Things to do in Toronto, Ontario

Canada is one of the top destinations for Indian ex-pats in Toronto for a number of reasons. 
For one, there are plenty of things to do in the great white north, from outdoorsy activities to eating at nice restaurants. With Toronto being the biggest city in Canada’s most populated province, it may be useful to get an understanding of what there is to do in the city if you are interested in learning more about life there. 

Below, you can find the top things to do in Toronto if you’re planning a visit: 

Toronto Islands 

Toronto can be considered a big city, and with big cities comes a lot of busy people moving from A to B. While this in itself can be charming, it can tire a traveller out. So many sights to see, so many people to bustle through. 

The Toronto Islands provide the perfect break from city life and adds a touch of greenery to Toronto’s Skyscraper dense mainland. The three islands that make up the Toronto Islands are all connected which means you won’t have to worry about having to get on and off boats if you’re looking to explore the whole area. 

The Toronto Islands serve as the perfect break from the hustle and bustle of the city, and what’s more, there is no entrance fee to access this beautiful patch of natural beauty. 

St. Lawrence Market 

Positioned in Toronto’s history-steeped old town, St Lawrence Market is the perfect place for a slow meandering stroll and shop. The St. Lawrence market holds a special place in the hearts of Toronto locals, as the venue also serves as the city’s social centre and city hall. 

It would be easier to list what isn’t available at the St. Lawrence market, as travellers have so much to choose from. From gourmet cured meats, to ever famous Canadian maple syrup, the list is truly endless when it comes to what is available at the market. 

Part of what makes a trip memorable is picking up things to remind you of the place once you’ve returned home, and St. Lawrence Market serves as the perfect place to get your hands on some true blue Canadian consumables. 

Hockey Hall of Fame

If you’re planning a trip to Canada, or if you’re planning a full-blown relocation, it would be wise to study up on ice hockey, the leading sport in the nation. The best place to do this in Toronto is the hockey hall of fame, which is located a block or so east of Union Station. 

Hockey in Canada is comparable to religion, with thousands of Canadian citizens having a vested interest in the sport. Ontario has recently legalized sports betting, which is expected to generate huge income that will likely see the sport grow, and will also likely see this Canadian landmark flourish even more. 

These are just three of the main attractions that can be enjoyed in one of the most popular cities in Canada. There are plenty of other things visitors can experience and do when they visit. 

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