Moulin Rouge : The Show of a Lifetime

Paris – The city of Romance, Music & Arts

The name “Paris” itself ignites many emotions in me. Since the launch of Moulin Rouge movie in 2001 I was always enthralled by anything Parisian.
My heart always wanted to visit the romantic city of Paris .Finally in 2010 my dream came true when I visited PARIS.

Paris had its own charm but how it’s possible that I will go to Paris and not visit the place which inspired me – 

It’s the MOULIN ROUGE, yes Moulin Rouge.

It’s absolutely a must do to visit Moulin Rouge when you travel to Paris. Going to Paris and not watching a Parisian Cabaret is a sin.

For people who don’t know what is Moulin Rouge well it’s a cabaret in Paris. Well it’s not just the cabaret it’s THE Cabaret which has been running since 1889. It is known as the birthplace of modern form of can-can dance (A high-energy dance originally danced by both sexes, it is now traditionally associated with a chorus line of female dancers. The main features of the dance are the high kicks, splits and cartwheels.The building of Moulin Rouge which is you see is not the original one as it was burnt down in 1915.

What to expect at Moulin Rouge 

A high energy colourful musical evening. Yes if you don’t like topless women then don’t go. The show is done mostly by topless women and the best part is it’s not an erotic show. Read below to know what to expect but Moulin Rouge will keep you engrossed and you will be back with memories which you can cherish forever.

How much does it cost to see a Moulin Rouge Show

Watching a show in Moulin Rouge is costly when you are travelling on a shoestring budget. The costs starts from EUR87 for 11pm show or EUR115 for 9pm without drinks, add another 10EUR if you want to have champagne .The show lasts for approx 2 hours. There are shows with dinner which starts at 7pm and costs 200EUR but my suggestion is to skip the dinner and watch the show only. You can have dinner before or after the show.
Prior booking is required as most of the days the shows are fully booked in advance. You can visit reservations and make prior booking.

How to reach Moulin Rouge 

Moulin Rouge is located in the heart of Paris’ red light district with many adult oriented stores and cabaret shows. The closest Metro line to this tourist site is Blanche on Metro Line 2.

Important: Photography is strictly prohibited inside Moulin Rouge so you have to bring back memories captured in your heart and mind. There are professional photographers inside who can click photographs for you but it comes with a price(The photographs of the performances are from Moulin Rouge's official site)

Moulin Rouge Detailed Show : What do you get to see at Moulin Rouge

I was so excited that I reached Moulin Rouge at 8pm when the show was at 11pm. If you reach early then you can roam in the nearby streets and you will be amazed to see the colourful streets near Moulin Rouge. Since Moulin Rouge is present in the Red Light district of Paris, don’t forget to check out the interesting sex shops.

Well I was so engrossed roaming in the streets that I forgot to check my watch, and when I realised it was already 10pm. I rushed to Moulin Rouge and I was welcomed by a long queue waiting to enter.
You will always find such long queues before a show and hence if you want to enter early reach there early simple.

Finally I entered the majestic Moulin Rouge and soon I was escorted by a waiter to my designated table. The table was beautifully laid with a red light and bottle of champagnes ready to be served.

Soon the lights went off and the curtains were raised. Welcome to the one of the greatest shows of the world. The entire troupe was on the stage and the dance and music starts.
The costumes were beautifully designed with beautiful feathers, embossed with stones which sparkled under the beautiful lights. Soon I was teleported into an era of romance and music. It felt like from an era from early 1900s when everything was in excess. 

Moulin Rouge just blew me away and it was much more than what I expected. You have to see it to believe it.

Feerie is the current show which is going on since 1999 and the show is divided in 4 scenes..Oh don’t bother to understand the story just enjoy the entire ambiance.

The first scene was called “The Moulin Rouge Today and Yesterday”.You will be mesmerised by the beauty of Doris Girls (well Miss Doris was a great choreographer of Moulin Rouge ) wearing long white skirts with red feathers and beaded necklaces on their topless bodies. You will be so engrossed that you will barely notice the topless women.


The second scene was straight from the sets of a pirate movie and it’s called as “The Pirates”. Just after this a huge aquarium filled with python appears on the stage and a topless lady jumps into the aquarium to play with the snakes and it looks like a dance.


The entire set up was flawless and the stage transformed into something new every moment.
The next scene is called the “Au Cirque” where you will see the performances of the acrobats , jugglers , weird wild animals , clowns and miniature horses.


The last part of the scene is called “The Moulin Rouge from 1900 to…” which ended with the famous CanCan dance.The Doris girls wore red, blue and white skirts matching the colors of the French national flag. They lifted their skirts and kicked their legs into the air revealing fishnet stockings and G-strings while howling the Can-Can signature shriek whilst cheering.

Finally the show of the lifetime ended and I left Moulin Rouge with bagful of memories which will be cherished throughout my life.

That’s Moulin Rouge for you!!!

If you have been to Moulin Rouge don’t forget to share your experiences in the comment section.

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