Saputara Hill Station in Gujarat - Travel Guide

 Saputara Hill station Travel Itinerary

Gujarat for me was only the land of heritage, culture & food, however, that got changed and a new word got added to the list after I visited the Saputara Hill Station in Gujarat recently and the word is - Breathtaking Landscapes. Here we bring the detailed Travel Guide to visit to Saputara Hill Station In Gujarat.

Yes, did you know Gujarat had a hill station and the beauty of it will keep you mesmerized? Saputara in Gujarat is the only hill station in Gujarat. Recently I went to explore Saputara with Gujarat Tourism & Incredible India. Before leaving for Saputara I was not expecting much but once I reached there everything got changed. It was a romance with beautiful landscape, weather and some stunning views.

    Where is Saputara Hill Station located in Gujarat?

    Saputara is situated near the border of Gujarat & Maharastra and Saputara hill station is located in the Dang District in Gujarat. Saputara hill station is a weekend gateway for people from Maharastra & Gujarat. You can find beautiful landscapes, mesmerizing waterfalls, dense forests and wildlife parks and sanctuaries. Saputara offers everything for every kind of traveller. If you are a foodie too then Saputara will not make you feel like an outsider, with its mouthwatering street food.

    Gujarat Street Food

    Saputara is not only known for its breathtaking beauty but also have religious and cultural significance. If you love driving then Saputara will fulfil your dreams to drive on scenic roads. While driving green fields and waterfalls will follow you and on the other side the mountain range will keep you enthralled.

    Saputara is situated on the plateaus of the Western Ghats and the Sahyadris so you can expect to get the beautiful landscapes of western ghats. It is located on a plateau in the Western Ghats, at an altitude of 1,000m above sea level.

    Saputara Travel Guide

    History of Saputara

    Before we explore Saputara’s attraction, let's know the history a little better. I believe knowing the history makes a place more special as you can understand the nuances of the place in a much better way.

    Saputara gets its name from snakes, yes, you heard it right. It means abode of Snakes. Till now you can find different kinds of snakes, however, these days with an increase in tourism snakes are a little hard to find. You can also find an image of a snake situated on the shore of the river Sarpganga that flows through the town.

    It is also believed that Lord Rama spent 11 years of his exile in the forests of Saputara.  Imagine you travelling in the same location and exploring the places where Lord Rama spent 11 years of his exile.

    The tribal people residing here are known as Dangis and they are known for their intricate Warli painting and bamboo crafts.

    How to reach Saputara Hill Station

    Saputara is closer to Maharastra’s main towns are compared to Gujarat. However, reaching from all main towns in Gujarat is extremely easy. And Saputara's proximity to Maharastra makes it a perfect weekend destination from Maharastra.

    Saputara in Gujarat

    How to go to Saputara by Road

    From Mumbai by road, it will take approximately 5 hours to Saputara and the drive is stunningly beautiful. You will find lots of options to create video and photographic content for your social media.

    From Ahmedabad, it takes approximately 10 hours by road to visit Saputara.

    How to go to Saputara by Flight

    The nearest Airport in Gujarat is Surat is approximately 160 Kms ( 4 hours) and in Maharastra its Nashik which is approximately 80 km ( around 3 hours).

    Going to Saputara by Flight

    How to Go to Saputara by Train

    Saputara does not have its own railway station, however, the closest railway station is 50 kilometres from Saputara and its called Bilmora railway station. Bilimora station is well-connected with most of the major cities of Gujarat and Maharashtra. You can get a bus or a taxi from outside the station to reach Saputara.

    Heritage Railways to Saputara

    Exciting at it sounds you can reach Saputara on a Heritage Train. The heritage train has recently been started by Indian Railways which runs from Bilmora station to Waghai Station on a Narrow Gauge. The train will stop at Chikhli Road, Rankuva, Dholikuva, Anaval, Unai and Vansada Road, Kevdi Road, Kala-Amba and Dungarda stations in both directions. This train comprises of unreserved Second Class Seating coaches as well as a fully reserved AC Tourist coach.

    This heritage train has AC tourist coaches in this Heritage Train which has a capacity of 15 passengers in 2+1 configuration with attendants, western-style lavatory.

    Train No. 09501 Bilimora – Waghai Special train departs from Bilimora at 10.20 hrs on all days and reaches Waghai at 13.20hrs, the same day. Similarly, Train No. 09502 Waghai– Bilimora Special train departs from Waghai at 14.30 hrs on all days and reaches Bilimora at 17.35 hrs, on the same day.


    When is the best time to visit Saputara?

    Saputara is pleasant throughout the year and the average temperature doesn’t cross more than 35 degrees in summers.

    However, if you ask me the best time to visit Saputara has to be during the monsoons or after the monsoons in the month of August or September. The landscapes and the views that Saputara offers at the end of the monsoon season is absolutely stunning. The waterfalls will be overflowing with water, the clouds will play hide and seek with you and the mountain tops are covered with clouds with streaks of sunlight. It adds to the romance of Saputara.

    And as for any normal hill station the next best time to visit Saputara is winters from October to February during which the temperature may below 8 degrees centigrade as well.

    Whatever season it is you will for sure love Saputara.

    fun in saputara

    Saputara Hill Station Detailed Itinerary

    If you are wondering what to do in Saputara apart from enjoying the natural beauty, then you are at the right place. I will take you along some beautiful places in Saputara which will make your stay in Saputara more enriching and add to the romance.

    Get ready to enjoy Saputara on a journey for 3 days.

    The places which you can visit in Saputara is given in this below the map, you can use it to plan your itinerary in Saputara.

    The below places to visit in Saputara is given in random order as Saputara is a small place and you can pick and choose the places you like depending on your planned day.

    Places to See in Saputara

    I will divide the Saputara itinerary into two sections. This section will consist of places which can be visited in Saputara and can be done easily without driving far.

    The next section will consist of places where you have to drive for some time to reach and enjoy the beauty of Saputara Hill Station.

    Saputara Lake or Sarpaganga Lake in Saputara Hill Station

    This is a beautiful lake in the centre of Saputara town. Whenever you visit Saputara lake it will be bustling with activities and people. If you have seen pictures or read about lakes that are surrounded by hills and is picture-perfect then Sarpaganga Lake is also known as is the place in Saputara Hill station.

    Saputara Lake has activities for all age groups and for people with all kinds of travel interests.

    Toy Train in Saputara

    Don’t miss to boat out here.  Here you can hire paddleboats, sailboats, or rowing boats from the Boat club and enjoy a beautiful boat ride in Saputara Lake.

    Boating in Saputara Lake

    The charges of boating are as follows. Kindly check for the latest charges as it keeps on changing depending on the season. These were the charges of boating in Saputara Lake when we vistited.

    Pedal boat- Rs. 35 per seat for 30 minutes
    For 4 seater boat - Rs. 140
    For 5 seater boat - Rs. 175
    For 6 seater boat - Rs. 210
    Rowboat- Rs. 25 per seat for half-round (a person will be allotted for rowing)

     Near the lake, you will have vendors selling all kinds of food items. Don’t miss having corn chat near Saputara Lake and a hot cup of tea (chai). While I am writing this I am actually missing this food in Saputara.

    Street Food in Saputara


    Table Point in Saputara

    If you are fond of trekking and getting treated to a great view at the end then visiting Table point will make all your wishes fulfilled.

    My suggestion is NOT To get your car to the top. Park your car some 500 meters from the actual parking area at Table point and follow the road while walking. Since we were in a bus we had the compulsion to walk as buses don’t have the power in the engines to climb uphill.  At first we thought it would have been better if we would come in private cars but as soon as we started walking we forgot and thanked our stars that we were actually on a bus.

    The walk till the Table point is absolute though you have to walk uphill and it's quite steep. Suggest wearing proper hiking shoes. The table point is a Tabletop mountain called Governor hill and the views are as usual breathtaking.

    On our first day, we tried to reach the table point late in the afternoon but we failed as the entire stretch was covered with heavy fog. But we were happy as it gave us the opportunity to click some great photographs. I am leaving you with some good photographs which I was happy to click on this foggy afternoon near the Table point in Saputara Hill station.


    Saputara Photographs

    Once you reach the Table point you can hike further till the top of the Governor hill from where you will be able to see the Gujarat & Maharastra border. If you want to take selfies or videos or pictures for Instagram then this additional hike is worth doing. The hike will take approximately 15-20 mins additional time depending on your fitness level.


    Table Point in Saputara

    Suggest you go to the Table point in Saputara around afternoon time so that you can visit Sunset Point too.

    Ropeway  in Saputara


    One person asked me – “ Bhaiya ropeway ja rahein ho na? Saputara mein a kar ropeway nahi chadha toh kya kiya” in Hindi, which means “ Brother, are you visiting the rope way. If you have not taken a ride in Rope way in Saputara, then you have done nothing”.
    I was a little surprised when he said this as I have ridden on multiple rope ways in India and abroad and I was expecting the same kind of view. But I was wrong.
    Ropeway in Saputara Hill station is one of the major tourist attractions. The Ropeway rides across the valley to Sunset point and starts from just below the Table point. When you will be climbing the stairs down from Table point in Saputara, at the end if you look straight you will see the rope way ticketing office. The charges for Ropeway tickets are just Rs 77 per person.

    ticket price of ropeway

    ropeway in saputara

    The charges are nothing compared to the view of the valley that you get. It passes over Saputara Lake and crosses the valley to take you to Sunset point.

    A hack I am suggesting, if you don’t have a drone and want to take drone shots of Saputara then take this ropeway you will get drone-like looking shots from the top of the valley.


    drone shot of Saputara


    Sunset Point in Saputara

    Once you reach at the Sunset point by ropeway you need to walk for approximately 200 meters to reach the sunset point.

    From sunset point in Saputara, you will get panoramic views of Saputara and this is a photographer’s paradise. You will get stunning shots from this place.

    We didn’t want to take a chance so since we went here early, we didn’t see the sunset however since it was cloudy skies the sun was not visible.

    Having a hot bowl of gravy Maggi is a must here to make the views much enriched.


    sunset point in saputara

    Jain Temple in Saputara

    I have visited to multiple Jain temples but honestly, I have never seen a Jain temple is so intricately designed with marble all over. This is absolutely a MUST DO when in Saputara.


    Jain Temple of Saputara Gujarat

    The architecture and carvings of the Jain temple in Saputara will leave you spell bound. It will welcome you with white marble work all over the place. The temple is of Chintamani Parshvanatha and the Jain Tirthankara, Chintamani who is worshipped here is 500 years old idol.


    We were not allowed to click the idol or you would have seen the power in the eyes it felt so real and so powerful and full of blessings. You can see the idol here.


    architecture of jain temple

    The inner arch of the temple makes you astounded with such intricate design. I was staring at the carvings for long spellbound by the amazing architecture of the Jain Temple in Saputara.
    Keep at least 30-45 mins in hand to see the beauty of this Jain Temple.


    temple architecture in india

    Nageshwar Mahadev Temple in Saputara

    One of the most religious places in Saputara for Hindus is this Nageshwar Mahadev temple. This is a new temple in place of the snake temple in Saputara. A swayambhu idol of Lord Shiva is worshipped here.

    Nageshwar Mahadev Temple in Saputara

    It’s a small temple of Lord Shiva and it is said that the Shiva linga was found at the bottom of the lake a saint had dreamt of the same. He asked the locals in Saputara to take out the idol form the Lake.

    The architecture is beautiful and the views of the lake from this place is excellent. It’s a good place to enjoy some self-time in Saputara.

    Rose Garden in Saputara


    Another place in Saputara makes for a perfect location for photoshoot or spending some time with your family is Rose garden.
    The rose garden is a beautifully landscaped garden full of rose plants. There is small mushroom-like sitting areas. The garden in Saputara has a beautiful small bridge which makes for a perfect location for a photoshoot.

    rose garden in saputara


    We went to the garden during the month of September and hence it was not a blooming season. What locals told us is that the garden fills with the aroma of roses and the fully boomed roses are a treat to the eyes to watch during the blooming season.


    birds in saputara

    Honey Bee Center in Saputara Hill Station

    If you want to buy pure honey straight from the hives then head to this honey bee centre. It’s an apiary where beehives are cultured for the extraction of honey.

    It’s a perfect place for children to learn how honey bee makes the honey which we love to cherish. There are small boxes along with placards placed at the back which teaches us about various type of bees and their importance in the hive and for the production of honey.

    things to buy in Gujarat

    Honey in Gujarat


    Sunrise Point in Saputara Hill Station


    Just near the Jain temple, there is a small tabletop on the hill which makes for the perfect place to watch Sunrise. You have to trek a little to reach the Sunrise point. An early morning trek to this place leaves you some brilliant sunrise.

    Since it was cloudy when we went we couldn’t see the sunrise. So keep in mind the weather conditions if you want to visit this Sunrise point for a beautiful view.


    sunrise in saputara

    Echo Point – Saputara Hill Station

    This is a gem of a location for all trekkers in Saputara. This is a perfect trekking trail in Saputara. The Echo point is located near Sunrise point, however, you have to trek to reach the place.
    As the name suggests if you want your own voice resonated by the hills then shout your name from here and you will hear an Echo.

    Saputara Museum

    Saputara museum will give a glimpse of the art, culture, lifestyle and heritage of the tribal people called Dangis.  The Saputara museum is centrally located in the Saputara town.

    The museum has a great collection of clothes, utensils, traditional artefacts, house objects, musical instruments, ornaments that are used by the native tribal people. If you are interested to learn how to make traditional objects at home the museum holds regular workshops for the same. Learn a few art forms of Dangis in this Saputara museum.


    Artistic Village in Saputara


    As I said earlier its important to know the history and culture of the place to enjoy it better. The artistic village is the perfect place for the same.

    Artistic village shows rich the tribal traditions of the Dangis and it has a great collection of famous Warli paintings.  You can also see the artists working on various Warli paintings here.

    Handicrafts of Gujarat

    It also showcases various art forms like bamboo crafts etc. You can buy from the artistic village and take memorabilia of this beautiful Saputara hill station back home.


    Places to Visit from Saputara Hill Station in Gujarat


    Once you have completed visiting the various places in Saputara its time to explore the nearby areas of Saputara in the Dang district.
    To explore this natural beauty you have to drive for some time to reach to these places, but once you arrive to these amazing places from Saputara you will be mesmerized by the sheet natural beauty.


    Girmal Waterfalls in Saputara

    Girmal waterfalls are the highest fall in Saputara which is located approximately 90 kilometres from the main town. Girmal waterfall is located within Purna Wildlife Sanctuary near Ahwa and is situated in the Girmal village. The road up to the waterfall is in fairly good condition, except the last stretch which is a little bit steep.

    While you will be driving to Girmal from Saputara you will find small water streams and paddy fields amongst nature which is extremely soothing to the eyes. The best time to visit is during monsoon or just after monsoon, when water flow is at its peak.
    Girmal waterfalls get their water from Gira river and there is approximately 100 feet drop. The waterfall surrounded by forests makes for the perfect picturesque location. If you are planning to take a dip in the natural pool created by the waterfall, you will be disappointed as you can’t go near the falls. There are railings put up around the falls due to safety reasons, however, you can go quite close to the falls by following the steps.

    Girmal Waterfalls in Saputara

    Be aware of your belongings as the monkeys there can sometimes act funny and snatch your belongings. But we didn’t observe any such behaviour when we were there.
    I really love to be surrounded by the nature and this place is breakaway from the urban stressful life.

    A little bit of adventures on the way, the best place to visit lots of greenery during the monsoon of course.

    U Point in Saputara


    You can visit this U point while on your way to the Girmal waterfalls. Here the Purna river takes a U-turn and changes its course. It’s a perfect horseshoe bent.
    The turning of the river creates an island in the middle which is filled with greenery. The horseshoe bent reminded me of the horseshoe bent of Arizona but filled with greenery.

    Landscape in Gujarat

    You can find places to rest and swings near the place where you can sit and relax and enjoy the beautiful view. We had our lunch here and as we called it “ Lunch with a View” without paying anything extra.

    Gira Waterfalls in Saputara Hill station


    If Girmal waterfall is the highest fall and then I believe Gira waterfalls could be the widest waterfall in Gujarat. The Gira waterfall is another place that you shouldn’t miss at all and makes for a perfect destination to relax, enjoy and take some moments out of your busy schedule.
    The Gira waterfall in Dang district is located about 6 km from Waghai town. The Giwa waterfalls have a natural drop of 30 meters and connect to the Ambica river. You have to walk on rocky terrain to reach the Gira waterfalls and the walk is really nice. Remember to wear proper hiking shoes.

    Monsoon is the best time to visit the Gira waterfalls when it will be oozing with water. We were told during the right time and circumstances you can see a rainbow formation on the top of the waterfalls. But we were not so lucky.

    Gira Waterfalls in Saputara Hill station

    With the arrival of the monsoon season, Gira waterfalls experience a heavy flow of water. Due to the unspoilt natural beauty, this is turning into a tourist hotspot. On the way to Gira waterfalls, you can find many shops from where you can purchase a variety of handicraft items and food items.

    General advice go early in the morning or else it will be hot if you go there in the afternoon.
    Saputara Hill Station in Gujarat - Travel Guide

    Pandava Caves


    Pandava caves are also known as Arvalem Caves which is situated approximately 40 kms from the Saputara town.
    It’s the perfect place for the people interested in history as it is believed that the Pandavas of Mahabharata stayed in this cave during their exile. The cave is not so big which is 60 meter long and approximately 15 meter wide. There is a Shivalinga inside the cave which is believed to be worshipped by Pandavas.
    Don’t visit the Pandava caves during the monsoon as it will be slippery , the best time is to visit at the end of the monsoon season.


    Shabari Temple or Shabari Dham in Saputara


    Another folklore or a real incident is associated with Shabari Dham in Saputara. In the epic Ramayana, it is said that this is the place Shabari offered fruits to Shri Ram and he tasted these before offering them to the Lord.
    We witnessed something amazing here. It was raining when we reached and soon we were gifted with a stunning full Rainbow. It was a complete rainbow and extremely beautiful.
    I guess the blessing of Lord Ram was on us.

    Shabari Temple or Shabari Dham in Saputara


    Waghai Botanical Garden


    Our last stop in Saputara was Waghai Botanical garden. It is spread over approximately 24 hectares of land and is the largest botanical garden in Gujarat. It houses various kinds of flora found across Gujarat and India. About 270 trees, 50 shrubs, 29 fruit trees, 119 medicinal plants, 28 tuberous plants, 82 ornamental plants and 89 cacti & succulents make this place an attractive destination for nature lovers.

    Botanical Garden in India

    This is a perfect place for children and students to stay close to nature and learn them from close quarters.


    Waghai Botanical Garden

    Fairs and Festivals in Saputara


    Saputara hold various kinds of festivals all through the year and if you can plan a trip to Saputara hill station basis the festivals then travelling to Saputara will be more special.

    Monsoon Festival Saputara


    Monsoon festival in Saputara is held by Tourism Department in Gujarat every year. 

    This is a month-long festival that has boating competitions, adventure sports, gaming, cultural programs, and also entertainment activities. Tug of water, rock-climbing, camel riding, mountain climbing, archery, etc. There are musical concerts also which happens at the Monsoon Festival in Saputara.

    Check the website of Gujarat tourism to get the exact dates of the Monsoon Festival in Saputara.


    Paragliding Festival Saputara


    Saputara is one of the finest locations in the country for Paragliding. The topography and the beauty of Saputara makes it the perfect place for paragliding. To promote paragliding every year in the month of December & January Tourism department of Gujarat holds this festival.

    Adventure enthusiasts from all over the country head to Saputara for this paragliding festival.


    Dang Darbar


    One interesting festival in saputara is the Dang Darbar. It is celebrated few days before Holi and is one of the important tribal festivals. Dang Darbar is celebrated every year.

    If you are in search of an authentic tribal handcrafted item then Dang Darbar is the perfect place. Also, this festival sees performances like songs, fold dances, drama, Raas & Garba.

    Where to Stay in Saputara

    If you want great views of Saputara, then you should undoubtedly stay at Toran Resorts in Saputara.

    Toran resorts are properties by the Department of Tourism, Gujarat and hence you can expect not only safety but also maintained properties.

    There are three properties of Toran Resorts and centrally located with great views. 

    Toran Resorts in Gujarat

    • Toran Hill Resort - This is the best property in Saputara and has excellent rooms and services. You can check more about Toran Hill resort and also get contact details here.
    • Hotel Toran - This is a mid-range Toran hotel in Saputara. We stayed here, and I loved the views and the hospitality. The rooms are good and spacious with a private balcony and nicely maintained. The food is homely and tasty too. You will get authentic Gujarati food here. You can get the booking details here.
    • Toran Ambika - This Toran resort is nestled on the top of the hill and relatively a new property. You can check the booking details here.

    If you would like to know anything else about your travel to Saputara Hill station in Gujarat, let me know in the comment section below and I would love to answer.

    For your future read, you can Pin the blog post and we have made Pins ready for you.

    So have an exciting trip to Saputara Hill Station in Gujarat.

    #Saputara #Gujarat #IncredibleIndia

    #Saputara #Gujarat #IncredibleIndia

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