Weekend Destination in Kolkata : Ibiza - The Fern Resort and Spa

Weekend destination from Kolkata

People often ask what are the weekend destinations from Kolkata where one can go. We are always on the lookout for destinations where we can travel from Kolkata over the weekend. With the current situation where people are working remotely the best weekend destinations from Kolkata will be a place where not only you can work but also relax among nature and enjoy after long office hours. If you can travel to destinations from Kolkata with kids and family and where there are fun activities to do with your kid it becomes more exciting.

If you are on the lookout for Weekend destinations fromKolkata then you should visit Ibiza - The Fern Resort & Spa which is approx. 1.5 hours from the heart of Kolkata by Car. It’s the perfect weekend destination from Kolkata to travel with your kids and family where you can stay close to nature and also enjoy various activities which I will be talking about in details in my blog post below.

Ibiza - The Fern Resort & Spa is a luxury resort that has all the modern amenities making it a perfect weekend destination from Kolkata. I recently stayed here on a staycation and I must say I absolutely loved the place.

     Ibiza Resort: The First Impression

    As soon as you enter through the gates of Ibiza resort you will be transformed into nature and you will forget the hustle and bustle of city life.

    Ibiza Resort and Spa Joka Kolkata

    Once you get down from the car at the portico, you will be mesmerized with the grandeur of Ibiza - The Fern Resort & Spa. They are taking all necessary safety measures. The luggage will be sanitized and your temperate will be checked. After you sanitize your hand get inside the resort for a quick check-in for an enjoyable weekend vacation in a luxury hotel in Kolkata.

    Ibiza Fern Resort and Spa  Kolkata

    The resort is nestled among greenery and nature and you will be able to hear the flowing water, birds chirping. The lobby of the Ibiza resort is extremely dreamy and at night it transforms into a tranquil place.

    Once you reach the reception you will be greeted with a welcome drink and after completing all the check-in formalities, the cordial and extremely courteous staff members take you to your room to experience a luxurious stay in Ibiza.

    Food at Ibiza Resort and Spa

    Safety Measures at Ibiza Resort and Spa

    Ibiza Spa & Resort in Kolkata is following all the safety protocols. This ensures that you will not only have a pleasant stay but also a safe stay.

    As soon as you get down from the car your luggage will be sanitized and the check-in is a Zero-touch check-in. You will be asked to sanitize your hand and wearing a mask is mandatory.

    Once you reach the reception, you need to sign your documents but the best part they are using disposable pens, so you need not worry about using a pen which has been used earlier.

    Once you check in to your room, you will get Whatsapp messages which will not only have the key information but also all the Menu Cards from In-Room breakfast, lunch, or dining. This is the best part and ensures Zero Touch.

    Safety measures at Ibiza Spa and Resort Digital Menu at Ibiza Spa and Resort Kolkata

    My suggestion is don't go for Buffet Lunch though it will be cheaper, however, you should order lunch in the room. When I went for buffet lunch I found few guests not following the norms even after repeated requests by the Authorities.

    Lastly, you needn't worry about Safety while staying as the property is huge and you can maintain social distancing easily and also find few empty spaces where you can breathe fresh air.

    Rooms at Ibiza The Fern Resort & Spa in Kolkata

    While traveling to a weekend destination from Kolkata, the first thing in my mind is the quality of the room. Any holiday can be ruined or made depending on the quality of the room. At the end of the day you would like to jump into bed for a good night's sleep to rejuvenate for the next day and this makes the room so important.

    During our weekend gateway at Ibiza, we stayed at the Fern Club Room. The rooms are approx. 430-450 sq feet. As soon as you enter the room you are greeted by a wooden floor that not only gives a rustic feel but exudes opulence and warmth. The rooms have a king-size bed and are extremely spacious. The bathroom is nicely done with a bathtub and separate shower section. Ibiza provides high-end toiletries.

    Rooms at Ibiza Resort and Spa

    Weekend Destination in Kolkata Ibiza

    You will have a large study table all by yourself with study lamp where you can sit and work and also relax.

    Weekend Destination in Kolkata

    Now coming to the best part of the room, the Balcony at Ibiza Fern resort. The room opens up to a balcony that faces the lake. Your mornings become extremely special when you hear the birds chirping and especially the sweet sound of Koel. Sit with a morning cup of coffee while you enjoy nature in all its beauty.

    The balcony was our favorite place and in fact, my 1.5 years daughter enjoyed it the most.

    Rooms to Enjoy the Village Life at the Ibiza Resort

    Do you want anything more if your weekend destination near Kolkata gives you a chance to enjoy the village life? 

    Well you can book Winter Green Cottage Room. The roof of the rooms is made with Palm leaves and is filled with simple furniture which gives it a rustic look. The rooms are a little smaller however it opens up to a beautiful lawn.

    The rooms have all modern amenities to make your stay enjoyable.

    Perfect Weekend Destination from Kolkata with Activities

    If your weekend destination doesn’t have activities to do then it becomes boring sometimes. Ibiza The Fern Resort and Spa is a perfect gateway to spend with your family as it has something to offer for all age groups. Your child can enjoy in the indoor or outdoor play area while you and your wife can relax by the swimming pool or just enjoy yourselves in the pool.

    activities in Ibiza Kolkata

    Activities for Kids below the age of 5 years

    activities in Ibiza Spa and Resort

    Ibiza resort in Kolkata has activities for all age groups and for kinds of interests. It has a great selection of activities for kids where they can not only play with Toys at the indoor play area but also interact with nature in the Children’s park. 

    Children's play area in Ibiza Spa and resort

    playing area in Ibiza Spa and Resort

    If your kids love to play with pets then Ibiza the resort has rabbits and birds with whom your child can interact and get a first-hand experience of the animal planet.

    fun at Ibiza Kolkata

    You can also make them jump to their heart's satisfaction on the Trampoline.

    My daughter loved playing with the Rabbits and it was really interesting to see her playing with the cute animals. She also fed the rabbits which was a first-time experience for my 1.5 years old daughter.

    Activities for Children above the age group of 5

    If you have children who are little grown-up then they can, not only enjoy the lush green lawns but also indulge in various adventure sports. There are sports like Archery, Basketball, Badminton, and Volleyball to indulge in during the day. The Ibiza resort and Spa will ensure that you don’t get bored for a minute even.

    Ibiza Kolkata

    Play at Ibiza Resort Kolkata

    There is also an indoor sports area where there is a Table Tennis Table, Carrom boards, Chess tables etc.

    Activities for Adults 

    Let the kids enjoy while you steal your moment on joy just by relaxing at the pool with a nice glass of mocktail or play snooker. If you don’t want to enjoy indulge in activities you can take a walk on the lawns. 

    enjoy at Ibiza Spa and resortswimming pool in Ibiza Spa and Resort Kolkata

    So why I am saying lawns? There are multiple lawns in the Ibiza Resort and Spa so you will not get bored.  You can also walk on the walking tracking just beside the lawn.

    Weekend Destination in Kolkata

    If you want then you can do paddle boating with your entire family or take a double cycle to cycle around the property.

    Ibiza Spa and Resort

    Spa at Ibiza Resort

    If you want the perfect Spa then head to the Spa Room or get a rejuvenating Spa at the Spa Garden. The Spa garden is beautiful indeed and so peaceful.

    Spa in Kolkata

    romantic spa in Kolkata

    high end spa in kolkata

    Swimming Pool at Ibiza Resort

    One of the Highlights of the Ibiza resort is its massive swimming pool. The pool is huge and is at the center of the resort. 

    swimming in Kolkata

    The pool also has a bar near it and you can take drinks at the designated area near the pool. The pool is extremely well maintained and makes swimming absolutely worthwhile here.

    There are chairs and couches around the pool where you can relax after a nice swim with a book. In the evenings you can sit near the pool and enjoy the cool breeze while sipping the perfect cappuccino.

    weekend destination from kolkata

    Food at Ibiza Resort and Spa

    Weekend destinations from Kolkata have to come with good food. A happy tummy leads to a happy and peaceful sleep. The dining room at the Ibiza resort and Spa is called the Dolce Vita.

    Once you get in the restaurant you will know why it’s called Dolce Vita. Well, Dolce Vita means – The sweet Life or The Good Life. As soon as you enter you will feel you have entered a palace. The dining area is huge and extremely beautifully decorated.

    Ibiza Spa and Resort Kolkata

    You can order Ala Carte or go for Buffet. The Buffet spread is really nice. On the day we reached we had Buffet and for Dinner we ordered Ala Carte. You can order food from the restaurant for an in-room dining experience. Just an advice order well in advance if you want to have an in-room dining experience as they take time to bring the order.

    Dining in Ibiza Spa and Resort

    Ibiza Kolkata

    The food is extremely tasty and all preparations are freshly made. Don’t expect an exotic menu however the food on offer will not disappoint you at all.

    For example, if you are working late from the resort or partying or chatting in your room late in the night and if you feel hungry then you can order food well past midnight. Though the options will be limited to Sandwiches but at least it’s better to have something than to sit hungry.

    Breakfast in Kolkata

    You can either choose to have your breakfast at the restaurant which will be a buffet or order the breakfast in your room. We ordered breakfast in our room and enjoyed it while listening to the sounds of birds and enjoying nature.

    bars in kolkata

    How to book your stay at this perfect Weekend Destination from Kolkata

    You can book your stay at https://www.fernhotels.com/the-fern-ibiza-resort-and-spa-kolkata.html

    or you can call on +919836801455/ 9830762626 / 9830775900

    Also, you can send your booking request at gm.tf.ibiza@fernhotels.com or info.tf.ibiza@fernhotel.com


    How to reach Ibiza - The Fern Resort and Spa

    You can drive down in your own car or request Ibiza Resort for a pickup. I took the pickup and drop service from Ibiza. 

    It will take you approx 1.5 hours to reach Ibiza and if you get stuck in the traffic at Behala or Diamond Harbour road then it might take approx 2 or more hours. While returning I got stuck near Joka and it took me approx 2.5 hours o reach home.

    The road conditions are extremely good and if you are planning to drive on your own it shouldn't be a problem at all. 


    A Few More Pictures from Ibiza: The Fern Resort and Spa


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