Ultimate Guide to Festivals in Madrid

Life is short and very, very fragile. A lot of us spend so much time working and worrying that we forget to stop and smell the roses. We forget to just relax from time to time. Worst of all, we forget how to party. Well, Madrid knows how to party.  This blog post will give serve as the Ultimate Guide to festivals in Madrid.

No exaggeration, there’s a festival in Madrid each and every month of the year. Is it Summertime in Madrid? La Paloma will be starting soon. If you are planning to enjoy the New year then that means it's time for Nochevieja. Dozens upon dozens of parties and events kick off all throughout the year. No matter when you visit Madrid, you’ll always find something interesting and exciting that's happening in Madrid.

Today, we’re going to show you some of the top festivals in Madrid. All of these events offer tons of fun for families, small groups, and individuals who are just looking to have a great time. 

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Ultimate Guide to Festivals in Madrid

San Isidro

Isidore the Laborer is a revered figure in Spain. Records show that Isidore lived in Madrid from 1082 to 1172. He was kind, compassionate, and generous to those less fortunate than himself. Isidore’s humility and humanity caused him to be venerated by Pope Paul V in May 1619. Ever since then, the, San Isidro (Saint Isidore) Festival has been held each year to honor him. There’s always plenty of food, drink, and dancing at the San Isidro Festival. However, people are also encouraged to think about how they can be more generous to their neighbors long after the festivities end.


La Semana del Orgullo

Madrid has celebrated Gay Pride since the 1980s. For years, citizens have taken to the streets to show their solidarity with Spain’s Gay Rights movement. La Semana del Orgullo is also a time for citizens to show their support. It’s a week-long LGBT festival that starts in June or July each year. The festivities typically start in Chueca, the home of Madrid’s largest LGBT community. There’s always something exciting happening at the festival. Parades are also a common staple of La Semana del Orgullo. 

Mad Cool Festival

Mad Cool is the biggest, baddest, and loudest music festival in the city. The festivities usually begin and end in early July. Pop, Punk, Techno, Alternative, Hip Hop -- all of these genres and many, many more are hosted at the Mad Cool Festival. Musical acts from all across the board have played at Mad Cool. In 2019 alone, Iggy Pop, The Chemical Brothers, Lauren Hill, and Perry Farrell's Kind Heaven Orchestra lit up the stage. You’ll find all of your favorite musicians, as well as plenty of new ones, at the Mad Cool Festival.


Dos de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican Army’s successful rebellion against hostile French forces. Dos de Mayo essentially does the same, only it honors Spain’s victory over the French. Dos de Mayo, or “the Second of May”, is a time of reverence, reflection, and celebration. It’s not unlike January 1st in Haiti or Independence Day in America. That means you can expect great food, bright fireworks, and a cheerful atmosphere everywhere you go. 

Festival de Otoño

We weren’t kidding when we said that there’s a festival in Madrid for each month of the year -- and for each season. Festival de Otoño, or the Autumn Festival, is a city-wide event that kicks off every October. The Autumn Festival is actually one of the city’s newer events; the first festival was held back in the 1980s. A strong emphasis is placed on the arts during this time of year. Chances are you’ll find several performing arts groups putting on extravagant shows at some of Madrid’s most popular venues.

La Paloma

The Virgin of La Paloma is another venerated figure in Madrid. She’s essentially Spain’s version of the Virgin Mary. Every year, on August 11th, Madrid’s La Latina district hosts the La Paloma festival. Citizens are encouraged to eat, drink, and be merry. Kindness and philanthropic work is highlighted during this time as well. Madrid’s dance troupes take to the streets and perform for citizens. Colorful decorations are strung up all throughout the city. La Paloma truly is an amazing sight. 



Nochevieja simply means New Year’s Eve in Spanish. Fireworks, music, food -- Madrid has it all in spades. The entire city comes together to celebrate Nochevieja. Businesses will close earlier than usual, and public spaces will be transformed into party centers. You can expect everything in Nochevieja as there’s no “right way” to celebrate Nochevieja. 

Really, it all comes down to personal preference. Do you want to ring in the New Year with an amazing fireworks show? Or would you rather have a more intimate celebration with your loved ones? Either way, Nochevieja kicks off on the last day of each year. That means you’ve got all of the other 364 days of the year to prepare.


Madrid’s Carnival Parade is possibly the single most significant and popular festival in the city. For one week in February, a gigantic city-wide party breaks out. During this time, you’ll find costumes, live performances, and fair rides in every corner of Madrid. The best part about Carnival is that everyone is encouraged to join in on the fun. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are. You can’t just sit back and watch Carnival -- you have to be a part of it.

So let me know if you have visited any of the festivals in Madrid, would love to know your experiences in the comment section below.

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