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By this time you must have heard about the new rage. Pokemon Go. If you don't know what it is then read below.
Pokemon Go is a game developed by Niantic Inc which helps you to collect Pokemon around your real world using Augmented Reality. Not a fan of Pokemon ? You needn't to be, just download the app and play to discover new places around you.

The app uses your GPS and based on your location shows Pokemon at various places around you. If you want to collect more Pokemon then you need to do go out of your house and walk on the streets.
Recently in news there was a girl suddenly discovered a dead body while playing Pokemon Go. That's the power of the game.

How does it Help You to Explore New Places ? 

I have been working at my new office building for the last 1 year and didn't know about the existence of below 3 statues.The best part there is a name for the statue also. Such is the power of the game.

If you have to collect Pokemon you have to walk on the streets. The app will not throw many exciting Pokemons when you are on Uber or Driving , its only when you are walking you will be able to find cute and exciting and powerful Pokemon.

While you walk away to glory on the streets collecting Pokemon you can find interesting places called as Pokestops. So what are Pokestops. These are the interesting places where Pokemon hunters can go and get powers.

The developers of Pokemon Go had been collecting data from people over the last 4 years. These data have been converted to Pokestops.I can assure you once you find a Pokestop you will be in an interesting place.
You can read about the criteria for inclusion here, which includes an emphasis on locations with "a cool story, a place in history, or educational value" and "unique architecture."But beware sometimes you might end up finding a bizarre Pokestop which might not be to your liking.

With these app you will be able to find out some interesting places which is difficult to find on Google maps or any other travel sites like I have been able to find the 3 friends statue.

Meet people while Pokemon hunting

While trying to find out about the app , in the last 1 day I have meet 5 new people whom otherwise I wouldn't have met all while Pokemon hunting.

Imagine you in the streets of an unknown city and you make friends with new people while hunting Pokemon. You go to any park , waterside you can find people who are trying to hunt Pokemon and in the race of hunting Pokemon you will be able to make friends.

So just fire up the app on your smartphone and explore new places while Pokemon hunting.
While playing beaware of your surroundings don't drive and play or don't play on the roads.

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