Ayutthaya Itinerary : Day Trip from Bangkok on a Budget

Ayutthaya Itinerary Day Tour from Bangkok

Doing the Ayutthaya Itinerary is a must when visiting Bangkok - The capital of Amazing. There are many amazing places which can be visited from Bangkok which will leave a traveler spellbound. Among all these places Ayutthaya is one amazing place which will take you back by few centuries and will transform you into a land of temples and ruins which are majestic. This blog details Ayutthaya Itinerary on a budget which will be pocket-friendly.

Making an Ayutthaya Itinerary and completing it should be on every traveler's list who is visiting Bangkok. One day is enough to fit in a detailed Ayutthaya itinerary when in Bangkok. To give you a perspective Ayutthaya is a mini version of Angkor Wat and yet its different in a unique way.

There are many day tours from Bangkok which will show you various Ayutthaya Itinerary, however, the travel agencies will charge you upwards 1700 THB per person.While visiting as a couple be ready to shell out 3400 THB upwards for a day Ayutthaya Itinerary.

Don't worry an Ayutthaya itinerary can be made and done at a cost lower than 1700 THB for a couple. You will be surprised right? Yes, Ayutthaya Day trip from Bangkok can be really done on a budget.

Ayutthaya Itinerary: How to Reach Ayutthaya from Bangkok

Reaching Ayutthaya from Bangkok By Train

The cheapest way which will reduce the cost of your Ayutthaya Itinerary is to reach Ayutthaya from Bangkok is by train. You can reach Ayutthaya for just 20 THB.

For your Ayutthaya Itinerary take a train from  Hua Lamphong Station also called as the Bangkok Railway Station. Hua Lamphong Station is on the MRT line and hence switch between BTS and the MRT line is required( check the below map for the route).

The cost of the ticket to Ayutthaya ranges from 15 THB to 245 THB.

For the Ayutthaya itinerary, if you are buying the 15THB ticket then you will not get any assigned seats and you will onboard an ordinary train. The train is cooled by fans.

If you are planning to do the Ayutthaya itinerary in a much more relaxed way then suggest buy the 245THB. The train to Ayutthaya is an express train and you will get an air-conditioned coach with assigned seats. My suggestion is to buy this ticket as once you reach Ayutthaya you will have to roam about in the scorching sun to see the majestic temples of Ayutthaya.

Check this site of State Railway of Thailand to get the detailed train timings and the cost of tickets for your Ayutthaya Itinerary.

Tip: There is a Special Express train also where tickets cost 345 THB with a meal. My suggestion is to skip this train and book a ticket in an Express or Rapid train. This will reduce the cost of your Ayutthaya Itinerary.

Ayutthaya Itinerary MapTrain Routes which you will require for Ayutthaya Itinerary

Reaching Ayutthaya from Bangkok By Minivans

Traveling via Minivans for your Ayutthaya Itinerary is also a good option. The minivans which go to Ayutthaya are airconditioned and well maintained. The minivans to Ayutthaya leave from Mo Chit bus terminal and costs 60 THB per person to Ayutthaya.

My personal suggestion to have a comfortable journey to Ayutthaya : 

Reach Ayutthaya by train and return to Bangkok by Minivan. Its not only easier but also much more comfortable and will leave you with memories of Ayutthaya. This is an insider tip for Ayutthaya Itinerary.

Ayutthaya Itinerary: How to see the Temples in Ayutthaya

For Ayutthaya Itinerary many people will suggest you hire bicycles and see the temples. My suggestion is don't do Ayutthaya Itinerary on a cycle unless you want to get dehydrated and fall sick. Ayutthaya is hot and riding cycles will take a toll on you.

The best way to see the temples during Ayutthaya Itinerary is by hiring a tutuk. Once you get down from your train at Ayutthaya you will find lots of tuktuk drivers.

Ayutthaya Tuktuk

The tuk-tuk drivers in Ayutthaya will quote charges from 300 THB per hour or they might sometimes tell you temple wise charges. Note - ignore all the quoted charges.

You need to pay not more than 500 THB for 4 hours and at max 600 THB for 4 hours. If you are paying anything more than this then you are spending more money on Ayutthaya.

Note the cost is for an entire tuk-tuk and not per person.So if you are travelling in a group of 3-4 or more then the cost per person reduces a lot for Ayutthaya Itinerary.

Ensure you have a list of temples which you want to visit before hand so that you can utilise the 4 hours time and complete the main temples in Ayutthaya.

Ayutthaya Itinerary - Temples to Visit in Ayutthaya & Route Map

The below is the detailed route map I followed during my Ayutthaya Itinerary and I was able to complete all the important temples in Ayutthaya in 4 hours for which I hired the tuktuk.

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon Temple

Ticket to Visit : 20 THB

You must have seen the photographs of Ayutthaya of this temple where a large Buddha is in reclining position. It is said that if you keep a coin at the feet of Lord Buddha it will bring you good luck. This temple in Ayutthaya is majestic and is a must visit.

Ayutthaya Itinerary

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon Temple

Wat PhuKhao Thong

Ticket to Visit : Free

If you have seen the photograph of a majestic white temple in Ayutthaya then this is the one. The temple of Wat PhuKhao Thong works as a perfect backdrop of a beautiful photograph. Don't forget to click Instagram worthy picture here.

White temple in Ayutthaya

Wat Chaiwatthanaram

Ticket to Visit : 50 THB

This is Ayutthaya's one of the most impressive temples. This temple was built in Khmer style. Wat Chaiwatanaram in Ayutthaya consists of a spire perched over the top of a rectangular base amid four smaller prang and eight chedi-like temples or merus. Reliefs portraying scenes from the life of the Buddha once adorned the exterior of the merus. However after lots of years now only fragments remain.

Wat Chaiwatthanaram

Wat Na Phra Men

Located along Klong Sra Bua, Wat Na Phra Men was established at the royal cremation area in the later Ayutthaya period and was also known as Wat Phra Meru Rachikaram. This magnificent temple has the largest crowned Buddha image which is popular all around the world. People who are fascinated by history and archaeology must visit the intricately designed temple which depicts the history of Ayutthaya kingdom.

Wat Na Phra Men

Wat Phra Si Sanpet

Ticket to Visit : 50 THB

Wat Phra Si Sanphet in Ayutthaya is known as the one of the holiest temple in Thailand. The temple was made in the year 1350. The temple is one of the largest temple of Ayutthaya and this temple in Ayutthaya was destroyed in the Burmese attack. The same was restored on a later date.

Wat Phra Si Sanpet

Wat Ratchaburana

Ticket to Visit : 50 THB

This temple in Ayutthaya is near Wat Mahathat. This temple has a preserved Prang which symbiolises Mount Meru as the main center of Buddhist universe. It is said that once the robbers looted the temple which bought huge misfortune to them.

Wat Ratchaburana

Wat Phra Mahathat

Ticket to Visit : 50 THB

This temple in Ayutthaya has transformed into the symbol of Ayutthaya. Yes, I am talking about the temple with the head of Lord Buddha in the tree which you see in all Ayutthaya photographs. No one knows how the head of Lord Buddha got enveloped in the trunk and roots of the tree. This is one of the most visited temples of Ayutthaya.

Follow this blog post for your Ayutthaya Itinerary and have a budget friendly holiday. As usual don't forget to share your feedback with Shoestring Travel in the comment section below. It keeps me motivated.

Happy Travelling... Cheers !!!

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