10 Hidden Beaches in Goa

Goa the beach paradise in India is known for many beaches which are frequented by tourists, however, there are many Secret or Hidden Beaches in Goa which are not frequented by tourists. These hidden beaches in goa are almost empty and you will get a feel of a private beach in Goa. When visiting Goa forget the normal beaches like Baga, Anjuna, Calangute instead head to these hidden beaches in Goa.

These beaches are not in touristy areas hence don't expect to get shacks and food at these places. Carry your own lunchbox or packed food here. You and your friends or partner can have a perfect day at these hidden beaches in Goa.

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Where to Stay in Goa

When you are planning to visit the Hidden Beaches of Goa then why stay at a touristy place. Hidden beaches in Goa can be really enjoyed when you stay at a place near a hidden beach. Isn't it. Shoestring Travel suggests you stay in Agonda. If you stay in Agonda then a few hidden beaches like Agonda beach, Cola Beach and Kakolem Beach will be just a few kilometres away and you can spend the whole day at these hidden beaches without thinking to return back to the hotel early.

If you want to relax during your holiday in Goa then Agonda is the right place as there are no nightclubs which play blaring music, however, you can enjoy the real authentic life of a Goan at one of the shacks. Still, if you want to enjoy the nightlife at a discotheque then Palolem known as the party capital of South Goa is just around the corner from Agonda.

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Hidden Beaches in Goa: How to Reach

Don't expect public transport to take you to these beaches. The best way to visit these beaches is to hire a bike and ride on your own. You can hire a bike easily in Goa and it's available in most of the places in Goa. Suggest plan your route in advance before heading to these Hidden beaches in Goa and ask the locals. For most of the places, Google maps might not show you the correct destination to the beach.

Also, these beaches should be done as a day trip and ensure you leave the beach well before sunset as after sunset most of the beaches become secluded.

10 Hidden Beaches in Goa

The following are the list of 10 hidden beaches in Goa and what you can expect in these beaches.

Cola Beach

It is one of the remotest beaches of South Goa and one of the most beautiful hidden beaches in goa. Cola beach in Goa is almost flawless and you will get an amazing view of the coconut palm grooves as a backdrop adding to the beauty of the hidden beach and also you can enjoy a blue water lagoon here.

You will get the feel of almost a private beach once you go to Cola Beach.

Distance from Panjim: 70 Kms
Approximate Time to Travel: 1hr 50 Mins

What to expect in Cola Beach: A Beautiful secluded beach



Kakolem Beach

Kakolem beach is just 3 km from Cola Beach in Goa and suggest you go to Kakolem beach and Cola beach together. The hidden beach in Goa, Kakolem beach is also known as the Tiger beach which is a small beach cove located in a bay. Kakolem beach in goa has abundant scenic beauty which will enthrall you. The beach is extremely clean, so when you visit don't litter to maintain the pristine beauty of the beach.

You need to search for a secret spring here which comes down from a hillside and merges with the flow of the seawater.

Distance from Panjim: 67 Kms
Approximate Time to Travel: 1hr 35 Mins

What to expect in Kakolem Beach: Complete serenity and breathtaking views. There is a small shack which serves food and drinks. Before you head swimming ask the locals as the beach is a bit rocky


Agonda Beach

Agonda beach another hidden beach of goa is an interesting place. Apart from the serene beauty of this place you can find a Turtle center which protects the eggs of the endangered Olive Ridley turtles. At the southern end of the beach, you can find a cliff which adds to the beauty of the beach.  

Distance from Panjim: 75 Kms
Approximate Time to Travel: 1hr 50 Mins

What to expect in Agonda Beach: There are few water sports which are offered here. If you are not interested in watersports then just chill.


Velsao Beach

This hidden beach in Goa is perfect for honeymooners who are looking for a perfect getaway with the right mix of beauty and nightlife. The drive from Panjim to Velsao beach is amazing and you will love it. You can find lots of birds on this beach, and the sounds of the birds here make it extremely interesting

Distance from Panjim: 25 Kms
Approximate Time to Travel: 40 Mins

What to expect in Velsao Beach: Seclusion and a great place o snorkel or swim. There are few bars at Velsao beach and after sunset, you can enjoy a drink here.


Betalbatim Beach

If you love sunset then head to this hidden beach of Goa, Betalbatim beach also known as the sunset beach in Goa. The sunset from here is breathtaking and is one of the most beautiful sunsets in Goa. The sand is extremely clean. The uniqueness of this hidden beach in goa is, it is surrounded by palm trees unlike coconut palm trees in other beaches. 
You can expect to see lots of couples here and locals doing picnic during the weekends. However, this beach is devoid of any touristy commercial activities.

Once you are here take a boat ride to see the Dolphins. Dolphin sighting is extremely common here and many boats will offer you rides to take you to see the dolphins.

Distance from Panjim: 35 Kms
Approximate Time to Travel:  1Hr

What to expect in Betalbatim Beach: Waterskiing & Dolphin sighting


Kalacha Beach

In North Goa, the Kalacha beach is not only a hidden beach but also one of the most picturesque beach. The Kalacha beach has a sweet water lagoon There is a bohemian vibe in Kalacha beach and you could often find open-air music sessions done by the travelers. Kalacha beach in Goa is a backpackers paradise. Kalacha beach is extremely beautiful and the slopes with green foliage add to the beauty.

If you are adventurous and tired of water sports then try hand-gliding or paragliding here.

Distance from Panjim: 35 Kms towards North Goa
Approximate Time to Travel:  1Hr

What to expect in Kalacha Beach: Paragliding & Hang Gliding

Sinquerim beach

Sinquerim beach is known for the shoreline which is close to Fort Aguada and luxury resorts at the background. It is an extremely serene beach in spite of being near the tourist hub. Lots of movies have been shot here which is give you an idea of the beauty of the beach.

The sand is white in color and the blue water makes its a perfect hidden beach in goa where you can swim and laze around. There are lots of shacks nearby which serve amazing seafood.

Distance from Panjim: 14 Kms
Approximate Time to Travel:  30 Mins

What to expect in Sinquerim Beach:  Seafood and pristine blue water to swim


Vainguinim Beach

Vainguinim beach is known for its silver sand seashore. Vainguinim is a quiet, clean stretch hidden beach of Goa. You can find beach umbrellas and recliners lined on the white sand stretch, maintained by the Vainguinim Valley Resort. Most people think; it’s a private beach, but it’s not. 
The beach has remained clean and secluded because there aren’t many tourists over here. A perfect beach for kayaking.

Distance from Panjim: 7 Kms
Approximate Time to Travel:  15 Mins

What to expect in Sinquerim Beach:  Kayaking


Butterfly Beach

One hidden beach in Goa is the Butterfly beach in Goa. Don't mistake butterfly beach to be an island from the photographs however it is a beach which is situated north of Palolem beach. This beach will not find a mention in places to visit in India as its relatively new and secret.

The butterfly beach is a semi-circular beach which is filled with butterflies and if you are lucky you can see Dolphins too on your way to Butterfly beach.

Head to this beach as soon as you go to Goa and thank this list of unique places to visit in India later.

Tip: Stay back till sunset and watch some breathtaking sunsets in Goa.

Distance from Panjim: 73 Kms
Approximate Time to Travel:  You have to go to Palolem first and then take a Boat ride from Palolem Beach

What to expect in Butterfly Beach:  Just relax and enjoy the view

Cabo de Rama Beach

Cabo de Rama Beach is a beautiful hidden beach in Goa situated in the South Goa. The beach is secluded due to its distance from major towns.
You can see the Portuguese Fort called Cabo de Rama from the beach, which is one of the popular places to visit in Goa. Climb up to the fort, for a beautiful view of the beach. 

Behind the beach is a steep cliff having a rocky flat top. Palm trees line up the shoreline making it an ideal spot for couples with picnic baskets. There are no shacks near the beach but it has one small restaurant that offers basic eateries & drinks.

Distance from Panjim: 64 Kms
Approximate Time to Travel:  1Hr 45 Mins

What to expect in Cabo de Rama Beach:  Just relax and enjoy the view


Next time you visit Goa don't forget to visit these Hidden beaches of Goa for a memorable holiday and to get mesmerized by the beauty of Goa.

Let me know if you have been to any of the above-Hidden beaches in Goa.

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Top 10 Hidden Beaches in Goa #Goa #HiddenBeaches #Beaches #India

Ultimate Guide to Hidden Beaches in Goa #Goa #HiddenBeaches #Beaches #India

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