24 Hours in Paris

Paris one the most romantic city on earth and one of my favorite too. Paris has a charm on its own which no other city can match. There is a hint of romance , literature , history , art & fashion where ever you go in Paris , no doubt Paris is called City of Love.

In today's world where getting leaves from office is tough and spending in a city for week is a luxury we have to squeeze in many places during the vacation. What if you had just 24 hours to stay in Paris. Will you spend the entire day in your hotel room or try to live like a true Parisian for 24 hours. I would always prefer to do the later , probably I will not sleep for entire 24 hours to enjoy Paris. There are always flights to catch up on sleep.

After travelling in Paris for 4 days , yes I had the luxury, I was wondering what if I had just 24 hours. Is it possible to truly enjoy the city and get a glimpse of Paris in just 24 hours. Yes its very much possible , yes it will be a bit hectic but its always better to enjoy the city in whatever time we have rather than sitting in the hotel room. 

So if you had just 24 hours to stay in Paris what would you do?
Lets break up the 24 hours in 2 hours slots each to enjoy the city i.e. you will be able to gain 12 New Experiences in the City of Love - Paris. But here we will concentrate on selected few experiences with ample time to relax so that you can really enjoy Paris. Depending on the time of your arrival you can plan the 24 hours in Paris accordingly.

So lets assume you have landed in Paris in an evening flight at 6pm or just finished a business meeting and you have 24 hours left to enjoy the city.

7pm- 9pm : Nothing like ending your day in Paris with a perfect French Dinner accompanied with French wines. Head to the Bouillon Chartier , a more than 100 years old established in 1896. The food is  good ( note not extraordinary) but the prices are very affordable for people travelling on a shoestring budget.Enjoy leeks vinaigrette, hard-boiled eggs with mayonnaise, vegetable soup or snails for starters; meat, fish or stews simmered to perfection come next. The menu is a long one, the meals are authentic and the mains are around €10.After meal don't forget to order the famous Chantilly cream to end your fabulous dinner.
Address: 7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre | Metro Grands Boulevards, 75009 Paris, France

9pm- 11pm : After your dinner head to the Eiffel Tower to see the illumination. Its approx 30mins drive from Bouillon Chartier. Eiffel tower has a different beauty at the night and every hour after sunset the Eiffel tower illuminates for 5 minutes and its a lovely sight to watch. You will reach before time to watch the illumination at 10pm.Most of the days sunset happens before 10pm in summers , so if you are not unlucky you will be able to see the illumination of Eiffel Tower.
Since you will reach early my suggestion is to take a stroll near Eiffel Tower which you will absolutely love and cherish for life.

By this time if you are not feeling tired then you have a great option to end the day on a musical note and enjoy one of the best shows of life.

11pm - 1am : Head to Moulin Rouge to watch the Parisian cabaret.Prior planning is required to go this place as you have to book tickets in advance. Its not very cheap and will cost you EUR 87.
Read by blogpost Moulin Rouge : The Show of a Lifetime to get a details about the parisian cabaret.
It will take approx 30mins to reach ( without traffic) from Eiffel Tower , hence as soon as the illumination gets over you have to hurry towards Moulin Rouge if you don't want to miss the cabaret.You have to reach between 10:30pm-11:00pm to watch the show.

Post Moulin Rouge show head to your hotel with fond memories of the night. Remember to wake up early next morning to catch a glimpse of Paris during the day.

6am - 8am: Head to the Notre Dame Cathedral to see the most beautiful gothic cathedral in the world. This cathedral was in 14th Century.The cathedral inspired the book "The Hunch
back of Notre Dame".Climb the north tower of Notre Dame Cathedral to get a surreal view of Paris.
After visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral take a stroll in the neighbourhood of The Saint Michel.Here you will find cobblestone streets , beautiful houses with colourful flowers decorating their balcony and the famous St.Michel fountain.

8am - 10am : Its memorable to see the city of Paris from a cruise on the river Seinne basking in the morning sun.Most of the cruise starts from the Port de la Bourdonnais (near the Eiffel Tower, on the left bank) in the 7th arrondissement  or the Quai de Montebello (near the Notre Dame) in the 5th arrondissement. The cost of tickets is approximately EUR 15 for 1 hour cruise. Its the perfect way to see Paris from the river , you will be crossing many important locations. English commentary is available in the cruises which will introduce you to various sights as you cruise. 


10am - 12pm : Going to Paris and not climbing the Eiffel Tower to get a birds's eye view of Paris is a sin. Head to Eiffel Tower as soon as you complete the cruise. Don't get surprised if you see a long winding queue at the ticket counter of Eiffel Tower. If you are planning to stand in the queue to buy tickets then be ready to stand for anywhere between 1 hrs - 3 hrs depending on the day. There is an option to buy tickets which cuts the queue i.e. you don't have to stand in the queue to buy the tickets but you to buy the tickets in advance from the Official Site of Eiffel Tower. If you know the dates of travelling to Paris , then I suggest you buy the tickets atleast 1 month in advance. The cost of tickets all access upto the the top floor is EUR 17 and upto 2nd Floor is EUR 11.


12pm - 2pm: After watching the city of Paris from the top of Eiffel Tower head to Arc De Triomphe. You will take just 10 mins if you drive (approx 2 kms).Its one of the most important and visited site of Paris.It stands near the Champs Elysees.The monument honours the people who lost their lives during the French Revolution. After visiting the Arc De Triomphe, head to Champs Elysees. Its one of the most costliest & stylist streets in the world.It is known for its theatres, cafés and luxury shops, for the annual Bastille Day military parade, and as the finish of the Tour de France cycle race. Walking here will give you a feel that you are walking on the ramp of a fashion show.
There are many bistros here so you can have lunch in any of the Parisian Bistro , but remember you will be paying a premium for the experience you will have in Champs Elysees.


2pm - 5pm : Another sin would be if you are visiting Paris for the first time and have not said "Hello" to the one of most famous painting of Leonardo Da Vinci and visiting the majestic courtyard of Louvre Museum. From Champs Elysees its just 4kms/ 30mins drive to Louvre Museum.Again here you will find long queues to buy tickets.You can either use the many ticket dispensing machines or book the tickets in advance to the Louvre Musuem. It is said that if one was to walk through the Louvre and spend only 4 seconds gazing at each object, it would take you three months to get through the whole museum! so pick the important objects you would like to see in Louvre Musuem. My one of the personal favourite is Mona Lisa and the largest painting in Louvre - Wedding at Cana by Paolo Veronese.The cost of tickets to Louvre is just EUR15 .

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