Perfect Travel Selfies with Vivo V5 Smartphone

Imagine you walking on a beach on a full moon night holding your partner's hand in your dream location. What will you do? Take out your smartphone from the pocket to capture the perfect moment for eternity. Click it goes and you capture the moment. Argh !!! the perfect moment is spoilt by a blackish grainy image because your smartphone is not made to click the perfect selfies.

Worry not, Now to capture such beautiful moments of life Vivo has launched a perfect Smartphone with Moonlight Camera for the Perfect Selfie - Yes finally Vivo V5 smartphone is here to help you capture the perfect moments of life with its 20 MP front facing moonlight camera. Its a first time in Smartphone HISTORY that a phone is having a 20MP Moonlight Camera. Its a technological marvel in itself.

We travel to create memories and to keep the memories alive for eternities we click photographs. So why take chance with any smartphone when its so important. So we tested the Vivo V5 smartphone to see whether it can truly be the best smartphone for capturing travel selfies. Gosh, it was more than that, its the perfect smartphone and the price of the smartphone is just Rs 17980. Vivo has co-engineered with Sony to create the 20 Megapixel front facing IMX376 sensor of the camera to give you a flawless selfie experience.

Here are few tips and tricks to capture the perfect travel selfie with the Vivo V5 Smartphone :

1. Bad Skin day: We have all heard the phrase Bad hair day, but what if you had a bad skin day. While traveling we can't take much care of our skin which makes it prone to blemishes and pimples and the most annoying sunburn. A normal smartphone can easily ruin the perfect selfie but Vivo V5 Smartphone will not only remove the blemishes on our skin but also you will look radiant and flawless in the most natural manner. Vivo has smartly incorporated a Face Beauty Mode 6.0 to make you feel like a supermodel.

 (Normal Smartphone Camera)

 ( Vivo V5 Smartphone Camera )

2. Night Photography: Remember the perfect moment when you were walking with your partner holding hands on the beach and your selfie getting ruined due to the bad camera of your smartphone. You felt like throwing out your smartphone right. Now imagine you enjoying a drink in the most talked about bar in town with your friends after traveling to various beautiful locations and you want to capture the moment with your same smartphone. You again take out your phone with the bad selfie camera and you get mocked by your friends as you have again successfully captured a blackish and grainy imagine. Its embarrassing right?

If only you had carried your Vivo V5 Smartphone you could have captured both the perfect moments of life and saved yourself from embarrassment. Vivo V5 smartphone has a front facing flashlight which helps you to creates the lighting effects of a professional photography studio, giving you the soft radiant complexion of a supermodel for a beautiful picture-perfect image every time you click a selfie. Next time save yourself from the embarrassment and carry the Vivo V5 to get the perfect selfies in low light.

( Normal Smartphone)

 ( Vivo V5 Smartphone)
3. Fast as a Cheetah: Photography is all about speed. The great photographer Henry Cartier Bresson coined the term decisive moment - The split second of a moment if captured which defines the photograph and makes it into a masterpiece. Many times when we try to click the happy laughing selfies with our sluggish phones we find that the phone has captured the moment after a second of the click which ends us giving not so happy pictures. Its important for a phone to be super fast in order to capture the perfect selfie moment.
Vivo while designing the phone has kept this in mind and hence packed a 4GB RAM with 64-bit Octa-core processor which make the Vivo V5 smartphone blazing fast. You will not miss the decisive moment while using the Vivo V5 smartphone to get your perfect selfies.

4. Hang it on the Wall: So you have clicked the perfect selfie with your not so great camera phone and you want to show the picture to the world. What do you do? You take prints of the photograph to display on the wall. Your dream of displaying the perfect selfie comes to an end because your not so great selfie phone doesn't take a photograph with proper clarity.
If you are using Vivo V5 smartphone your dream of displaying the perfect selfie picture will become a reality as the 20MP front camera creates powerful high-resolution images featuring extraordinary clarity and vivid natural colors with every selfie, so you always look your best. So take on the world with your Vivo V5 Smartphone and adorn your walls with the perfect selfies clicked with Vivo V5 Smartphone.

5. Ditch the Selfie Stick: A smartphone needs to be ergonomically designed so that you can hold the phone in your hands properly to click the perfect selfie. Vivo has kept in minute detail in mind and made the Vivo V5 Smartphone super slim so that you can get a proper grip on the smartphone while clicking the perfect selfie. In many countries, selfie sticks are banned in many places and if you are carrying the Vivo V5 Smartphone you need not worry as with your phone you will be able to click the perfect selfie without using the selfie stick.

So next time you are heading for a vacation don't forget to carry your Vivo V5 Smartphone and share your drool-worthy perfect selfies with us.

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