Long Layover at Airport ? 10 Things to Do

Layover at Airport

Long layover at Airport - This is one thing we hate however one thing which connects us all is the love for traveling.

We all love to travel around the world and gain unique experiences. It doesn't matter whether we travel on a Shoestring budget or on a considerable budget, we sometimes face situations which is beyond our control. One of those is Long Layover at Airport. During my travel, I have faced long layover at airport many times and I am sure you must have also faced long layover at airport.

Long layover at Airport is one thing which we don't like at all and we often think what to do during these long layover at airport. Now don't worry shoestring travel is here to provide you with airports hacks during a long layover at airport.

Layover at the Airport is a passe: Leave the Airport and Go Sightseeing

One of the best ways to battle layover at airport is to go out. However, going out for sightseeing during the Layover is not easy as in most of the countries you need to have a valid Visa and Immigration check needs to be done before you can step out of the airport.
Some of the countries allow you to get a transit Visa also which is valid for a few hours.

If you are planning to go out of the airport during the layover then at first kindly find the following points basis which you should decide where to go and how far to go :

a. The time of layover at airport ( i.e Day or Night) 

b. How much time you have to go out and return and take the next flight.

c. Places of interest near the airport

d. Visa cost and documentation required

e. Luggage keeping option - I am sure, you don't want to carry your luggage during sightseeing 

There are airports which offer city tours free of cost or at a very nominal amount. Head to the tourist center at the airport to get details on such tours.

Singapore Changi Airport Free Tour
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Currently, the following are the Top 6 airports which offer free city tours :

Also, check with the airlines which you are flying, many airlines also offer free city tours if you are having a long layover at airport.

Sleep during the Layover at Airport: Get a Room at or near the Airport

There is nothing worse than reaching your favorite destination dead tired and wasting the entire day trying to take rest or trying to cope up with the jetlag.

If you are having the layover at airport during night or you don't want to go out sightseeing then my suggestion is to book a room to take rest. Many airports have sleeping pods these days where you can pay just $30-50 for 3 hours and sleep and take rest. 
As soon as you land at the airport head to the customer service desk and find out whether there are any such sleeping pods. If you can't find one many airport have hotels nearby, head to any such hotel and book a room to get a few hours of sleep before flying again.

Have fun during Layover at Airport: Play a Game at the Airport

Carry a board game with you, during a layover at airport it always helps. There will be other passengers at the airport who will be equally bored due to the long layover. You just need to find a person chat up with him/her and ask her if the person will like to play a board game. I have tried this on several occasions and it actually helps. There will be people who will join you out of inquisitiveness and soon you will have a large group with whom you can chat and spend the time easily without feeling bored during the layover at airport.

So how to find the right person. Well, I am not going to give you any dating tips. Just look for a person who is trying hard not to fall asleep and is staring without any purpose. Look for a person of your same age.

I have seen board games like monopoly, scrabble or a travel poker set (don't bet with real cash rather bet for simple things like the loser will treat the other person for a can of coke) always work.

play game during a layover at airport

Load few Movies in your phone/tab to watch during a layover at Airport

There have been instances where I was wanting to watch a particular movie for a long time and due to time constraints however during the long layover at airport I was able to watch all the movies.

If I know that I have a long layover then I make it a point to load at least 3-4 movies which I always wanted to watch on my iPad / iPhone and watch the same during the long layover. 

Before sitting to watch the movie I make it a point to make myself feel that I am in a movie theatre. So how do I do it? I grab a can of coke, sit in the best recliner chair available at the airport and start watching the movie with my headphones on.

watch movies during layover at airport

However, make it a point that you put an alarm on your iPad/iPhone so that you don't get engrossed in movie watching during the layover at the airport that you forget to board the flight. 

Drop your luggage and have some fun during a layover at Airport: Find a safe place for your luggage at the Airport

During the long layover at the airport, you wouldn't want to lug around your luggage where ever you go. 

Every international airport has an option of lockers where you can keep your luggage for a small payment. Ensure you keep the essentials in a small backpack and stow your other pieces of luggage inside the locker so that you can move around freely.

keep your luggage at airport

Gain some calories during Layover at Airport : Eat a Gourmet Meal

If you are a foodie like me then pampering your taste buds is one of the better ways to spend your time during the long layover at the airport. Ditch the Subway or Starbucks at the airport rather head to various restaurants at the airport during the layover and sit down for a gourmet meal.

Restaurants at the airport serve gourmet meals keeping in mind all kind of budget travelers and hence in many occasions I have found I have spent lesser in having a gourmet meal at the airport compared to Subway or Starbucks.

eat gourmet meal

To find the best restaurant to suit your budget suggest first you study the menu of every restaurant and then select your restaurant rather than going to the first restaurant that you see. Don't feel shy to ask for deals at these restaurants ( just simply ask is there any deal which is running apart from what's given in the menu?), don't worry they are used to this and often you will find a better deal than what's given on the menu. Alternatively, you can look at the various boards of the restaurants to find a deal.

Trust me having a gourmet meal at the airport during a long layover is one of the perfect ways to spend your time.

Spoil Yourself at Spa during a Layover at Airport

Many airports these days have a spa where you can take a spa session during a layover at the airport. 
Well, I am not at all a spa person hence wouldn't be able to give you a first-hand experience of this and how it feels to spend your time.

However, I have seen many people heading to a spa during the long layover at the airport and come out laughing and rejoicing.

Head to a spa if you like spa sessions and share in the comments below how it feels and whether this has helped you to spend time or not.

spa at airport

Shop or Rather Window Shopping at Duty-Free during a layover at airport

Ah, this is one of my favorite pass time at the airport during a long layover. I wander from shops to shops and check out gadgets, chocolates, whiskeys and check out various branded shops.

The shops at the airports display the latest products hence you can find the latest products from the brands here. Most shops will allow you to try a product happily, hence feel free to take the first-hand experience of the latest products.

One word of caution you will be tempted several times to take out your wallet and purchase however if you are traveling on a budget then you need to control yourself or else you might end up becoming a pauper before you board your next flight.

duty free shopping at airport

Pack Travel Toiletries for a Nice Bath during a Layover at Airport

Most of the international airports have a shower room. Carry your favorite toiletries and head to the shower room for a nice shower.

Trust me after a flight and during the long layover at the airport, you will feel refreshed and energized. Long flights make our skin dry due to the air inside the flight and a nice shower after the flight will make you feel refreshed.

Gain some knowledge during a Layover at Airport: Read a Book without purchasing at a Bookstore

If you can read e-books or e-magazines then load your iPad or your phone with your favorite magazines or ebooks to read during the layover at the airport.

However, if you don't like reading electronic books/magazines then head to the bookstore at the airport, pick up a  book and start reading straight away. 

In 90% of the cases, the bookstore owner won't tell you anything, however, if you don't want to leave to chances go to the owner and request gently that you have a long layover and you have nothing to do at the airport hence you would like to read this book. Trust me you will not hear a No unless the bookshop owner is highly business minded and don't care for his customers.

book store at airport

If Shoestring Travel has been able to save you from a long layover at airport kindly leave a line of appreciation below.
If you have any other tips which you use during the layover at the airport kindly share in the comment section below with Shoestring Travel, till then ciao :) 

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