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Human by Nature Kerala

Humans by nature in God’s own country – Yes, I am talking about the state of Kerala in India. Kerala is known for its beauty and the hospitality of the people which makes it one of the best places to travel in India.

A place is defined by the people and while travelling every interaction with the humans of a place defines how we enjoy the place. It is rightly said that “People will forget what you said, might forget what you did for them, but people will never forget how you made them feel” and the people of kerala truly epitomizes it. 

The people of Kerala will go extra mile to ensure you have an amazing travel memories in Kerala. These people might not be connected to travel industry, they are the common people whom you meet everyday on streets.

Human by Nature - My Experiences with the People of Kerala

In 2008, me and my dad decided to go on a road trip of Kerala and this was our first major father-son trip. We were excited and we wanted to ensure that everything was perfect. We had booked hotels, flight tickets, car all by ourselves. We were little skeptical initially about the road trip as we didn’t know what was the condition of the car, how was the driver etc. In those times there was not many online reviews or not sites available through which you can book cars reliablye, so we had to depend on local references through hotel.

We asked lots of questions to the driver (his name was Jayanand) and I still remember what he said. He said “Sir please come to my state. I know you I will see your worried faces when we meet but when we say goodbye I know I will see your happy and smiling faces”.  

That’s spirit of people of Kerala – truly human by nature.

Let me take you on a journey of Kerala and how the people of Kerala made our trip truly special and yes when I was at the airport I had a huge smile on my face.

Chinese Fishing Nets – Fort Kochi

I am not talking about the Chinese Fishing nets here but I will speak about an amazing thing I experienced and witnessed here. We all know Chinese Fishing nets are almost synonymous to Kerala and you can get beautiful silhouette photographs of these nets during sunset. However do you know only 8 Chinese fishing nets or Cheenavala which is the name in Malayalam exist now.

Human by Nature - Kerala my experiences

Like over enthusiastic traveler as soon as we reached Kochi, I and my dad went to Fort Kochi to witness the Chinese fishing nets. On the way our driver Jayanand explained the history of the Chinese fishing nets, how they are used and what kind of fishes can be caught using these nets.

As soon as we reached I started to photograph the Chinese nets and suddenly I could hear lots of voices of people from a distance. I initially thought some mishap has happened and I ran towards the sound. On reaching there I witnessed something I never saw in my life. The fishermen were auctioning their catch.

Kerala Human by Nature

I stood awestruck watching the process of auctioning. However since I didn’t understand Malayalam I was not able to comprehend what they were saying.

Suddenly someone tapped on my shoulder and there was a person asking me in English – “Do you want to know what is happening and what they are saying”. Like an over enthusiastic child I said “Yes”. The person took the pain to translate every word of the auction in English so that I could understand. Later he told me he had also come to buy fishes in the auction and since I was so enthusiastically looking at the auction he decided to tell me more. I asked him what he bought in auction. What he said after I will never ever forget.

Kerala Human by Nature

He said – “I didn’t buy any fish but I could make you happy and that’s my catch of the day”. I almost choked out of happy emotion and I will remember the beautiful evening for my life.

That’s the beautiful people of Kerala.

Human by Nature Kerala Tourism

Backwaters of Kerala – Alappuzha 

( Alleppey )

Me and my dad booked a house boat in Alleppey as we wanted to thoroughly enjoy the backwaters. We fished, we cooked and just had endless hearty chat.

Human by Nature Kerala Tourism

Yes we also took a boat ride in the backwaters of Kerala and that’s where I was touched by the immense hospitality of the people of Kerala. It was late afternoon and we took a boat ride. We were enjoying the beautiful scenic beauty of the backwaters of Alappuzha and enjoying the greenery, coconut trees, the sounds of nature, children playing, the sound of water and chirping of birds.

It was the perfect father son moment in Kerala. We were enjoying the backwaters for almost an hour. Since it was hot I felt thirsty. I searched inside my bag and I realized my mistake. I forgot to get my bottle of water. I told the boatman if there is some place where I can buy a bottle of water.

What he did after that was beyond my belief. He stopped near a house. Spoke in Malayalam and went inside. Before leaving he said I will get water for you. I told him not to take so much pain as I was not dying of thirst. He still insisted and came out with a huge coconut. He not only got one for me but also one for my dad. I happily enjoyed the coconut and when I asked him how much should I pay he said it’s a gift from him. On insistence he still didn’t take the money.

I was touched and truly felt special. It was a small gesture but had a deep emotional mark in my heart. I will never forget the face of the person and when I go back to Alleppey I am surely going to meet him and take another boat ride from him.

This is the unmatched caring by the people of Kerala which forms a deep connect with the travelers. At that moment I felt I am in truly God’s own country where people take care of travelers like their own family member. They don’t distinguish an outsider and treat the travelers as an integral part of their life.

Human by Nature Kerala Tourism

Tea Gardens of Munnar

Emotions and care don’t know a language and it creates a lifelong bond. I got to understand the true essence of it during my trip in Kerala. We were visiting random tea estates and was enjoying the hills of Munnar.

I saw few women plucking the leaves of the tea. I have been to tea estates earlier in other places however never saw a real plucking of the tea leaves. I had heard stories about how delicately tea leaves are plucked.

On seeing the woman I got excited to capture the moment. As soon as I went near them one of the lady in perfect English asked me whether I want to see how tea leaves are plucked. It was a bonanza for me as I really wanted to experience and see the same in person. The lady was extremely patient in explaining how it is plucked but also allowed me to pluck the tea leaves.

My day was made. A simple conversation, a small care made my stay in Munnar.

Kerala is one place which etches a deep mark through the interactions of the people. Once you go to Kerala you feel like a king as you will be treated royally wherever you go and the best part its not one or two person, all the people in Kerala will make you feel special. The smallest of conversations with unknown people will ensure you have a memorable experience.

Human by Nature Kerala Tourism

As I was getting down at the airport to take my flight back home, Jayanand the driver asked me whether I had a great experience in Kerala. My huge smile and satisfaction on my face answered him and lifetime bonds were made in Kerala with a smile. It was a perfect end to my dream holiday with my dad which wouldn’t have been possible without the humans of Kerala.

In Kerala the people will welcome you with open heart and expect nothing in return.

To celebrate the Humans of Kerala and their hospitality the Department of Tourism have recently launched a beautiful video. See for yourself and enjoy the true essence of Human by Nature in Kerala.

This blog post is in association with Kerala Tourism supporting their theme Human by Nature however the views and experiences mentioned here are solely mine.

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  1. Indeed Kerala is so rich with such memorable experiences and most often it is the kindness and love of the people that stands out in the state. Loved reading your experiences!

  2. wow...these are amazing stories and truly understandable what you wrote "People will never forget how you make them feel".
    This extra personal touch what makes any place special and your article is a perfect tribute to those local "brand ambassadors" of Kerala

  3. I got goosebumps while reading this article! So well articulated and truly, can't wait to travel to God's own Country again!

  4. All the interactions with the locals just proved that Kerala is truly God's own country. Cant wait to visit Kerala soon.

  5. Kerala is an emotion truly. I loved reading your account of travelling with your dad. Those memories must be so special!

  6. Thanks for sharing a wonderful post!

  7. Kerala, a paradise of diverse landscapes and vibrant cultures, offers enchanting experiences. From the tranquil backwaters to lush hill stations, every corner is a visual feast. Explore the rich heritage, stunning beaches, and lush greenery for an unforgettable journey.



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