5 Crazy Street Food from Siem Reap, Cambodia

Get a taste of the place through its Street Food.

Whenever I travel , instead of dining in high end restaurants I always end up having street food with locals. It helps me not only saving money but also get a taste of the place and yes have made lots of friends where ever I have visited.

One of the best places where you can really enjoy street food is South East Asia. Most of the countries share a common taste yet different in a very distinctive way.
Cambodian cuisine is very unique which is a blend of Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. The best place to get a taste of Cambodia is Siem Reap. 
Where in Siem Reap ? Just head to Pub Street. You ask any Tuktuk to take you there and they can drive you blind folded. Depending on where you are staying in Siem Reap the tuktuk ride to Pub Street will cost you $1-$2.5. Don't get swayed by the squanky restaurants in Pub Street just walk a little inside the alleys where you will find lots of street side vendors serving different kinds of meat.

I got a bit adventurous and decided to taste the crazy street food which was on offer. One meat(red below) was simply amazing and had been the best meat I ever tasted , Note :I had different kinds of meat in my lifetime starting from snakes,pigeon,shark,dog basically I have tasted almost everything which can crawl, walk or fly.
So what was on offer in Siem Reap Street Food. It was crazy real crazy :

Barbecue Crocodile at Siem Reap , Cambodia

This was the meat I was talking about- The best meat I have ever tasted. Crocodiles may look ugly but they taste really good. Cambodia is among one of the few places on earth where you get crocodile meat easily. So when you are in Siem Reap you should ever miss to have Barbecue Crocodile.
The crocodile meat is shredded and is given with Barbecue Sauce and French Fries. This will cost you $4.50 but trust me this taste will linger for lifetime.

Fried Tarantulas at Siem Reap , Cambodia

Don't try to venture near to these if you are light hearted. Ok basically one of the worst meat I have ever tasted. It doesn't feel right when a hairy creature enters your mouth and suddenly with one bite a liquid comes out which has no taste.My advice stay away from this and save $1 per tarantula.

Grilled Frog Curry at Siem Reap , Cambodia

Don't worry they don't catch frogs from the streets and serve you. The frogs are special bull frogs which they raise in the farm and are specially handpicked to serve you on plates. This is one exciting food if you want to try out new cuisine in Siem Reap. The frog legs (check the two pieces at the bottom most part of the plate) are the tastiest part.The rest of the  body is not that meaty. As usual the khmer cooking style makes it really interesting. This dish will cost you $5 and will come with a bowl of rice.

Roasted Snakes at Siem Reap , Cambodia

Do you get goosebumps on seeing a crawling snake , then don't scroll down because eating roasted snakes will surely give sleepless nights.Most of the street vendors do stack up roasted snakes for you to relish. Each stick of roasted snake costed me $1 and must say this was worth every cent.Snake is basically a bit tough to eat as its rubbery with lots of tiny bones but once you roast it you can crush the bones easily. Try this street food in Siem Reap and its once in a lifetime experience.

Fish Amok at Siem Reap , Cambodia

Well this is not crazy food in real sense but the tastiest Khmer Food in Siem Reap. You should not leave Cambodia without trying this Khmer Dish.Fish Amok is a classic Khmer dish, and everyone we talked to had a family recipe. It’s usually steamed and served in a banana leaf with a little coconut cream on top. It’s light, even with the coconut milk, and the color is beautiful. A place of Fish Amok will cost you anywhere between $4-$5.50 depending on the place you are eating.

Don't Leave Cambodia without trying Fish Amok.

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