Complete Travel Guide to Dubai from India 2022

The ‘Las Vegas of the Middle East,’ Dubai attracts millions of visitors annually. It is one of the UAE's most beautiful and popular emirates and the second-largest city after Abu Dhabi. Over the years, Dubai has grown into a delightful travel destination for most globetrotters, especially Indians.

If you want to witness some gigantic skyscrapers, clean white beaches, sweeping desert dunes, massive architectural marvels, and rich history, Dubai won’t disappoint you. So if you’re ready to travel to Dubai for the first time from India, follow the tips shared below to create a memorable travel experience.   

Make a Personalized Itinerary

Dubai has a lot to offer, and not everything would align with your interests. So the best way to plan your travel is by creating a personalized itinerary full of activities and places that excite you. The itinerary should be influenced by the number and type of people going along on the trip. For example, if you’re going with your spouse or friends, you should include more adventurous activities like jet skiing, flyboarding, parasailing, diving, etc.

But if you’re traveling with your kids, you can focus on activities like a visit to the amusement park, underwater aquariums, waterpark, etc. You should be picky about the activity and place selection if your travel days are numbered. But if you have more travel days, you can add more places and activities to your itinerary

Apply for the Dubai Tourist Visa on Time

One thing you cannot ignore in the entire travel preparation is the timely application of visas. 

Visa applications aren’t always processed faster. For example, if the UAE embassy has received a significantly high number of Dubai tourist visa from India applications, the visa approval will take days. Indians don’t have the option to obtain a visa on arrival in the UAE, so you cannot risk applying for it at the last moment.

If you don’t want your travel plans to come to a halt due to delayed visa approval, always apply for a tourist visa in advance. Try to apply three months before the scheduled travel date to obtain timely approval.  

Book the Best Accommodation Online

Dubai has some of the world’s best hotels, so finding comfortable, high-end accommodations won’t be challenging. If you have enough funds, you can stay in some of Dubai’s best places like Atlantis the Palm, Burj Al Arab, Four Seasons Resort, JW Mariott Marquis, etc.

These hotels have a reputation for providing a luxury staying experience, so you can never go wrong with picking them over other accommodation options. If you book your Dubai accommodation months in advance, you can also save some money.

Make Advance Flight Ticket Bookings

There are numerous reasons why we suggest travellers always make advance flight bookings for their Dubai trip. If you monitor the ticket prices, they always increase as their date of departure approaches. So booking flight tickets in advance will help you save a lot of money.

If you are planning to travel to Dubai during the festive season, like New Year, the flight ticket prices are slightly higher. Booking tickets at least two months in advance will significantly help save money. It will save you from the hassle of not finding enough tickets for your fellow travellers at the last moment.

Invest in an International Tourist Insurance

International travel insurance is designed for people making international travel trips. 

If you are covered under this insurance, you are covered against financial losses arising from lost baggage, flight delay, changed travel dates, lost passports, a medical emergency in the travel destination, and more. Getting travel insurance is not mandatory to enter Dubai, but having one by your side will only make your travel experience more enjoyable.

Not all travel insurance plans are designed the same, so it is best to check their inclusions and exclusions along with other relevant clauses before making any investment. Travel insurance acts as a safety net, so you don’t have to worry about trivial things during your travel.

Search for Guided Tour Packages Online

People with numbered travel days should always consider booking guided tour packages over solo exploration. Dubai is a big city with plenty of activities and attractions. You cannot explore even half of what the place offers if you are on a short visit and trying to explore everything alone. When you sign-up for guided tours, you automatically give up the hassles of trying to explore everything alone.

Moreover, guided tours are conducted by experienced locals who know the city better than most. So all you have to do is visit the tourist destination on time and enjoy. Tour organisers take most responsibility from arranging transport means to food arrangements. It allows you to only enjoy the place in the best way possible.

Money Saving Tips

If you have decided to visit Dubai in the coming months, you should look for ways to save money to explore more within the same budget. International trips can become really expensive if you don’t control where your money flows. But things can be better if you follow some practical and tried-and-tested money-saving tips. Start by making advance flight and accommodation bookings online.

When you make a booking online and in advance, you can always find ways to save on the actual bill value using available coupons or deals. A quick search for flight coupons or hotel deals will lead you to many money-saving opportunities. And if you’ve already prepared your itinerary, try to book the tickets for the shortlisted activities and sightseeing places online.

These tickets are generally discounted and save you from the hassle of standing in lines at the premises. You can also look for travel passes, eat at small eateries, and book guided group tours to save more without compromising your travel experience.

Make the Most of Your Upcoming Dubai Trip

Every trip is unique, so you should make extra efforts to make it memorable. If you want to make your upcoming Dubai trip the best vacation of your lifetime, ensure you make all the necessary arrangements correctly.

If this is your first trip, you can follow all the tips discussed above to ensure nothing important is left out. This guide has all the essential points covered that any traveller should know, so take it into account while planning your travel and see the results.

Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions related to Travelling to Dubai from India in 2022.

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