Italy is very safe.

Budget for Travelling to Italy

You will require a budget of maximum EUR 100 per day to travel in Italy. The breakup of the budget is as follows :

  • Stay in Hotel will cost you from EUR40-EUR70  . If you are planning to stay in a dorm or hostel reduce the cost by approx 30-50%. While booking a hotel suggest you book one which offers complimentary breakfast.
  • Travel in the city will cost you EUR 10-15 if you are taking Public transport
  • Lunch- a slice of Pizza+ Wine will cost you approx EUR 8-10
  • Dinner will cost you around EUR 10-15
  • On all days you will not go to museum or a place which has entry tickets. The approx prices of entry tickets is around EUR 18-20 in most of the places. I suggest you buy a Museum pass which turns out to be cheaper and covers many places.

How to Travel to Italy

Travel Between the cities in Italy 

If you are travelling nationally i.e. from One place to the other the best option is Train. My suggestion is to use Le Frecce trains (formerly known as Eurostar Italia) .These are High speed trains which connects to almost all major Italian cities. It has major three types of trains:

  • Frecciarossa : Marked as FR in Eurail timetable travels between main Italian cities from north to south . This is the best option when travelling across cities. Visit this link to plan your trip in advance.
  • Frecciargento : Marked as FA in Eurail timetable connects Rome to main cities in the northeast and south of Italy
  • Frecciabianca : Marked as FB in Eurail timetable Connects Turin and Milan to Italian cities in the northeast of Italy.
The cost of train travel between cities varies from EUR 35-65 per trip.  

You can also opt for the Italian Railways (, however I wouldn’t personally suggest them as they take bit more time than Eurostar.

Travelling in the City in Italy

In most of the Italian cities the sights are nearby so the best way to visit these places is walking. If yu have to take a bus then don’t worry its cheap too, most of the buses cost blow EUR 2 for a single way ticket.

Detailed Itinerary of Italy on a Budget 

I have prepared a map which will help you how to travel across Europe. My suggestion is enter Italy from Rome and say adios from Milan. Just follow the arrows in the map to plan your trip. 
So how many days will be good for Italy. 

4 Days: Though 4 days are too less if you really want to enjoy Italy. However if you can’t afford to spare more than 4 days then I suggest visit Rome+ Vatican (1.5 Days) & Florence (1.5 Days) and Venice (1 Day)

5-7 Days: This is a more relaxed visit and you will be able to cover all the Must visit places. You can visit Rome+ Vatican City (2 Days), Florence & Pisa (2 Days) , Venice ( 1.5 Days) & Milan (1.5 Days)

7-10 Days: on top of the above itinerary add One day to Pompeii and 1 day to Amalfi Coast. If you are left with days then suggest you can half a day to Venice.

10+ Days: I rest this upon you just decide how many days you want to spend in each place. Enjoy a truly exciting Italian Holiday.

------------------------------------------CITY GUIDES (coming soon)------------------------------------------

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