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In this digital world, it's of utmost importance to remain connected. Wherever we go we always need internet access to catch up with friends, upload photographs on Instagram, stream live videos on Facebook. It's not only about sharing media on various social sites but also get the booking done quickly while on the move or send a mail to the hotel to confirm the booking.

As a blogger, I need stable and fast internet connection so that I can not only upload photographs on Instagram but also blog about my latest trip. I require internet connection on my iPhone/Macbook so that I don't get disconnected from the world.

As travelers, we don't have many options to get access to the internet. The following are the broad options that a traveler has to get access to the internet while traveling:

  • Take our Local SIM Card on International roaming: Unless you want to spend more than the trip cost, don't take your local sim card on roaming.The charges will be huge and you will get a bill shock at the end of the trip. Sometimes you might have to pay as high as $1 for consuming 10MB of Internet.
  • Public WiFi Hotspots: You will find lots of places starting from restaurants to hotels which offer free WiFi. This has almost become a sales pitch for the restaurants and hotels to attract travelers by offering them Free WiFi access. Most of this WiFi access are very slow and it will take ages to upload a photograph or share something.Most important these WiFi hotspots are prone to hacking and it is not advisable to do any banking/online transactions using these hotspots.Accessing email or any social media sites also leave you prone to hacking.In fact hackers setup such hotspots to attract users to latch on and then steal their valuable information.
  • Buying a Local SIM Card: Buying a local SIM card is one of the best options if you are staying in a place for a long time. If you are traveling across the countries and staying in each country for3-5 days then pretty soon you will have a bagful of SIM cards. Local SIM cards will offer you 1GB of data for approx $5-$9.But 1GB of data is nothing when you have a lot to upload.
Now, what if you could have unlimited internet on the go and that too not spending a huge sum of money.

Now you can easily access the internet and that too unlimited internet on the go, thanks to a pocket WiFi router from Tep Wireless.

Now you can get unlimited internet in over 100+ countries using the wireless WiFi router from Tep Wireless.The best part is that you don't have to buy local SIM cards.You must be thinking that unlimited internet will be costly then let me tell you that you have to pay just $8 per day. 

Yes, it's just $8 per day and you can get unlimited internet.Tep Wireless also has a rental service where you needn't purchase the device and can take a rent for the period of travel where you will pay just $9.95 for unlimited internet access.

The best part is that Tep Wireless WiFi router can connect up to 5 devices on the go.So if you are traveling in a group of 5 then you can split up the expenses.
Basically get unlimited internet at just $2 a day per person when you split up the cost.

How does the Tep Wireless device work

Don't worry if you are not a techie.Accessing the internet using Tep Wireless is just a child's play. Just turn on the device and using the password on the screen you can connect your WiFi enabled device. You will be charged only for the days when you connect. 
The Tep Wireless device connects automatically to the best available internet network and gives you a seamless access.

You can rent a device before traveling from the Tep Wireless website. Just enter a destination, start date, and end date and you are ready to access unlimited internet on the go. Tep Wireless team will send you the device by courier and once you are back from the vacation you just need to send them back the device. The rent is just $9.95 per day including the Internet access.

The Tep Wireless Box that you get is travel ready. It has all the accessories which will help you to connect using Tep Wireless on the go. You will get the following in the box:

a. A Travel Charger which can be used all over the world
b. A charging cable
c. Tep Wireless WiFi router
d. Starter Guide

All these accessories come in a beautiful carry bag.

Usage and Speed

Using the device is a breeze and it quickly connects to the network. The only drawback I found was that it doesn't connect to the 4G network. You can only connect to the 2G/3G network.

I have got a minimum speed of 1Mbps and maximum of 6.4Mbps on Tep Wireless.The speed varies due to the operator on which the device gets connected.

There are only daily passes for 24 hours which you can subscribe to and usage based passes are not available as of now. 

Buying daily passes is very easy, which can be purchased just by contacting the customer service through Facebook, Whatsapp or call. The daily passes have a limit of 500MB where after the consumption of 500MB the speed gets throttled to 512kbps. This speed of 512kbps is also enough for blogging, posting pictures or videos, checking Google Maps etc.

In the device you can easily track your usage and also it gives the hours remaining from your daily pass. This is absolutely a great feature as you can track easily the data consumption and the hours remaining before you renew your daily pass.

A single charge of the device almost lasts for 8 hours of continuous usage which is enough for a day if you switch off the device when not using it.The device is powered by 2900mAh battery.

What if you suddenly need help with your Tep Wireless device.One of the best part of the Tep Wireless is their customer service. They can be reached on Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or call. Whenever I needed their service I got a prompt response and also the resolution provided was great.
Before heading on to our favorite destination just check the Tep Wireless website whether the destination is covered in 100+ countries.

So next time you are traveling forget huge Internet bills and the pain of buying Local SIM, and just TepOn with Tep Wireless device.

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