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When you browse through your travel photographs do you get bored or find that almost all your photographs look like.The travel photographs might make you remember a good moment you had but does it evoke any emotions.
Most of us who travels takes load of pictures on our iPhone/Smartphone only to find it boring after few months.

So how do you take interesting travel photographs which can evoke emotions even after few years and captures the attention of the viewer.

Now Lensbaby has launched a Creative Mobile Kit which gives you dramatic effects while you are capturing a moment from your travel.If you have not heard of the name Lensbaby then you are missing something interesting. Lensbaby is known for creative optics which gives a sweet focus.They have been building amazing lenses for DSLR since 2004 and now they have ventured into mobile photography.
From the entire Creative Mobile Kit a particular lens is worth mentioning and it has become one of my favourite travel lens for my mobile recently - its LM-10

Interested to know how your photographs will look when you use Lensbaby LM-10.Check the below image. Looks interesting right and it grabs the attention of the viewer straight to the subject by eliminating distracting background through soft focus.

Moment from Ganesh Festival in India
How the Lensbaby Mobile lens will help you in capturing beautiful travel photographs :

  • Through soft focus Lensbaby directly helps in drawing the attention to the main subject of the image
  • Lensbaby removes any distractions of the background 
  • If used correctly and creatively Lensbaby gives a very surreal feel to the image which will transform your viewers to a different word altogether
  • The effects mainly the soft focus of the Lensbaby is impossible to create in Photoshop and hence your images will be very unique which other travelers will envy.
  • You can use Lensbaby to give a sense of motion to the picture or give a surreal effect.
What do you get when you buy a Lensbaby Creative Mobile Kit 

The Lensbaby Deluxe Creative Mobile kit will just cost you $99.95 and trust me you will get pictures which money can't buy.
You will get the following items :

  • Lensbaby LM-10 lens (The cylindrical lense)
  • Lensbaby LM-20 lens ( Lens on the left )
  • Lensbaby LM-30 lens ( Lens on the right)
  • A Mobile stand ( Yellow stick)
  • Few magnetic rings to hold the lensbaby

The lensbaby attaches to the mobile using magnets. You will get small metal rings which gets pasted on the mobile phone on the camera and the lensbaby have magnets at the end through which it attaches to the camera body. If your smartphone have a glass or super smooth body you will have a hard time attaching the rings, so the best way is to get a plastic cover for the mobile and attach the rings on it.The magnet is very strong and secure your Lensbaby perfectly.
Only word of caution since the Lensbaby attaches using magnet , if your mobile phone has Optical Image Stabilization then it can interfere with the magnets and make the optical image stabilization go crazy.

The Lensbaby lens might look like a tiny bit of glass but its built like a tank.The lens is completely made out of metal and the way the lens covers are designed will not make you lose the covers ever.It is cleverly made in such a way that the covers on the both sides stay together held with an elastic when you take it off the cover from the Lensbaby.

Here is a closer look of the Lensbaby LM-10

What can you expect from this Lensbaby 

You can expect a wow from your friends whenever you show them your travel photographs taken through lensbaby. You have to download the official Lensbaby app to use this on your camera as your stock camera app will show the picture upside down while using this lens.
With the app you can move the spot focus spot across the frame hence you have full control of your image.

Here are few sample images taken in the first few days of the use and I am sure i will use it more often during my travel.

I must say I am in love with Lensbaby LM-10.

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