Tips for Perfect Travel on your Bike

One of the best ways to travel is to travel on a motorcycle.

Traveling on a Motorcycle and the preparation of travel is one of the most satisfying part of motorcycle trip. The preparation can make the difference between a great motorcycle trip and a horrible ride.

Every motorcycle trip can take you through a variety of weather and riding conditions. Even a short motorcycle trip lasting only a few days can teach you about riding in a completely different weather. And the better you are prepared to deal with these situations, the safer you will be.

These motorcycle travel tips will help you manage whatever surprises come along when you're on the road.

Ensure your Bike is in Order

The first motorcycle travel tip is to get your bike in good running order.

Get repairs and routine maintenance done well in advance before you expect to leave on trip.

If you are planning for repair work check the site Bike Bandit where you get amazing motorcycle parts at the best of the rates. Its basically a One stop shop to get anything related to your bikes.

One of the most important part of any motorcycle is the motorcycle tires. Before heading out for a road trip check the tyres properly. If you have a little bit doubt change the tyres immediately. Always buy a new set of motorcycle tires before heading for a long road trip.

And after the work is done -- especially any extensive work -- take your bike for a long ride to test how is your motorcycle tires performing and whether other motorcycle parts are working fine or not. Make sure your bike runs properly.

You don't want to find out something isn't working right during a trip.
The same thing goes for new equipment for your motorcycle or yourself. Make sure everything works to your satisfaction before you take off.

Make Friends with your Bike

Before you go out for a biking trip become familiar with your motorcycle. For example, you should know.

  • When the gas will get over
  • How the bike rides in rain
  • Are there special lights for night riding
  • Is the seat comfortable for long distance riding

Learn your limits of riding

You should know your strengths and weakness as a rider.

You should the use this knowledge to determine how far and under what circumstances you can ride a bike.

For example can you ride a bike efficiently in cold weather or night
Another motorcycle tip :  Take a lot of day trips so you know what its like to travel many  miles a day.The trips should vary among various seasons and time of the year.
By riding a lot you will be preparing for a long motorcycle trip.

Prepare for breakdowns

You never know when your machine will breakdown. If your bike simply stops on the road and you can't get it started, ensure that you have a propoer insurance to cover for the damages.

Also you should take few small repair kits on the road.
My suggestion is to buy a few motorcycle parts before you leave for the bike tour.
Get the motorcparts which has high chances of breakdown like spark plugs , tyres etc.

Get Realistic when Riding

Don’t try to ride the entire distance in a single day.

Make a detailed riding itinerary and also ensure you take adequate stops during the riding so that your body and the bike can have proper rests. If you are not doing so then you risk damaging your machine and body both.

Pack your Stuffs effectively

Keep these things in mind while packing your gear :
  • Pack stuff you want to get at quickly in a place where you can reach it quickly.For example, put your rain suit on top of the gear in your tail pack so you don't have to dig through the other stuff when you're getting drenched.
  • Evenly distribute the weight of your gear around your bike.For example, don't put lots of heavy gear onto the rear luggage rack. You don’t want the extra weight in back to break the rack or crack your bike's frame where the rack

A most important motorcycle travel tip...
Choose your traveling companions wisely...

For any motorcycle tour or trip, if you're traveling with another motorcycle rider or riders, make sure your personalities and riding styles are compatible.

Motorcycle touring and travel can give you so much enjoyment in so many ways. And you can make sure of experiencing as much of that enjoyment as possible by preparing thoroughly and thoughtfully for each trip.

So pack your gear and go for the trip of a lifetime.

Ride Safe.

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