Unique Places to Visit in India in 2019

India is a land of Diversity and there are various Unique Places to Visit in India. With the beginning of New Year 2019, we start making plans for the upcoming year. Traveling to unique places features on every person's bucket list for the year. 

Helping you further with the wish list let's find out some unique places to visit in India in the year 2019. The below-curated list of unique places to visit in India is in random order and in no order of ranking.

Shoestring travel suggests visiting at least 5 below unique places in India.

Unique Places to Visit in India in 2019

The Root Bridges of Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

The root bridges of Cherrapunji had to feature first in the list of unique places to visit in India in 2019. One of the man-made wonders in India is the root bridges of Cherrapunji.

These root bridges of Cherrapunji in Meghalaya are the perfect amalgamation of man and nature. The root bridges of Cherrapunji are made of entangled roots of rubber trees. The root bridges of Cherrapunji keeps on growing and it is also known as the Living Bridges of Cherrapunji. The living root bridges of Cherrapunji are made by the Khasi and the Jaintias tribes of Meghalaya. It should be on your list of places to visit in India.

Unique Places to Visit in India in 2019

The best time to go here is during the months of November - March as the rainfalls will be low, however since its the winters, the temperate might dip down to 4-5 degree centigrade.

Double Decker Root Bridge Cherrapunji

How to Reach Cherrapunji

Stay at Shillong and take a day trip to the living root bridges. The cost of a taxi from Shillong to the living root bridges will cost you approx Rs 2500 and will also include some sightseeing. There are other unique places to visit in India in this list.

Guwahati is the nearest airport and railway station to Shillong and it will take approx 3 hrs to reach Shillong by road.

Where to Stay in Cherrapunji

You can stay at Shillong and take a day trip to the living root bridges of Cherrapunji.

Pattan Kodoli Festival in Kolhapur, Maharastra

India is known for festivals and enjoying a unique festival needs to be in the list of unique places to visit in India. One such festival which is relatively hidden from tourists is the Pattankodoli Festival in Kolhapur and is a must to do unique places to visit in India.

Padan Kodoli Festival Kolhapur

The Pattan Kodoli festival is also known as the Haldi festival and is celebrated in the village of Pattan Kodoli village in Hatkangale taluka near Kolhapur. The entire village gets smeared with yellow color of haldi ( turmeric). The Pattan Kodoli festival is celebrated to celebrate the birth anniversary of Vitthal Birdev Maharaj, who is considered to be a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Pattan Kodoli festival attracts thousands of devotees. Such a vibrant culture and colorful festivals make a tourist visit these unique places in India.

Places to Visit in India in 2019

How to Reach Pattan Kodoli

Kolhapur is well connected from all major cities in India by Air, Train and roads. The nearest station Kolhapur and the nearest airport is Ujaliwadi Airport which is approx 10 km from the city.
Once you reach Kolhapur take a car to Pattan Kodoli which will take your approx 30 mins to reach.

Where to Stay in Pattan Kodoli

There are as such no decent staying options in Pattan Kodoli. Suggest you can stay at Kolhapur which has many hotels based on your budget.

Skeleton Lake of Roopkund, Uttarakhand


This is a unique place to visit in India however this is not for faint hearted or people who are not physically fit. Imagine a lake which melts during the summers and suddenly you get to see skeletons in the lake. Yes, that's the Skeleton Lake of Roopkund. There are hundreds of human skeletons which lie at the edge of the lake and also few skeletons can be found inside the lake. The mystery of the skeletons was not known till the recent times. All skeletons date around 850AD.

The skeleton lake of Roopkund lies at 16000 feet above sea level. You need to trek to reach this unique place in India and hence if you are physically unfit then drop this location from your list.

How to Reach Skeleton Lake of Roopkund

There are no roads on which car can go to Roopkund. You need to trek for 3-4 days from Gwaldum in Chamoli district. The starting point of the Roopkund trek starts from Karnaprayag in Uttarakhand.
Rishikesh is the nearest railway station. Several buses and cabs ply between Rishikesh and Karnaprayag.

Where to Stay Near Roopkund

There is no staying option in Roopkund. The best place to stay is Karnaprayag. Most of these places are unique places to visit in India hence travel infrastructure is not great.

Roopkund Skeleton Lake

Darjeeling, West Bengal

Well, this is not a unique place however absolutely among the must visit places in India in 2019.
If you want to visit a hill station which takes you back to the colonial era and mesmerize you with its beauty then Darjeeling is the place. Its one of the most beautiful hill stations in India and is also called the Queen of Hills. Since its one of my favorite place thought of including the same in the unique places to visit in India in 2019.

Shoestring Travel Darjeeling Unique Places to Visit in India

Its a must visit place in India and trust me once you visit Darjeeling you will fall in love with the place and you will yearn to come back. Darjeeling is not only a must visit place in India but also a foodie paradise. You can get a varied taste from Tibetian cuisine to English breakfast. There are many old cafes like Keventers & Glenary's which still serve authentic English breakfast.

You can also take the toy train ride here which is a unique experience in itself.

How to Reach Darjeeling

Darjeeling is easily accessible from the major town of New Jalpaiguri which is well accessible by Road, Train and Air. It takes approx 3 hours to reach Darjeeling by car from New Jalpaiguri. You can either take a shared Taxi which will cost you Rs 250/seat or book a car to reach Darjeeling.

The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri and the nearest airport is Bagdogra.

Where to Stay Near Darjeeling

There are various options to stay in Darjeeling which suits all budget. My suggestion is to stay in a hotel which has wooden rooms to get an authentic feel of Darjeeling. I have gone to Darjeeling at least 4 times till now and I always stay in the Bellevue Hotel which is centrally located and has the old feel vibe with wooden rooms.

Chopta, Uttarakhand

There are places which you will love to travel to and there are places which will linger in your memory forever. This kind of places you will never be able to forget in a lifetime. Chopta in Uttarakhand is one such place. Its called the Mini Switzerland of India and thus features in this list of unique places to visit in India in 2019. Chopta is not touristy at all and is relatively new among travelers. It is situated at an altitude of 2900 meters.

Chopta Unique Places to Visit in India in 2019

After visiting Chopta you will get peace of mind. It's like a paradise with lush green fields, surrounded by snow-covered mountains, meadows which look like velvet and amazing photo opportunities. It is a trekking and camping destination. It also has the highest Shiva temple in the world. You get amazing views of the Himalayas from here. Don't miss this unique place to visit in India and don't miss Tungnath Temple & Chandrashila peak. Only trek to Chandrashila peak if you are physically fit.

How to Reach Chopta

The nearest airport is situated at a distance of 220 km at Dehradun. From here you need to take a bus or cab to reach Chopta. The nearest railway station is Rishikesh and Haridwar which is approx 186 km from Chopta. From the railway station, you can hire a cab to reach Chopta.

Chopta Valley

Where to Stay in Chopta

There are various budget accommodation in Chopta with basic amenities. Suggest you camp at least one night here to get the real feel of this place.

Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, Madhya Pradesh

Bhimbetka Rock Shelters are a UNESCO World Heritage site and a unique place to visit in India. It is situated about 45 Kms from Bhopal. 

The Bhimbetka Rock shelters were used by Neolithic people ( i.e. approx 12000 years ago). You can see rock paintings which are colored and also white, red, green and yellow colored paintings. The rock paintings depict local birds, animals, mythological figures and normal scenes from everyday life of the people. You can also see hunting scenes in these rock paintings depicting spears, bows arrows and swords.

One of the amazing rock paintings is situated in a shelter called as Zoo shelter which has a large painting depicting a variety of local animals.

How to Reach Bhimbetka Rock Shelter

Bimbetka rock shelters are situated just 45 km from Bhopal and hence is well connected by train, air and road.  The nearest airport is Bhopal Airport and railway station is Bhopal. From the Bhopal railway station, you can get taxi services to Bhimbetka easily.

Where to Stay in Bhimbetka Rock Shelter

The best place to stay is in Bhopal. A quick search will lead you to a variety of hotels catering to all budget needs in Bhopal.

Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary for Olive Ridley Turtles, Orissa

If you want to see wildlife then head to Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary to see Olive Ridley turtles. It is the world's largest nesting site of Olive Ridley turtles and also a UNESCO world heritage site.

On a full moon night during the nesting season, you can see the beach dotted with Olive ridley turtles. Don't hope to go to the beach during the nesting season as it is not allowed. However, you can see the turtles from a distance.

If you want to see the olive ridley turtles real close then head to the conservation center.

How to Reach Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary

Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary is approx 75 km from Bhubhaneshwar Airport. The nearest railway is Bhadrak which is 49 km away. You can take a taxi and reach Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary for a day trip.

Where to stay at Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary

There are hardly any stay options near Gahirmatha and hence suggest you stay in Bhubaneshwar and go to Gahirmatha for a day trip.

Mayong the Land of Black Magic, Assam

In case you are interested in Occult practices or is inquisitive about it head to Mayong- The land of Black Magic. Its an interesting place to visit in India. Mayong is situated in Morigaon district of Assam and is considered as the cradle of Black magic in India. Mayong got its name from the Sanskrit word Maya which means illusion. 

Over the years the village is getting transformed into a tourist spot. In this village, black magic is celebrated and the villagers claim that they can predict the future of a person using palm leaves and broken mirrors to perfection. Try to get your life prediction is you are really interested.

The villages will tell you much folklore where people got turned into birds and animals.

Head to the Mayong Central Museum where many old relics related to Black magic can be seen.

How to Reach Mayong

The village of Mayong is located just 40 Kms from Guwahati and can be done on a day trip for few hours. Take a taxi or book a cab and head to Mayong.

Where to Stay in Mayong

Suggest stay in Guwahati as there are various options catering to all budget needs. Don't dare to stay at Mayong or else you might end up getting converted to a bird. Just joking.

Butterfly Beach, Goa

Its impossible to make a list of unique places to visit in India without mentioning Goa. Goa the party capital of India features in every list of places to visit in India, so what's unique about this beach.

It is extremely difficult to find a virgin and non-commercialized beaches in Goa however one such beach is the Butterfly beach in Goa. Don't mistake butterfly beach to be an island from the photographs however it is a beach which is situated north of Palolem beach. This beach will not find a mention in places to visit in India as its relatively new and secret.
The butterfly beach is a semi-circular beach which is filled with butterflies and if you are lucky you can see Dolphins too on your way to Butterfly beach.

Head to this beach as soon as you go to Goa and thank this list of unique places to visit in India later.

Tip: Stay back till sunset and watch some breathtaking sunsets in Goa.

How to Reach Butterfly Beach

Take a boat ride from Palolem beach or Agonda Beach. You need to book a complete boat to reach here. Since there is no tourist infrastructure suggest you take all the necessary items to have a great time at the beach.

Where to Stay in Butterfly Beach

There are no staying options here hence you have to stay in the mainland of Goa.

Dawki Lake, Shillong, Meghalaya

One of the most beautiful lakes you can see in your lifetime is Dawki Lake in Shillong. Its a really unique place to visit in India. The water of this lake is so clear that you can see the shadows of the boats and you will be able to see the floor of the lake clearly. Dawki is a small town along the India Bangladesh border in Meghalaya.

If you want to see the clear water then visit Dawki lake during the winter season i.e. from November to January. The rest of the season the water becomes murky and you won't be able to enjoy the pristine clear water of the lake.

Dawki Lake Places to Visit in India

How to Reach Dawki Lake

Dawki lake is well accessible from  Shillong and can be done as a day tour from Shillong. Book a taxi or a car and head to Dawki.
Don't forget to take a boat ride once you reach here to enjoy this unique place to visit in India

Where to Stay at Dawki Lake

There are no good staying options in Dawki hence suggest staying at Shillong.

Kodinhi -Village of Twins, Kerala

Get confused in recognizing people at this village of Kodinhi in Kerala.

This village is called the Village of Twins as there are more than 200 pairs of identical twins among the total population of approx 2000 people. No one knows why these villagers give birth to such a high number of twins. The village of Kodinhi is situated in the district of Malappuram in Kerala.

The phenomenon in this village of Kodinhi will sound like straight fro Sci Fiction. Researchers have tried a lot to find out the reason for such a high number of twin births however they have not been able to find out a reason.

How to Reach Kodinhi Village

The nearest airport is Calicut International Airport and the village of Kodinhi is approx 28 kms. If you are staying at Kozhikode then Kodinhi Village is approx 50 kms and can be reached in a taxi.

Where to Stay at Dawki Lake

Since the Kodinhi Village is a small area there are no staying options. You should stay at Kozhikode and travel to Kodinhi

Krishna's Butter Ball, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

India is a land of magic. Witness the natural magic at Krishna's Butter Ball in Mahabalipuram. The place is so magical that it had to feature in the list of unique places to visit in India in 2019.

It is a large granite boulder resting on an incline. This huge rock weighing approx 300 tonnes rest on a slippery surface defying the law of gravity. It is believed that this is a large portion of butter which fell from the hands of Lord Krishna and hence it is called as Krishna's Butterball. This rock is heavier than the rocks found in Machu Pichu and yet balances easily on a slippery surface.

How to Reach Krishna's Butter Ball

This is will be part of the day tours of Mahabalipuram and can be easily reached from Chennai. Just take a day trip from Chennai to Mahabalipuram and you will be able to see this magic in India.

Where to Stay

There are many staying options at Mahabalipuram as well as Chennai. The hotels here fit every kind of budget.

So that was the curated 12 Unique places to Visit in India in 2019.

Share with Shoestring Travel where do you plan to travel in New Year 2019 and share your feedback regarding this list of Unique places to visit in India in 2019 in the comments below.

Happy New Year to all from Shoestring Travel

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