Thai Smile Airways : Kolkata to Bangkok Flight Review

There are flights and then there are FLIGHTs which make a long-lasting impression. Thai Smile from Kolkata to Bangkok is one among such flights. Recently Thai Smile which is a subsidiary of Thai Airways has launched Kolkata to Bangkok ( CCU-BKK ) flights.

I have traveled six times to Bangkok and every time I used to wonder which flight to take from Kolkata to Bangkok ( CCU-BKK ). While searching online I never found a perfect airline. Sometimes the cost of flight ticket would be low with no onboard meals or luggage allowance or even if I got a flight with onboard meals and luggage allowance either the timing would be absurd or the cost of flight ticket would be extremely costly to travel to Bangkok on a budget.

Kolkata to Bangkok Flight

Thanks to Thai Airways, now since they have launched Thai Smile flights from Kolkata to Bangkok I can not only take a flight within my budget but also get on-board meals and luggage allowance.

Thai Smile Airways: Know Your Airlines

Thai Smile is the subsidiary of Thai Airways hence it shares the same philosophy and excellent class of service that Thai Airways is known for.

Thai Smile Airways operates flights from six destinations in India. Thai Smile targets flyers who want to get full service in the airlines. Thai Smile flights operate new Airbus A320-200 aircraft which is known for comfort and safety.

Airbus A320 Kolkata to Bangkok

Thai Smile flights being a subsidiary of Thai Airways have excellent connectivity to all major cities in Thailand, hence you don't have to go through the hassle of changing airports if you plan to fly to Phuket, Krabi or Chiang Mai from India.

If you plan to fly from cities like Jaipur, Lucknow, Varanasi or Gaya to Bangkok now you don't need to take a domestic flight to one of the major cities & go through the hassle of layover at the airport, you can simply book Thai Smile flight to Bangkok.

If you are wondering whether you will be able to book Thai Smile flights the day you want to travel or if you are wondering about the frequency then worry not. Thai Smile Airways have an ample number of flights, check below :

Kolkata to Bangkok: 5 Flights Per Week
Mumbai to Bangkok: 7 Flights Per Week
Lucknow to Bangkok : 3 Flights Per Week
Jaipur to Bangkok: 4 Flights Per Week
Gaya/Varanasi to Bangkok: Seasonal during Winters

Thai Smile Routes Worldwide

Kolkata to Bangkok Thai Smile Flight: What I Liked

Thai Smile Airhostess

During my recent trip to Bangkok from Kolkata, I boarded the Thai Smile Airways and I must say I absolutely loved it.

As soon as I was welcomed with a wide and warm smile of the Thai Smile employees, my eyes drew towards the bright interiors of the airlines which actually uplifted the mood. I had heard that colors help to set the mood and for the first time, I actually felt it.

Every Thai Smile flight has two types of seating which you can choose from 12 Premium Economy Seats and 150 Economy seats.

Thai Smile Drinks in Flight

So what differentiates Thai Smile Kolkata to Bangkok flights compared to other airlines flying in the same sector :

Leg Room of Thai Smile Airways

I am almost 6 feet tall hence for me Leg room in a flight is extremely important. It gets impossible for me to sit in cramped up flight seats. So whenever I travel leg room of an airline is extremely important for me.

As soon as I boarded the Thai Smile airlines from Kolkata to Bangkok I realized that I made the right choice. Thai Smile flights have ample leg room space in spite of having a 3-3 layout. I have flown to Bangkok in other airlines and have often found myself cramping up in the seat.

The best part you can choose your preferred seats before getting your boarding with any charges whatsoever Most of the airlines charge a premium however you get this complimentary in Thai Smile.

Thai Smile Flight Leg Room

Kolkata to Bangkok Flight Leg Room

Onboard Meals on Thai Smile

Most of the time when I fly from Kolkata to Bangkok I end of landing hungry as the airlines don't serve onboard meals. However, this time while flying on Thai Smile it was different. Thai Smile serves amazing food onboard.

Thai Smile serves a complimentary meal, snacks, and beverages onboard. Not only this they have an amazing selection of meals for special dietary requirements. While booking tickets on Thai Smile you can choose from the following selection of meals to match your special dietary requirements :

a. Vegetarian Hindu or Indian Vegetarian Meal
b. Infant/ Baby Food
c. Child Meal for children aged 2 years or older
d. Diabetic Meal
e. Fruit Platter Meal
f. Gluten Free Meal
g. Hindu Non-vegetarian Meal
h. Low-calorie Meal
i. Muslim Meal with No Pork
j. Seafood Meal

and the list is endless. Check this before booking your ticket to get your choice of meal on board Thai Smile airways.

Also, one amazing thing I found on the Thai Smile Airways flight from Kolkata to Bangkok is the way the packaging of food is done. Most of the airlines serve food in uninteresting packets.

When I was served meals on board of Thai Smile I was quite excited to see the packaging of the food. The Packaging of the food looks extremely premium.

thai Smile onboard meals

Well, as soon as I opened my meal box I was taken by surprise. Inside was a chess board, yes you read it right the meal box was designed like a chess board. In fact, Thai Smile keeps on changing the design of the meal boxes to keep it interesting. I have never ever seen a meal box of an airline with such an interesting design.

Thai Smile Kolkata to Bangkok Onboard Meal

When the meal box is designed so perfectly and looks so premium the expectation of the food increases. I was wondering okay the meal box looks perfect by how will the food taste as airline food tastes mostly bland and simple. With my first bite of the meal on Thai Smile flight, I realized that the employees of Thai Smile take absolute care in not only designing the meal boxes but also ensures that the food tastes really good.

I really loved the laddoo they provided. The taste of the laddoo still lingers.

Baggage Allowance of Thai Smile Flight

Traveling to Bangkok and not shopping is a sin. Before by this trip with Thai Smile every time I traveled to Bangkok I couldn't shop my heart out. I was under constant fear of paying extra for my baggage.

This time while staying in Bangkok I shopped whatever I felt like and not for a second I thought of exceeding by baggage limit. You know why?

Thai Smile Luggage Allowance

Thai Smile has a whopping 30 Kgs baggage allowance. Not many airlines give a baggage allowance of 30 kgs, however, Thai Smile gives 30 kgs of baggage allowance.

So if you plan to shop a lot in Bangkok book your flight with Thai Smile.

The following is the checked baggage policy :

Thai Smile Flight Timings

Flight timings are an extremely important factor for me when I choose an airline.Sometimes a ticket might be cheap however the flight timings might be extremely odd.

Thai smile while introducing the flight from Kolkata to Bangkok has kept the timings in mind. They have introduced flight from Kolkata at 16:30 Hrs which reaches Bangkok at 21:00 Hrs. So if you have done the Thailand Visa in advance then by 23:00Hrs you can reach your hotel and have a great sleep. The next day you will not feel tired or sleepy and can enjoy a complete day.

We mostly return back to India from a foreign destination on Sunday and join our office on Monday. Now while flying Thai Smile from Bangkok to Kolkata you will land in Kolkata at 15:30 Hrs on a Sunday. You will basically get a half day to relax and take rest before joining your office on Monday.

I absolutely loved the flight timings of Thai Smile.

Well, hold on, the best part while flying Thai Smile from Kolkata to Bangkok is the sunset. You will be treated with amazing sunset during your flight. Keep your camera handy to capture the amazing sunsets.

Thai Smile Sunset Pictures

Thai Smile Kolkata to Bangkok Flight

So next time you plan to travel from Kolkata to Bangkok or for that matter from any major city, book your tickets in Thai Smile and I can assure, you won't regret.

Don't forget to share tour experiences with Shoestring Travel after you fly Thai Smile. In case you have any queries feel free to mail me or write in the comment section below.

Disclaimer : I was invited to be part of joint familiarization trip by Tourism Authority of Thailand and as well as Thai Smile Airways to witness the New Shade of Bangkok. My recommendations and views are no way controlled or influenced by the authorities or FAM Trip. My recommendations are purely based on my liking and my experiences.

I would personally like to Thank Thailand Authority of Tourism & Thai Smile team for their amazing hospitality and for taking care of us. I truly enjoyed it.

Thailand FAM Trip

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