5 Must Try Turkish Foods

Turkey is one of the very few countries which falls on two continents: Europe and Asia. Turkey as a country is very unique with a blend of both European and Asian culture.

This blend has lead the Turkish food a very unique taste and texture. Turkish cuisine borrows its main ingredients from Ottoman cuisine and adds a dash of taste from Greek, Central Asian, Western Europe and other neighboring countries. The taste and cooking style of Turkish cuisine varies across the country and no region has a similar taste.

Visiting Turkey is a foodie's delight and your taste buds will get to taste various flavors the country has to offer. Going to Turkey and not trying out the various Turkish cuisine is a sin.

The following Turkish foods are a must try when you visit Turkey.
Let's start with the breakfast and end with dinner so that if you have just a day to spend in Turkey you can savor the best Turkish foods.


You can start your day with Pide. Pide is the closest cousin of Pizza. It is also called as Turkish pizza.

Pide is basically a flatbed bread baked in a wood-fired oven with meat toppings on it. The meat toppings are also accompanied by olives and other veggies. You get typically three options lamb, chick or beef. Turkey is a Muslim country hence you will not get an option of Pork. On top of the meat toppings, you will get an option to add your own vegetables, garlic yogurt, and sauces. Restaurants also serve their own version of Pide where you will not get options to choose your own toppings.


2. Doner Kebab

When you are in Turkey you will find many places where a big piece of meat is turning vertically near a grill. That's my friend is the main ingredient of Doner Kebab for you.

The meat is slowly cooked near the grill giving it a very soft texture.When you order for Doner Kebab, the person selling it cuts very thin slices of the meat from the huge piece of meat and serves it with a very thin bread. The bread is like a tortilla and the Doner kebab is stuffed with many veggies.

Doner kebab can be had between the meals. You can see many locals munching on Doner kebab around noon time or during the evening.


3. Potter Kebab / Testi Kebab

Turkey is known for its varieties of Kebab. Turkish food gets an influence from the Middle East and the same can be found in varieties of kebab one can taste in Turkey.

The next food to taste in Turkey is the Potter Kebab or the Testi Kebab. This kind of kebab is famous in Gerome area in Turkey. When you go to Cappadocia don't forget to have this Turkish food.

The Potter Kebab or Testi Kebab is a mixture of beef/lamb, mushroom, tomato and local herbs and spices which is cooked in a clay pot which is sealed.When the Potter Kebab/Testi Kebab is served on the table the clay pot is cut open with a sword or large knife.The name comes from the clay pot in which it is cooked.The Potter kebab or the Testi kebab is eaten with rice and hence it is mostly taken during lunch or dinner.



4. Baklava

This is my most favorite part of the Turkish food. This is a very unique sweet dish which you will not find in any part of the world. Turkish Baklava is the tastiest baklava you will ever find.Even if you don't have a sweet tooth you should have Baklava once.

There is various kind of Baklava, however, the best one is the one which is filled with pistachios and sweetened with honey. The best Baklava will melt in your mouth and will leave you with a lingering taste which you can't forget easily. You also get a chocolate baklava, if you are a chocoholic , try it.


5. Turkish Tea

Tea in Turkey is a big thing and people drink Turkish tea after every meal. Turkish tea is also an extension of hospitality and often tourists are served when they enter a shop or visit a local home.Don't confuse Turkish tea with apple tea as this is not a real Turkish tea.

In turkey its impossible to think of breakfasts, festivals, business meets, negotiating the price of Turkish carpets without the Turkish tea. You will find lots of tea servers on the streets of turkey.You will hear the word “ÇAY!” (chai) which means tea.

Real Turkish tea is black and sometimes Turkish tea is also made of herbs or dried rose petals.


So whats your favourite Turkish food.
Share your favourite Turkish Food with Shoestring Travel in the comment section below. If you have discovered any other food item let us know we would be happy to include it in the list.

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