5 Tips for Your First Vacation in Nantucket

Are you getting ready for your dream vacation in Nantucket? You are not alone, thousands of
vacationers visit the island every year.

The small island is located 30 miles south of Cape Cod, MA, and can be reached by ferry or
plane. Recently Nantucket has become an even more popular destination than its famous neighbor -
Martha’s Vineyard.

It is known as being the former whaling hub of the world, and the inspiration for the novel Moby-
Dick. Also, Nantucket is the town that has the highest concentration of preserved historic
buildings, lighthouses, and other sites in the US.

Last but not least, this quaint island has over 80 miles of the most beautiful beaches, and more
than half of its land is protected and all-natural.

Five Tips for a Memorable Vacation in Nantucket

Here are five tips to make your stay at this picturesque Nantucket island even more unforgettable.

Stay at a local house in Nantucket

Even though Nantucket has a variety of luxurious hotels, renting a local house is a much more
an authentic and affordable way to spend time on the island.

Buying a house or property in Nantucket is reserved for the billionaires, but luckily, many local
homes are up for short-term rent there. You can choose a quaint cedar shake cottage with a
beautiful garden, a cozy beach house, a loft at the waterfront, or a stately mansion with a pool
for your stay there.

There are some historic and new homes which you can choose from.
The rental residences are available in all neighborhoods and parts of the island so that you can
select the perfect one for your stay in Nantucket.

But please keep in mind that you should book your rental as early as possible if you want a
better choice and a better price for your vacation.

You can invite friends or extended family to share the rental expenses to save money.

Explore the island by bike

Taking your car to Nantucket is complicated, expensive and generally frowned upon.
Getting around this small-sized island is much easier, cheaper, and more fun by bike.
Nantucket is only about 14 miles long and between 3.5 to 5 miles wide, and the entire island is
covered by an extensive network of bike and walking paths.

You can bring your own bicycle via the ferry or rent one as soon as you get to the island.

If you are lucky, a bike will already be included as part of the amenities offered in your rent
If you are worried that you may get tired pedaling around the island, then don’t because all of the
regular shuttle buses there have bike racks for their passengers.

Know where to take the most incredible photos

If you use Instagram or other social media, you have most likely seen the stunning photos
people keep taking and posting from Nantucket.

If you want to join the army of celebrities, influencers, and regular people who love posting their
amazing Nantucket photos, then here are some of the top Insta-worthy places to go to:

Sconset Bluff Walk – a walking path covered with white seashells is only a mile long but is
widely considered to be the most beautiful walking trail in the country. It passes by the famous
rose-covered cottages with gray cedar shakes. And the white picket fences around their
charming blooming gardens. It leads to the Sankaty Head Lighthouse and the Siasconset
Beach, so literally, every single step of this walk is a great photo op.

Another place to go for some stunning vacation photos is on the top of the steps leading to
Steps Beach. The view of the Nantucket sound, the harbor, the Brant Point Lighthouse, and the
waterfront is absolutely phenomenal from there.

Some of the other top Instagrammable spots in Nantucket include the three historic lighthouses,
the cobblestone Main Street, the historic downtown, the Whaling Museum, the sunsets at
Madaket Beach, and the parties at Cisco Brewers.

Try the local seafood

Nantucket is a magnet for fresh seafood lovers and for foodies from around the country.
It is home to some of the best restaurants and eateries where you can taste unique dishes made
with the freshest seafood and finest ingredients.

If you would like to splurge out for an upscale fine dining experience, then you can make
reservations for CRU, Topper’s, Galley Beach, or the Chanticleer.

And if you prefer a more casual-chic seafood eating experience, you can head off to Millie’s, Or,
the Whale, the Charlie Noble, or to Cisco Brewers.

There are also many food trucks, fish markets, beach bars, and grocery stores where you can
enjoy a delicious lobster roll, fresh oysters, clams, scallops, and other local delicacies without
breaking the bank.

Go shopping for unique items

Nantucket is definitely not the place to go on a wild shopping spree. Its exclusive boutiques,
stores, and galleries can be costly.

But if you want to buy some unique souvenirs or other local items as gifts or keepsakes from
your vacation, there are some stores and other places you should visit.

First and foremost, pop into Murray’s Toggery Shop on Main Street for the ultimate Nantucket-
style item. There you can meet the members of the Murray family and buy a pair or two of the
famous Nantucket Reds pants or other clothes.
The Nantucket Reds have become the symbol of the preppy New England coastal attire. Made
of red cotton canvas, which fades into a pink hue, these pants are unique for the island and can
only be bought at this store.

Another unique workshop and store to visit during your stay there is Nantucket Looms.
This is the place where local artisans make some of the most beautiful and luxurious hand-
woven blankets and other items. It is no surprise that the shop has some famous customers
from the present and the past. They include Princess Grace, Jackie O, Channel, Hilary Clinton,
and others.

At The Craftmasters of Nantucket, you can buy some handmade scrimshaw items and
decorations. They are symbolic of Nantucket and its glorious whaling years.
You can buy a nautical-style hand-carved sign, whale, or another locally inspired wooden item to
bring home with you and remind you of the charming island of Nantucket from the Paul McCarty
Wood Carving store.

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