House Of MG : Heritage Hotel in Ahmedabad

House of MG Heritage Hotel in Ahmedabad

House of MG is a heritage property that will be a perfect staying option in Ahmedabad if you love history and like to cherish some nostalgic moments during your stay like me. House of MG is not named after Mahatma Gandhi as people might think, but the name comes from Mangaldas Girdhardas who were textile traders.  However, the House of MG was a place where Mahatma Gandhi stayed after returning from South Africa.

I recently stayed in the House of MG during my visit to Gujarat with Gujarat Tourism and Incredible India. In this blog post, I will detail what to expect while staying at House of MG, but as we always believe knowing the history of the place makes it easier to appreciate and enjoy the place more, let’s know the history of House of MG.

 House of MG: The History

Two brothers, who were textile merchants named Mangaldas Girdhardas and Chimanlal Girdhardas are the main people behind the House of MG. In fact, as I was telling earlier, in the name House of MG, MG is the short form of Mangaldas Girdhardas. They built this house with the money they made from the textile industry. Mangaldas Girdhardas & Chimanlal Girdhardas had hosted many named people in this house.

The House of MG was completed in the year 1904 when the two brothers moved in with their family. In 1915 after Mahatma Gandhi returned from South Africa he stayed in this house for some time. You would be surprised to know the family used to run their own bank and in the House of MG they established a new wing in the year 1920 to accommodate the family run bank.

But sadly Mangaldas and Chimanlal passed away in the year 1930 and 1946, respectively.

After India’s independence and after Gujarat & Maharastra become separate states in 1960 , this house was handed over to the government under the “Requisition Law” where empty houses was supposed to be handed over to the government.

Over the years from 1960 -1995 the house was used by Life Insurance Corporation, Post & Telegraph Clinic to name a few.

In 1995 Abhay Mangaldas company Victoria Capita Ventures bought the MG wing from the other family members. In 1999 he opened Agashiye, a Gujarati thali restaurant which is now a well-known restaurant in the city of Ahmedabad

House of MG: First Impressions

As soon as you enter through the gates you are greeted with a beautiful façade that shows opulence. The building is red brick in colour and the façade has columns supporting the porch with a beautiful fountain. Once you enter through the main doors the huge and beautifully decorated lobby will show you what lies for you. 

On the right-hand side just behind the reception, you will be able to see a portrait of Mangaldas Girdhardas and House of MG written below the portrait. If you look straight as soon as you enter you will be able to see the portraits of both the brothers.

Rooms in House of MG

The rooms here has not been changed over the years and only modern amenities have been added. The room’s architecture has been kept as much as possible to the original structure. The first thing you will notice is the thick and heavy door which shows how the doors were in earlier days.You will need a little strength to open the door.

The rooms where I was staying had four post beds with mosquito nets which looked straight from the yesteryears. The bathroom was huge with all modern amenities and the rooms has all luxury that you can imagine in any luxury hotel.

House of MG has 38 rooms in total from various categories like Modern Heritage Classic Rooms, Modern Heritage Grand Room, and Modern Heritage Grand Suite which is huge almost 670 – 850 sq feet in size. The Modern Heritage Grand room has a swing inside the room, can you beat that.

House of MG a time capsule from Yesteryears

The House of MG is a treasure trove of things and architecture marvels from yesteryears. Every floor has a beautiful swing where you can sit with a book and spend your time.

The best thing I liked about the House of MG despite being in the city they have maintained a green footprint and the courtyards of the House of MG are dotted with various kinds of plants.

Don’t miss the various artefacts.

The House of MG will make you time travel while you explore through the labyrinth of staircases and courtyards.

The highlight of the House of MG is the Swimming Pool also called as the Lotus Pool. It's a breathtaking and perfect place for that perfect Instagram photo. The Lotus Pool is huge at 17 meters and the ceiling is beautifully decorated. The entire ceiling is decorated with Lotus themes fresco and the reflection of the fresco in the pool looks brilliant. The fresco is an inspiration from the Picchwai style of Art.

Food at House of MG

 If you haven’t eaten at Agashiye at House of MG you have missed half of the experience. Agashiye is a rooftop restaurant and having a Gujarati Thali here is an experience.

There are two main kinds of Thali on offer, the Kansa Thali or the Silver Thali. The differences are in the type of items that are served and the plate on which is served. The silver thali as the name suggests is served on a Silver plate.

The interesting thing while having the food at Agashiye is how they come make you wash your hands in true Gujarati style.

The next place to have food at House of MG is the Green House which falls on your right while entering. It's an open restaurant which opens kitchen and if you want to have Gujarati Thali while experiencing the sound of the city this is the best place. This is a multi-cuisine restaurant and you will get ala carte menu apart from Thali here.

Curated Experiences at House of MG 

House of MG offers various curated experiences like the House of MG Heritage Walk. The Breakfast walk starts in the morning and gets over by breakfast time. You can also opt for Night Heritage Walk, however, I would suggest opting for Breakfast Heritage Walk if you want to enjoy the city at the fullest.
If you want to buy authentic handicraft items or textiles which are made by hand then visit the Ahmedabad trunk Textile Gallery inside the House of MG.

House of MG - Summarizing my Experience 

House of MG transformed me into a bygone era and gave me a glimpse of the Gujarati lifestyle. The swings, the sounds, and the visual elements truly teleport one to the era.

I will be cherishing my stay at the House of MG for life for sure and thanks to Incredible India & Gujarat Tourism for such an amazing experience.

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