Easy Indian Recipes -77 Recipes from 28 States

Easy Indian Food Recipes from 28 States which You can Make at Home - Let's Travel across India through Indian Food recipes which you can easily make at home. When we can't travel in India the best way to travel across India is through culinary experiences from the Indian states.

With these 77 recipes for Indian food you are found to become a master chef at home, you will become the star of your home. This blogpost also consists of Traditional Indian food recipes. These Indian recipes don't take much time to prepare and you can prepare new Easy Indian Food every day for the next 2.5 months and will not get bored eating the same thing every day.

Easy Indian Food Recipes from 28 States which can be made at Home

The lists of Easy Indian Food recipes are handpicked so that the ingredients are easily available to cook most of the Indian dishes and it doesn't take a long time to prepare this Indian food at home. The list Indian Food Recipes are listed statewise and are in chronological order. These easy Indian food recipe might not have originated from the state but is easily available food and one of the most popular Indian food in that state.

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    Easy Indian Food Recipes from Andhra Pradesh


    Punugulu is common Indian street food from Andhra Pradesh and is eaten as a snack. Punugulu is made using rice, urad dal, and some other spices and is deep-fried. This easy Indian food recipe that can be made at home is usually eaten with coconut chutney. The best part you can make this traditional Indian food recipe at home and savor the taste during the upcoming rainy season.

    The detailed recipe is given below in YouTube Video.


    In Vijayawada the tamarind rice is fondly called as Pulihora. This traditional Indian food recipe of tamarind rice is a little different from other states.
    Pulihora easy Indian food recipe of tamarind rice is extremely common that you can find Pulihora in almost all Andhra Pradesh restaurants. It is a tangy treat that is garnished with dried onions and flavored with tamarind.

    Making this Indian food at Home will not take much time. Check the Pulihora recipe on how to cook at home below.

    Tomato Bajji (deep-fried tomato snack) 

    Tomato Bajji of Andhra Pradesh is a superstar street food. This is sold by many vendors across Andhra Pradesh. The tomatoes are coated with gram flour (besan) and then deep-fried. Once it is ready the tomato bajji is cut into halves and the seeds and inner flesh are scooped out.The tomato cups formed are then filled with a mixture of peanuts and puffed rice.

    The cooking of this easy Indian food recipe at home will not take you more than 15 mins. Check the Youtube video below to make this Indian food at home.

    Indian Food Recipes from Arunachal Pradesh at Home

    Amin Dish of Galo Tribe

    Amin is a traditional Galo dish of the Galo tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. It is like a Khichdi however the taste is completely different. Making this traditional Indian Food recipe at Home will take a maximum of 30 minutes.
    The Amin Dish of Galo tribe is served as a starter of any auspicious occasion. No occasion is complete without Amin.

    Below is the video of How to Make this Indian food from Arunachal Pradesh at Home.

    Oying from Arunachal Pradesh

    If you are vegetarian and want to try something new and easy to cook Indian food at home then you will love Oying. This is an easy indian food recipe from the hills of India.

    Oying is a vegetable stew from Arunachal Pradesh which is a traditional dish of the Adi tribe.Oying is extremely delicious and it is very easy to make Indian food at home. If you are on a diet you will be happy to know it doesn't use any oil. The great taste of Oying is imparted by the flavor of the ginger, chili, and the natural flavors of the boiled vegetables.

    Try this easy to make Indian food at home.

    Easy to Make Indian Food at Home from Assam

    Khar Dish from Assam

    Khar is a unique dish from Assam.Khaar is made with vegetables and pulses.The main ingredient of this Indian Food is meat, fish, or sometimes even duck.

    This recipe has a rather unheard of a step where water used for the preparation is strained through dried banana plant leaves which imparts an unexpected burst of unusual yet refreshing flavor. At home, you can ignore the Banana leaf or else if you belong from eastern part of India you can buy the Banana leaf from the market.

    During lunchtime in Assam you can see the sellers selling this Indian food in large pots. Khar needs to have with a bowl full rice or as is. Khar can be prepared with various vegetables. Below is an example of the preparation of Khar from Raw Papaya

    Laksa Indian Recipe from Assam for Home

    Laksa is a Malaysian Origin from Penang which is also a  street food which is found in Assam.  This easy Indian food recipe will not only take you to the hills of India but also take you to a foreign land.

    The unique taste of Laksa comes from the blend of coconut milk, tamarind, fish paste, and spices that are added to it. This dish can be found in abundance in Assam and extremely easy and fast to prepare this.

    Make Easy Indian Food from Bihar & Jharkhand at Home

    Make Litti Chokha at Home

    Litti chokha is a staple food of Bihar & Jharkhand and it is available at street food stalls easily. Now Litti chokha has moved from being a street food to a food which is served in various restaurants.Litti Chokha is a made of dough that is made from wheat flour and stuffed with roasted chickpea along with various herbs and spices.

    Now make this Traditional Indian Food recipe at Home easily. See the below video to find out how this Indian food can be prepared at home easily.

    Chana Ghughni

    When looking for street food in Bihar which is both tasty and filling, chana ghugni is one that comes to mind.
    The vegetarian Indian recipe is well-known for being a spicy and tangy snack which is commonly eaten during the evening.One thing it is renowned for is the fact that it can be served with almost anything.
    Chana ghugni  is made up of boiled chickpeas which are then fried with onions and various spices to give it an intense flavor. The dish is typically fried along with flattened rice (chuda ka bhuja).Together they are the perfect answer to satisfy your hunger and it is no wonder why the dish is extremely popular in Bihar.

    Check how to make this Unique recipe of Indian food in the Youtube link below.

    Laung Latika at Home

    If you want to prepare a sweet Indian recipe at Home then Laung - Latika then this recipe for Indian food is the best one.

    Laung Latika looks similar to other stuffed street foods, however, the smell & the aroma of the clove in the middle of this Indian sweet dish makes it unique.
    The light sweet snack is dipped in sugar syrup. The sugar syrup creates a texture so soft that it almost melts in your mouth. Laung-Latika is one of many dishes that Bihar is known for.

    Make this Easy Indian Food recipe at home easily now. Check the Youtube link below.

    Daal Peetha Indian Recipe from Bihar

    Dal Peetha is dumplings or momos from Bihar. The difference of this recipe of Indian food from momo or dumpling is that instead of chicken or pork, lentils are used.

    This traditional Indian food of Bihar is topped with rice flour and stuffed with lentil paste and is served along with spices and pickles. This Daal peetha you can get it steamed or fried just like momos. This easy Indian food recipe is extremely healthy for breakfast.

    Make this Indian food at home and travel to Bihar & Jharkhand.

    Easy Indian Food Recipes from Chattisgarh

    Boree Bassi 

    Boree Bassi is one of the most popular and easy to make traditional Indian food recipes from Chattisgarh. This Indian recipe of Boree Bassi doesn't take more than 10-15 minutes to prepare.
    Just add some drinking water in a big bowl or any utensils as per your convenience and put some cooked rice into it. Add salt as per taste and add at least 4-6 pieces of Onion & Pickel. Trust me guys it might not sound tasty but this Indian recipe tastes awesome.


    Chattisgarh has some interesting Traditional Indian food recipes up its sleeves. Next is Farra which is a  dish that is made up of rice flour. Farra from Chattisgarh is first cooked in steam and then shallow fried. You can serve this with Chutney or Ketchup.

    Make this easy Indian food recipe at home and enjoy the taste of Chattisgarh.


    In Chattisgarh evening tea and snacks are mostly served with Bafauri. This might be a fried dish however the oil is extremely less. This is an extremely healthy snack.
    Bafauri is a combination of vegetables & spices which are blended well with Bengal Gram.
    The dough is then made into balls and steamed and fried sometimes. Serve Bafauri with coriander and pudina chutney and the taste will linger in your mouth for long.

    Make Indian Food at Home from Goa

    Ros Omelet 

    One of the unique and delicious foods you can relish in Goa is the Ros Omelet. It doesn't have any resemblance with the Ros Island. This is a unique take towards the normal Omelet. Every Omelet is served with Spicey Chicken Xacuti Gravy along with a freshly baked Goan bread.

    Just take inspiration from Ros Omelet and serve an Omelet next time with Spicey Chicken Gravy and you will love this Unique Indian recipe from Goa.

    Goan mince potato chops 

    Goan minces potato chops are usually found during Christmas. However, now you can make this Indian Recipe at home easily. So No need to wait for Christmas or wait to go to Goa. This recipe from goa is eaten with tea or coffee.

    Prepare this easy Indian food recipe at home and travel to Goa. Check the below YouTube video on how to prepare this recipe for Indian food.


    This is one of the best easy Indian recipes from Goa. Serradura is the Indian Tiramisu. It is made with whipped cream, Marie Gold Biscuit & yes lots of love to be poured in. This is the perfect ending to any Goan menu. Make this Indian recipe at home in few minutes and savor the amazing taste of Serradura.

    How to make Indian Food from Gujarat

    Khandvi from Gujarat

    One of the most loved Indian food in Gujarat is khandvi. Khandvi is also called as Patui. This Indian recipe is made with gram flour. It is also a popular snack in Maharashtrian cuisine. This amazing Indian food is served with coconut, mustard seeds and curry patta leaves. Khandvi mostly consumed as an evening snack with Tea.

    Dhokla the favorite cuisine of Gujarat

    This is the ultimate Gujarati food, and Dhoklas can't be missed at all. Dhokla is one Indian Recipe that is loved by every Indian across the nation.
    Dhoklas is one of the easiest recipes for Indian food and it doesn't take more than 30-40 mins to prepare. Dhoklas are extremely spongy and the taste will linger for long.

    Learn the art of making this easy Indian recipe and serve the guests whenever they come home.


    Don't go by the name, it is not a complicated Indian recipe to make at home. This is a cake that is extremely crisp on the outside and soft inside. This is a mix of bottle gourd, buttermilk, flour, coriander, chilies, lentils and rice
    Making this easy Indian food recipe takes approximately 30 minutes. You can serve this along with a chutney of your choice, to unexpected guests or even at dinner parties at home.

    Easy Indian Food Recipes from Haryana 

    Besan Masala Roti

    One of the interesting bread from India is Besan ki Masala Roti . It is made with a dough of besan (gram flour), atta (wheat flour), and ghee along with Green chili powder, red chili powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, and amchur. This is made like a normal roti ( Indian bread) and is consumed with Raita.

    Check the below YouTube video to find out the easy recipe of this Indian food.

    Mithe Chawal

    This is another sweet dish and is called the Mithe Chawal (sweet rice). This Mithe Chawal is prepared using basmati rice, ghee, and sugar along with some cardamom and saffron.

    You will love this dish as the taste is amazing. Make this at home and try this amazing sweet dish. You will love this and this recipe of Indian food is extremely easy to make.

    How to Make Indian food at Home from Himachal Pradesh

    Dham Easy Indian Food Recipe

    Dham is an amazing dish of Himachal Pradesh and is also an important cuisine of Himachal. All the festivals of Himachal Pradesh need to have this dish. It is one of the main dish of Chamba and mainly prepared for the Brahmins.
    Dham from Himachal Pradesh is prepared with kidney beans also called Rajma along with rice, yogurt, and moong dal. Dham is served along with Tamarind Chutney. Traditionally Dham is served on leaves which are used as plates.


    Mittha from Himachal Pradesh is is another sweet dish and is sweetened rice. This rice is extremely simple and is mixed with fruits & raisins.
    This rice you can have standalone or with any spicy dish. Check the below youtube video to know how to cook this Traditional Indian food recipe.

    Alu Palda

    Potatoes were introduced by Portuguese in India and since then Potatoes play an important role in the Indian recipes. This Alu Palda is a portato grave dish. The Potatoes are cooked in curd based gravy.

    Cook Indian Recipes at Home from Karnataka

    Mangalore Buns

    Mangalore buns were originated in Mangalore. It is one of the easy Indian food recipes and tastiest food you can find in Karnataka. The Mangalore buns are made with wheat flour and maida. If you have coconut oil fry it in it to get a unique flavor. It is sweet, soft, and very delicious. Stuff the Mangalore buns with banana which will add further to the taste. Serve this traditional Indian food recipe with sambhar and chutney.

    Neer Dosa

    The name is derived from Neer which is the other name of water. This is made in water and hence the name. It is served with potato kurma. The Neer Dosa can also be stuffed with vegetables just like Masala Dosa. Neer dosa is made of rice. Check the below Indian recipe and quickly prepare this amazing easy Indian food recipe.

    Interesting Easy Indian Food Recipes from Kerala

    Fish Moilee

    Fish moilee is a type of fish stew made with coconut milk.It includes fried fish dipped in spices, coconut milk, turmeric, pepper and to get a tangy taste fresh green chillis are added to it. This Indian dish can be cooked with any fish. However, if you want to get the perfect taste, sea fish is the best. This easy Indian recipe doesn't take more than 30 minutes to cook at home.

    Banana Fritters

    Banana Fritters are my favorite and it doesn't take much time to prepare it. It is supposed to have with tea or coffee as a snack. This dish is riped banana deep fried and is coated with plain flour. It doesn't take a lot of ingredients to make.

    If you have vanilla ice cream at home add few scoops of the ice cream with this and it will taste simply amazing.


    This is a rice pancake which is extremely thin and very crispy. Appam is one of the most common foods which is not only easy to make but very tasty too. You can have appam with sambhar, chutney, or any kind of curry.

    Recipes for Indian Food from Madhya Pradesh

    Daal Bafla from Madhya Pradesh

    Daal Bafla which is commonly found in Madhya Pradesh is inspired by Rajasthan. Daal Bafla is quite similar to Daal Bati churma but has an unique and distinct state. Daal Bafla is cooked in Ghee which makes it extremely delicious among easy Indian food recipes. Dall Bafla tastes good with a bowl of Daal and corriander chutney. You can find the best Daal Baafla in Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh.

    Below is an easy Indian food recipe for daal baafla which you can cook at home.


    It's a mouth-watering sweet dish that you can find across India . The dish is prepared with wheat flour, fried and then soaked in sugar syrup.  Jalebis doesn't need much description.

    You don't have to go out to eat the perfect Jalebis. Now you can make this Indian recipe at home and have amazing Jalebis.

    Sabudana Khichdi

    This is another dish which I really like. Its called Sabudana Khichdi. Sabudana Khichdi is mostly eaten during fast however you can make it anytime and consume it. It doesn't take much time to prepare this easy Indian food recipes and its filling and nutritious too.

    Indian Street Food Recipe from Maharastra

    Paav Bhaji

    Paav bhaji is one of the tastiest street food you will find in India. It is also extremely spicy. The Paav bhaji is a mashed mix of vegetables with chilly paste to give the red color and is served with bread. You can make paav bhaji easily at home. Probably you will not be able to make it in 15 minutes however within an hour your favorite and tasty Paav Bhaaji will be ready.

    Misal Paav

    Another favourite street food of mine from Maharastra. It has an extremely tempting taste. This dish is believed to have originated from Kolhapur and now it is found in almost all of India. It is an extremely easy Indian food recipe which is Served with Farsaan and spicy gravy put all around.


    Dabeli is another interesting street food in Maharastra which is among easy Indian food recipes . This is one more street snack which is people’s favorite. It is very tasty and a surprising ingredient of it is pomegranate beans, when the beans come under your teeth, it tastes awesome.

    Saabudana Vada

    I remember when I used to stay in Pune, I used to have Saabudana Vada almost daily. In Maharashtra, Saabudana vada is the most traditional fasting food and is very hot and crispy.People prefer to eat it always and not only on fasting, as it is so tasty.
    This Easy Indian Food recipe is extremely easy and fast to prepare.

    Make Indian Food at Home from Manipur

    Chamthong or Kangshoi

    Chamthong is a vegetable stew that is extremely popular in Manipur. This consists of seasonal vegetables which are boiled and sliced onions, cloves salts, garlic, ginger are added to flavor it.This stew is served with rice or fish or pork and is supposed to have it hot. This traditional Indian recipe doesn't take much time for preparation and is very healthy too.


    If you love salad then you will love Singju which is a famous Manipuri salad.
    It does not contain only a few standard vegetables like tomatoes or onions but also is filled with cabbage, coriander leaves, onions, ginger, lotus stems, the singju leaf, and other similar vegetables.

    Sometimes raw papaya, cabbage, banana flower, lotus root are also added to Singju.

    Alu Kangmet

    Alu kangmet is a simple dish that is consumed as a side dish along with the main dishes. Boiled potatoes are mashed and are mixed with fried red chili, salt, and mustard oil.
    This is surely a simple but wholesome dish.

    Easy Indian Food Recipes from Meghalaya


    Jadoh is a specialty of Shillong which can be easily prepared at home.
    Rice is drenched in a flavourful mix of sour and spicy, topped with an assortment of herbs like mint leaves and ginger flower, along with pork meat that packs a real punch.

    Recipes of Indian Food from Mizoram


    If you are a street food fan, then you cannot miss out on this Mizo snack.
    It’s cooked with rice porridge and is plated up with fresh coriander paste, spring onions, crushed black pepper, fish sauce, and finely powdered rice. Below is the recipe of Sanpiau which you can prepare at home.

    Chhum Han 

    This is a vegetarian dish where broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and simply steamed and cooked together with a bit of ginger and tomatoes. It is ensured that the vegetables are not overcooked.
    This is an easy Indian food recipe that can be cooked at home in a short duration of time.

    Indian Recipes from Nagaland

    Beans Mix

    Beans Mix Indian food from Nagaland is a mixture of beans, tomatoes, peas, cabbage, and other natural ingredients. However, when you are making this easy Indian food recipe at home you can choose not to add the ingredients which are only found in Nagaland. This is garnished with rice and is meant to be eaten with chili sauces.

    Traditional Indian Recipes to cook at Home from Odhisha


    Rasabali is a sweet dish that is flavored with cardamoms and is soaked in thick flavored milk. This sweet dish is served to Lord Jagannath as a part of chappan bhoga.


    This classic Oriya dish may be a fried or boiled vegetable curry that slurps down your tongue with every spoon. With a mix of raw papaya, potato, tomato, and brinjal, the dish is nothing less compared to the other healthy food. As the recipe is low on spices and high on greens, it is most commonly eaten for a healthy diet. You may want the dish to be mildly sauteed with milk and spices for an additional taste.

    Chakuli Pitha

    Chakuli Pitha is a famous Indian recipe from Odhisha which is similar to dosa or neer dosa, yet different. It is prepared using a batter made with equal portions of lentils (Urad Dal) and rice (soaked, ground and fermented for at least 5 hours). Even black lentils (skinless) are used instead of the Urad Dal at times. The batter is spread on a griddle or pan in a circular shape and cooked on both sides using some mustard oil. Chakuli Pitha is softer than that of a Dosa and is comparatively thicker as well. This gluten-free delicacy tastes really well with Aloo Bhuja, Ghugni, or jaggery. Try this easy Indian food recipe to make at home.

    Interesting Indian Recipes from Punjab

    Dahi Bhalla 

    This easy Indian food recipes among all the above Indian recipes is light on the stomach,. The Dahi Bhalla oozes with tangy and sweet flavor to tantalize your taste buds. Dahi Bhalla is also one of the favourite street food of Chandigarh.
    The crispy hollow puris which are deep fired are filled with sweet and tangy tamarind sauce, spicy chutneys, and topped with creamy sweet dahi, to make them juicy and mouth-watering.

    You can make this at home, the only thing you will require lots of curds.

    Paneer Tikka

    Paneer Tikka is one of the most common street and restaurant food of India which has its origins in Punjab.
    Cubes of Paneer are charcoal grilled on skewers and is served with mint chutneys and other sauces. Other vegetables like capsicum, tomatoes, are also added to the paneer. Making this recipe of Indian food is extremely easy and it will not take much time to prepare.

    Amritsari Kulcha

    This is an interesting twist to the normal Indian bread. Amritsari Kulcha is prepared with flour and is stuffed with a range of stuffing like paneer, cheese, potatoes. It is prepared on a tandoor and served with chole, chutneys, pickles and curries. If you can't find a tandoor you can fry with a little bit of oil. Don't forget to add butter at the end.

    Indian Recipes from Rajasthan

    Pyaaz Kachori of Rajasthan

    This easy Indian recipe is one of the specialties of Jaipur and it should not be missed under any condition. If you are calorie conscious then you should think twice as these are high in calorie however the taste will make you forget the calories which you have taken.

    Once you have tasted this delicious dish, you would always be tempting for more.There are over 50 varieties of this dish which you can taste from. Now you can travel to Jaipur through this interesting Indian food recipe which you can make at home.

    Daal Baati Choorma

    One of the most famous food from Rajasthan can now be easily made at home. Dal bati churma is one of the most tastiest and a widely recognized dish of Rajasthan. The daal which is served along adds a beautiful taste to the Indian Recipe

    Papad Ki Sabzi

    Papad  ki sabzi is an interesting and extremely easy indian food recipe to make. Papad is  eaten across India and this is found in everybody's home.

    Papad ki sabzi is made up of the roasted or fried papad. It contains ingredients like tomato, onion and Indian spices. The papad ki sabzi can get ready in 10 minutes. It is the dish served hot any time in few minutes. It is low celestrol sabzi because the roasted papad get mixed with the healthy tomato and the combo becomes great. The texture of the sabzi is very thin can be served with rice and roti both

    Indian Recipes from the Hills of Sikkim

    Momo from Sikkim

    If we talk about Sikkim then we have to talk about Momos. They are complementary to one another. Sikkim is the place where you will find the best momos you'll ever taste in your life.
    Momo is a small steamed bun with some chicken or pork fillings The cover is made of dough made of white flour and water. Sometimes yeast or baking soda is also added to the dough to enhance the texture of the momos. If you are planning to go to Sikkim then you shouldn't miss the cheese-filled momos.

    Momos can be easily made at home and its the perfect Indian food recipe for evening or for dinner.

    Thukpa or Gya Thuk

    Thukpa is of Tibetian origin and is a kind of noodle soup. Thukpa is an Easy Indian Food recipe that is extremely healthy and tasty at the same time.You can make vegetable or chicken Thukpa at home. You can find carrots, bell peppers, spinach, cauliflower and celery in Thukpa. Thukpa has enriching taste due to the spicey.

    Travel to Sikkim through this dish of Thukpa.

    Sael Roti

    Sael Roti is a fried bread that is usually served along with Potato Curry. Water and rice are mixed together to form a paste to prepare the Sael Roti.

    Sael Roti is then deep-fried to perfection in boiling hot oil. Even though the dish has its origins in Nepal and Tibet, it is quite popular in Sikkim as well due to the Nepalese and Tibetan influences in this Indian state. Satiate your taste palettes with this flavorful and amazing dish while you are holidaying in Sikkim.


    Thenthuk is yet another yummy soup. Prepared in the form of noodle soup made of vegetables, wheat flour and meat or mutton, it is one of the best Tibetan food in Sikkim. Thenthuk is consumed in dinner in Sikkim. Thentuk has originated from Tibet. Thentuk is an extremely traditional food recipe from India to prepare.

    Indian Food Recipes from Tamil Nadu

    Chana Sundal

    Chana Sundal, a South Indian fry dish made with white chickpeas. Sundal is habitually had by people on the beach and that they are often seen with newspaper cones crammed with Sundal in them. Sundal is formed by boiling these Chickpeas and later giving it a tadka and eventually garnishing it with coconut. There are some spicy sorts of the dish also but the normal way is usually better. The smell of Sundal is evidently the best.


    Murukku is a crunchy south Indian snack that one can have with tea or coffee. It is little complicated to make at home as you need to have a die.

    Murukku is made from Urad Dal powder and rice flour. Both of these are kneaded into a dough and then it is twisted and fried.


    Kuzhi Paniyaram or Paniyaram is a dish which is made by pouring batter into moulds. It can be either sweet or savory depending upon the ingredient used. If jaggery is used then it is saccharine and if spices are used it is savory. Paniyaram is an old recipe of southern India. It is a common sight in Tamil Nadu to see a Grandmother sitting on the roadside making this. And they sell them real cheap.


    Uthappam is another popular easy Indian food recipe to make at home.
    Uttappam is thick and filled with vegetables and is usually served with sambar or chutney.

    Recipes of Indian Food from Telengana


    Lukhmi is a non-vegetarian variant of the age-old snack item in India, samosa. Being a unique Hyderabad street food that boasts of spices infused lamb meat minces which is quite tangy to eat.

    The outer layer is crispy and fluffy while the inner layers contain the meat mix which is soft and delectable. Popularly served at all Hyderabadi weddings, it is a must-try when in the city.

    Keema Samosa

    This is the Hyderabadi version of the famous Indian snack which has a filling of mutton keema in it. Available at the best street food places in Hyderabad, Keema Samosa can be ordered just about anywhere in the city and is sure to be as tasty as ever.

    Double ka Meetha

    Double ka Meetha is a dessert that speaks of flavors and spices which make you wanting for more. Bread slices are first soaked in milk after which they are infused with cardamom and saffron.

    The name ‘Double Roti’ has been given to it because the bread pieces swell up to double its actual size after being baked. You are sure to find this dessert almost anywhere and everywhere in Hyderabad.

    Make Unique Indian Recipes at Home from Tripura


    Rice is an essential part of the people of Tripura. They take huge pains to bring about the perfect aroma of rice to their plates. Bangwi is an easy Indian food recipes rice dish which is prepared with the sun-dried rice boiled with ghee, ginger, and onion.
    This dish is boiled in banana leaf to keep the nutrients of rice intact and also to bring about the unique aroma to their dish. Have Bangwi with meat or fish.

    Indian Recipes from Uttar Pradesh

    Chole Bhature

    Chole Bhature is found across India but the taste you get in Lucknow is completely different. Being one of the popular and the most loved dishes in Lucknow, you can find Chole Bhature everywhere in Lucknow. The combination of Chole Bhature with the famous Lassi makes the delicious combination that you must not miss in this nawabi atmosphere.

    Shahi Tukda

    As the name suggests, this dish is one of the specialties of the land of nawabs. This is a sweet dish which needs to be have after the meal. Shahi Tukda is extremely heavy and rich.

    You can easily make this Indian recipe at home.


    Sheermal is mainly made during the Eid and its a sweet naan. The dish which is famous with the name of Sheermal is a sweet naan which is baked in Tandoor and is served with spicy dishes to balance the level of tastes. The flavors of saffron, milk, sweetener, and nuts will dissolve in your mouth, giving you an unforgettable taste.

    Easy Indian Food Recipes from Uttarakhand


    Kafuli is for people who are calorie conscious and are looking for a nutritious option. Kafuli is a dish that all the locals of Uttarakhand like to have.
    The main ingredient of Kafuli is Spinach. It is an exotic easy indian food recipe dish, prepared in an iron kadhai, and complemented by hot steaming rice.


    Chainsoo is a dish from the Garhwal region and if you have been to Uttarakhand you must have heard this name. This is made from Urad Dal or Kali Dal and have lots of protein.

    This is a highly nutritious and extremely easy Indian recipe to cook at home.


    Gulgula is a sweet dish from Uttarakhand which most of the people like to have it.Gulgula is made of jaggery and it is from Garhwal region. Gulgula uses basic ingredients that are easily found in most of the places.

    Making gulgula Indian recipe is extremely easy and doesn't take much time to prepare at home/

    Amazing Easy Indian Food Recipes from West Bengal


    Phuchakas are one of the most favorite street food of West Bengal. Phuchkas are stuffed with potatoes which are mashed with spices. It is then dipped in Tamarind pickled water, and a dash of lime is added before serving.

    They belong to Golgappa kinds of dishes but the Puchka of West Bengal is unmatched. Now make the Kolkata phuchka at home and enjoy the taste of Bengal.

    Kathi Rolls

    Kathi Rolls or as it is famously called as just rolls are another easy Indian food recipe that can be made at home. This can be had as breakfast or evening snacks. The rolls of Kolkata are made with egg, mutton, chicken and for vegetarians, there are paneer options too.A paratha made with flour is rolled up with your chosen stuffing laced with irresistible sauces, spices, and veggies.

    Make this trditional indian food recipe at home and enjoy.

    Aloo Kabli 

    Aloo kabli is another Easy indian recipe which you make at home. The food is made up of potatoes and is spicey and tangy. Bolied potatoes are tossed with tamarind, onions, tomatoes, chilies and masalas are added to it.

    Making this easy Indian food recipe will not take more than 15 minutes to make at home.

    Mughlai Parantha

    Mughlai paratha is actually a roti stuffed with chicken keema and broken cutlets, onion and eggs. This Indian recipe is absolutely filling and will make you happy. Found in almost every corner of the city, Mughlai Paratha is worth a try.

    So How many from the above Easy Indian Food Recipes you have made at home. It would be great to see the photographs and your experience while cooking these Indian Recipes at home. Share it in the comment section below. If you also have some unique recipes to add let me know will love to include it.

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    Easy Indian Food Recipes Guide which can be made at home is here. 77 Indian Recipes from 28 states is given here.These Recipes can be made at home. #IndianRecipe #Recipes #India #Cooking
    77 Easy Indian Food Recipes from 28 States

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