Ultimate Bangkok Street Food Guide

Every time I start making plans of visiting Bangkok, I start salivating.

You know why? 

Bangkok is the Street Food Capital of the world and if you are a foodie like me then you have plenty of options to relish. Bangkok will treat you with mouth watering street foods whose taste no restaurants can match.

In Bangkok, you will find many street food vendors who have set up small tables and chairs to give a sit-down meal experience. That's how Thai people take street food seriously.

You will find street foods in every nook and corner of Bangkok however not all streets are the same. There are few specific places which are heaven for Street Food in Bangkok and will give you loads of option.

Where to go for Street Foods in Bangkok?

It's extremely difficult to suggest one street which offers the best of street foods in Bangkok as every street has some speciality.

However, from my personal experience, the following are the streets you can visit to savour the best Street Foods in Bangkok which is near to the main city centre of Bangkok  :

1. Chinatown referred as Yaowarat by locals

2. Charoen Krung Rd

3. Sukhumvit 38

4. Silom Soi 20

5. Khao San Road

Head to the above places and eat your heart out.

You need to go in the evening and night to the above places to taste the street foods. Most of the vendors sit from evening till night and in the morning you will hardly find a handful of street food vendor.

Best Bangkok Street Foods 

The following are the best Street Foods of Bangkok and my absolute favourite.

Pad Kra Pao

It consists of minced pork or chicken stir fried with Thai basil and chillies and served with white rice. It also consists of a fried egg. There is a definitive taste to the taste due to the Thai basil and the chillies make it spicy. If you don't want spicy just ask the vendor to put fewer chillies.
If you are not a fan of spice like me ensure that you ask to put no or fewer chillies or else be ready for a heartburn.


Kai Jeow

Kai Jeow is one of the cheapest street food you will find in Bangkok. Generally, people have Kai Jeow for breakfast. The dish is very simple, an omelette is served over rice and is eaten with fish sauce, chilli sauce. The omlet is crispy from outside and fluffy inside.


Satay ( Chicken / Pork)

One of the most iconic dishes of Thailand is Satay. You can find vendors selling Satay in every corner of the street. Head to any vendor and taste these amazing Satay. Few vendors put pineapple in the pork satay and it tastes simply amazing. I especially look for Satay with pineapple.


Som Tam

Som Tam or Papaya Salad is a classical dish of Thailand which consists of shredded green papaya , carrots , peanuts , shrimp string beans , sugar , garlic , lime juice , fish sauce and chillies . You need to search for this dish as this is not readily available across the street vendors. A little search will help you getting the same.


Banana Pancakes

This is my absolute favourite. The way the street vendors make it in Bangkok gives a very unique taste which I have never found in any pancake across the world.
When asking for a Banana Pancake ask the vendor to put in more chocolate sauce as it leads to being a different blend of taste to the entire pancake.


Pad Thai

If you visit any restaurant across the world and ask for Thai food, you will invariably get to hear the name of Pad Thai. This is one of the most common Thai dishes which people have heard about.Pad Thai has soaked rice noodles which are fried with eggs, chopped firm tofu, and is flavoured with shrimp, fish sauce, garlic, chilli pepper and served with roasted chopped peanuts.Add a dash of lime to make it even tastier.This is one of the most common street food which you will find at every corner of Bangkok.


Pad See Ew

This taste more or less similar to Pad Thai, however, Pad See Ew is made with flat rice noodles and is cooked with eggs & chicken/pork.Lots of soya sauce is added in Pad See Ew to give it a blackish tinge.


Massaman Curry

Thai curries are amazing and one notable type of Thai curry is Massaman curry. This Massaman curry has got it influences from Persia. It is made of coconut milk along with chicken/pork and potatoes. The curry gets its unique flavour from roasted peanuts, cinnamon, tamarind sauce, bay leaves. This Massaman curry is not so spicy. Massaman curry is served with rice.


Thai Iced Tea

When I first heard about the Thai Iced Tea I was sceptical to taste it. Somehow I don't like iced tea and I felt that it would have similar taste.However, I was completely wrong when I tasted it.
Thai Iced tea is a very sweet drink which is a mixture of dark tea, sugar and limes. Have this with a Thai meal or after a great meal on the streets of Bangkok.


Kao Niew Ma Muang or Mango Rice

It's a very simple dish yet extremely delicious. Once you have it you can't forget the taste of it.It is consumed as a dessert. As the name suggests the dessert is made up of sticky rice and mangoes and coconut cream syrup is added on top of it.You will see this dish being served on the streets from April to May when it is the mango season. The dish is sweet to taste.


Wish you a yummylicious holiday at Thailand and if you happen to discover any other exciting street food kindly let Shoestring travel know about it so that we can give you due credits and append the list.

Till then ciao and have an awesome time.

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