Bonedi Bari Durga Puja in Kolkata - Virtual Reality 360 Images

Durga Puja has begun and Bengalis around the world are celebrating the festival with full pomp and show. The city of Kolkata is all decked up with beautiful artworks, Durga idols and lights. If you are not in Kolkata during this time of Durga Puja you are missing on one of the grandest festivals. Various clubs and societies across Kolkata have planned in advance for this festival, from the design of the Pandals to the idols and to every detail. These days it has become a festival to showcase art and creativity.

However, Durga Puja was not always like this. In early 1800s Durga Puja was celebrated in the houses of the Zamindars ( which are referred to as Bonedi Bari) where the entire locality would go and enjoy and have food. Over the period of years, most of these Durga Pujas have faded and the after the independence and abolishing of the zamindari system, most of these houses have stopped celebrating Durga Puja. 

Still, there are few houses in Kolkata which have carried forward their tradition and still celebrate Durga Puja the way it was celebrated 100s of years ago.

For the people who can't visit Kolkata during Durga Puja or don't have access to these Zamindar houses , Shoestring Travel tries to bring the true essence of these Durga Puja for the First Time in Kolkata through 360-degree Virtual Reality Photographs. All the photographs are clicked with Insta360 Nano S.

How to Enjoy the Photographs

The photographs are best enjoyed when you see through Google Cardboard or any other VR Glasses.
You will feel you are in the place when you turn around to see what is around you and you will feel you are just standing there.

Or else you can move the mouse around the photographs to get a feel of the place. These are 360 degree photographs so feel free to move around the mouse to get a feel of the place.

Since these are heavy images please give some time to load on your device.

If you are facing any trouble kindly ping me on WhatsApp by clicking the WhatsApp icon below.

Since this is first of its kind would love to get your feedback in the comment section below.

Durga Puja at Various Bonedi Bari

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