Hola España : Spanish Experience in 10 days

If you want to get addicted to a country then visit Spain. I can assure you once you visit Spain you will yearn to visit this country again and again. Spain or Esapana might not be known for many historical monuments or history but its a country full of heart and there is a persona of its own.

Its the country of the amazing dance form Flamenco, lovely food Paella, the brave Matadors, the Tomatina festival and not for the faint hearts Pamplona Bull run.
Thats the country with a life - Spain.

Budget for Traveling to Spain

Don't worry travelling to Spain is cheaper than most of the other European countries.
My suggestion is also travel to the nearby country Portugal while visiting Spain, that ways you will save cost of flight from your home country and will be able to visit one more country.

So let's see what costs you will typically incur while travelling to Spain :

a) Hotel : The cost of hotel will be a bit costly in big cities like Madrid or Barcelona. You can find good hotels starting EUR 40 with almost all kind of amenities.The cost will increase depending on the location of the hotel. If you are planning to go to the party destination Ibiza then you will end of paying a bit more extra and hotel will cost you EURO 55+

b) Food : What is traveling without tasting the local food.You can have Tapas between EUR 4-8. Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine. They may be cold (such as mixed olives and cheese) or hot (such as chopitos, which are battered, fried baby squid). If you want to have Spanish wine then add another EUR 4-7. You must have heard about the Spanish food Paella , having the same with wine will cost you easily EUR 25. Going to Spain and ot trying Paella is a sin, so don't miss on your Paellas. 

c) Transport : Be ready to shell out a decent amount of money when doing intercity travel in Spain.

City Travel : City travel is cheap and there are numerous buses.Traveling in the city will cost you EUR 1-2 per trip. Buses are the best option when moving from one place to other. I wouldn't recommend taxi as the cost is very high and it will take almost the same time compared to the buses.The cost of tickets of metro is similar to the cost of bus tickets.

Intercity Travel : If you have time in your hand then the best way to travel is by bus.The buses are not only cost effective but also very economical.The cost of tickets would be around EUR 20. If you plan to travel in train then check out the best train network in Spain i.e. Renfe . The tickets from main cities will cost you EUR40+ depending on the time and the location.The cheapest tickets will be always early morning or late in the night.I suggest you plan in advance to get cheaper tickets.Most of the trains have two classes 1st ( preferente) and 2nd class ( turista).The cost of tickets for 1st class are approximately 40% higher than the 2nd class tickets.

You should budget EUR50 daily excluding stay and intercity travel days,With a daily budget of EUR50 you can stay like a king and in most of the days you will also end up saving approximately EUR 10-15.

Itinerary for Spain Travel

The places which you should visit in Spain have been divided between :

a) Must Visit
b) Should Visit
c) Can be Missed

Plan your trip to Spain in such a way that you attend either the San Fermin Festival (Running with the bulls , held on 6th/7th July) or the La Tomatina Festival ( held in last Wednesday of August). Its just a lifetime experience and you shouldn't miss.
La Tomatina Festival is held in a small town of Bulon which is 30Kms from Valencia town.So add Valencia in your itinerary if you plan to visit in August end.

San Fermin festival is held in the city of Pamplona.Add the city if you plan a trip during 6th/7th July to Spain.

You can start your trip in Spain from either Barcelona or Madrid. Both the cities are well connected by air.The following are the minimum days you would require to soak in the true spirit of Spain :

a) Barcelona - 2 days
b) Madrid - 2 days
c) Toledo - 1 day
d) Seville - 2 days
e) Granada - 1 day
f) Velencia - 1 day
g) Pamplona - 1 day

What to Expect in the Places :

a) Barcelona : 

When in Barcelona be ready to eat and sleep late. This city has so much to offer that you will be sleep deprived.Street food , Night clubs and Historical sites are the main attractions of Barcelona.If you are a fan of football and specially the club FCB then you are in your dream city.


b) Madrid :

The capital of Spain is famous for Tapas , Nightlife & Football. Try out Tapas and Paella in the various restaurants which Madrid has to offer for you.The food here is cheaper than Barcelona so you can eat your heart out. Don't forget to visit the museum Museo del Prado known for its classical arts.The museum is one of the largest in Europe.

Also Madrid has many places which hosts Flamenco dance with authentic Spanish dinner. Its an experience worth trying out.

c) Toledo :

You will find beautiful monuments in this city. The city was inhabited by the Christians,Jews & Arabs for many centuries.Visit Castile La Mancha an open air museum which has been declared as the World Heritage site.

d) Seville :

Seville is a big student town filled with historical monuments. Visit to Tour Casa de Pilatos is a must when visiting the town of Seville in Spain.Alcazar the oldest residential palace of Europe is worth visiting.

Don't miss to visit the Flamenco Museum here in Seville if you are interested to learn about the dance form.

e) Granada :

This is a city filled with history dating back to the Roman empire.You get the smell of Hookahs and incense as you walk in Granada. Watch a Flamenco dance or have Tapas during the evening in Granada for a true funfilled holiday.You will love walking in the streets of Granada.


f) Valencia:

This city in Spain buzzes with tourists during the La Tomatina festival. You will love the beaches of Valencia. Don't forget to try Paella here as Valencia is famous for its rice dishes.

g) Pamplona :

If you are brave enough then head to Pamplona during the annual running with the bull festival called as San Fermin festival. If you are not foolish to run with the bulls then visiting the Pamplona in Spain is a once in a life time experience.Don't forget to carry a red scarf and a white tshirt.


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