Long Weekend Holiday Planner 2021 : Calendar & Travel Planner

Long weekend Holidays

Long Weekend Holidays are special for people who have corporate jobs. By taking one or a maximum of two leaves we get almost Four to Five days leaves to travel. Every year I make a calendar for Long weekend holiday for myself and plan my travels in advance. This year I thought of sharing this Long weekend Calendar for 2021 so that you can benefit and plan your holidays too.

Long Weekend Holiday Planner 2021

If you are from Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore then this Long Weekend Holiday Calendar will help you to plan your perfect vacation during Long weekends in India. A small note before I start the local festival holidays may vary based on your company or state. However, I have taken into account the holidays given in 2021 by a few top companies in India. I have suggested the places where you should ideally based on the season however you always have an option to reshuffle the places where you want to travel during these Long weekend holidays in 2021.

So let’s begin the planning for Long weekend holidays in 2021.

Long Weekend Holidays in India in January 2021

The below calendar shows the Long weekend Holidays in January 2021 in India. There are 3 long weekend holidays in January.

1st  January '2021: New Year Leave
14th January '2021: Makar Sakranti / Pongal
26th January '2021: Republic Day in India

Long Weekend Holiday in January

The First Long weekend of January in India

New Year of 2021 brings your first long weekend and you can easily take 3 days of a long weekend holiday. No leaves to be taken for this long weekend.

Long Weekend Holiday in January

Where to Go from Bangalore during Long Weekend

The best trip during the month of January for 3 days can be Pondicherry or Puducherry

Puducherry is just 7 hours by road from Bangalore. During this season the weather will be comfortable in Pondicherry. Take a cycle and roam on the roads of the French colony or just relax on the beach and pass your time with a book at various beautiful cafes in Pondicherry. Planning a trip to Pondicherry during the Long weekend holiday in 2020 is a perfect start for the year.

Where to Go from Delhi during Long Weekend

The best way to get the maximum out of this long weekend holiday is to travel to Rajasthan. You will be able to travel to Jaipur during this 3 days long weekend holiday.

To see different things in Rajasthan enjoy the miniature paintings of Rajasthan or the making of Kundan jewelry work.

Where to go from Kolkata during Long Weekend

For 3 days the best way to enjoy is among nature. You can head to Garpanchkot, Baranti in the Purulia district for the long weekend. Garpanchkot is just 5 hours drive from Kolkata.

You can check the below Vlog for things to go in Garpanchkot, Baranti in Purulia District

Where to Go from Mumbai during Long Weekend

The best place to travel from Mumbai is Goa during the New Year. Enjoy your New Year in Goa and explore some Hidden Beaches of Goa away from Maddening crowds.

Check my blog for the Top 10 Hidden beaches in Goa HERE and don't forget to try the 12 best Water Sports in Goa HERE.

The second Long weekend in January in India

One leave and you will get 4 days Long weekend Holiday. Take a leave on Friday and you will get 4 days of a Long weekend holiday.

Long Weekend Holiday in January

Where to Go from Kolkata during Long Weekend

One of the best places to go during the winters from Kolkata is North Bengal and there is some special charm of Kurseong

Kurseong is also called the land of white orchids and you can see it in full bloom during the winters. Kurseong is one-night journey by train and then 1.5 hours by road.
Enjoy Darjeeling tea while you watch the mountains engulfed in winter fog and enjoy the romanticism in the air.

Where to Go from Delhi during Long Weekend

260 km from Delhi you can reach Pauri district in Landsdown in Uttarakhand on this long weekend. You will get transformed to the colonial era. Pauri in Landsdown in Uttarakhand is extremely picturesque and you will get to see the landscape filled with pine tree and colonial-era buildings. You can do trekking, camping, Bird watching in Pauri. The most notable places to see are Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial, Bhulla Lake, Tip-in-Top View Point, Bhim Pakora, Kalagarh Tiger Reserve, Kaleshwar Temple, St. Mary’s Church 

Where to Go from Mumbai during Long Weekend

Head to Karjat from Mumbai during this long weekend. Karjat is dotted with mountains, forts and ancient rock-cut temples. Karjat is a Konkan town which is a popular weekend destination from Mumbai. You can do trekking here in Karjat and trails vary from moderately easy to extremely difficult. Karjat is just 62 kilometers from Mumbai. Don't miss to visit Bhor Ghat, Kondana caves, Peth Fort and Ulhas Valley in Karjat.

Where to Go from Bangalore during Long Weekend

Head to Chikamagalur from Bangalore during the Long weekend. The place is filled with coffee plantations and you will get amazing view of the valley. If you are a wildlife enthusiast then Chikamagalur has several nature parks & wildlife sanctuaries.
From Chikamagalur you can also drive to Mullayanagiri which is nestled between the Nilgiri Hills.

Third Long weekend in January in India

January 2021 brings joy to the travelers and there is another long weekend in January. You just need to take one day leave and you can get 4 long weekend holidays.

Long Weekend Holiday in January

Where to Go from Kolkata during Long Weekend

If you are interested in wildlife and just want to relax on a boat while you sail on the river Ganges then head to Sunderbans
Sunderbans is a must-visit place where you can watch the unique flora and fauna of the mangroves. 

Read my Blogpost on Sunderban to know more about planning your travel to Sunderbans.

Where to Go from Delhi during Long Weekend

4 days of Long weekend is perfect to travel to McLeodganj from Delhi. McLeodganj is a popular hill station and is just 480 kilometers from Delhi. It is situated in the Kangra district among the Himalayas.McLeodganj is known for lush green meadows and a peaceful atmosphere. It is also known as Little Lhasa. Visit Bhagsu Falls, Namgyal Monastery, Triund, Bhagsunag Temple, Tibetan Museum, Dharamkot when you travel to McLeodganj. With the perfect winter weather, McLeodganj will be best to visit during January if you like winter cold.

Where to Go from Bangalore during Long Weekend

Wayanad is one of the best places to visit from Bangalore for a long weekend. It is approximately 300 km from Bangalore. There are lots of beautiful nature trails, waterfalls to soak you in the beauty of nature. You can also walk among coffee plantations, rice fields, or just trek in one of the various nature trails in Wayanad.
Don't miss to visit Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Edakkal Caves, Karappuzha Dam during your long weekend stay in Wayanad.

Where to Go from Mumbai during Long Weekend

If you have heard of Warli paintings and if it interests you then you will head to Jawhar Hill Station during this long weekend holiday. Jawhar hill station is home to the Warli tribes who are known for the Warli paintings. You will find old heritage buildings in Jawahar Hill station. It is 155 km from Mumbai and shouldn't take you more than 3 hours drive from Mumbai. When you visit Jawhar Hill station during a long weekend from Mumbai don't forget to visit Kal Mandvi Waterfall, Jai Sagar Dam, Hiradpada Waterfall, Jai Vilas Palace, Shirpamal, Bhopatgad, Khadkhad Dharan, Hanuman Point, Sunset Point, Dabhosa waterfall

Long Weekend Holidays in India in February 2021

There is only one long weekend in February 2021.

Long Weekend Holidays in February

If you take a day off on 15th February you will get 4 days of the Long weekend. For a couple, it coincides with Valentine's Day so it's the icing on the cake for this long weekend in 2021.

There is nothing like exploring one own’s city. If I were in your place I would love to explore my own city during these 4 days and when I am saying explore my own city I mean to find out the hidden places in my own city. The following are the places which you can visit in your own city.

Where to Go from Kolkata during Long Weekend

Explore the streets of Kolkata and have authentic Bengali sweets and food.
Indulge in a culinary experience of authentic Bengali Food in Heritage restaurants which are more than 100 years old. Read this blog post to know more.

Winters in Kolkata is synonymous with Nolen Gurer Misti ( Sweets made of Date Palm Jaggery). Explore the heritage sweet shops dating back to 1835 and enjoy the sweet delicacies that Kolkata has to offer. Read this blogpost for details.

Where to Go from Delhi during Long Weekend

Head to explore the Baolis of Delhi. The Baolis are step wells which are an architectural marvel. The oldest Baolis can be found dating 1210 AD in Delhi. Explore the amazing Baolis of Delhi during this weekend.

Where to Go from Mumbai during Long Weekend

Head to Mazagaon ( or also spelled as Mazgaon). Mazagaon is one of the seven islands of Mumbai where you can find Portuguese architecture and you can see various colorful buildings of the era.
Also head to visit the Portuguese homes at the heritage village called Kotachi Wadi.
Don’t miss the Pandavkada Falls which is situated in Kharghar. Its approximately 1.5 hours drive from Bandra. Don’t miss to visit the nearby Buddhist Caves & Kharghar Hills.

Where to Go from Bangalore during Long Weekend

Bangalore is not only known for the IT companies and pubs but have many hidden places which can be explored during the Long weekend holidays.

If you have read Malgudi days then you must know that RK Narayan has named Malgudi after his two favorite areas Malleswaram & Basavangudi in Bangalore. Head to these two areas to explore the old world charm, amazing traditional heritage homes & tree-lined streets.

Next day explore the last surviving forest of Bangalore – The Turahalli Forest. You can’t take a vehicle inside but you always explore the forest on a cycle. This will be the perfect getaway during the long holiday weekend in 2020. 

Long Weekend Holidays in India in March 2021

There are two long weekends in the month of March. One is for 4 days and the other one is for 3 days.

First Long weekend of March  in India

You can get 4 days of long weekend by just taking one day of leave. However, in most of the companies, Maha Shivratri is an optional holiday so you might not be able to enjoy this long weekend. However if you have an optional holiday and want to take leave what are the places you can go during this long weekend.

Where to Go from Kolkata during Long Weekend

The coldness of the winter will go away and the temperatures will decrease a lot and that makes it a perfect time to go to Darjeeling.
And if you are visiting Darjeeling then taking a Joy ride on the Toy Train is a must. Read the complete guide to Darjeeling Toy Train HERE.

Where to Go from Delhi during Long Weekend

Use this long weekend before the summer sets in to visit Chail. Chail is a hill station in Shimla and is known for beautiful views covered with pine and deodar trees. This hill station is less crowded normally compared to other nearby hills stations and you will have a peaceful holiday here. There are lots of adventure camps in Chail which you can enjoy if you are into adventure sports.Don't forget to visit Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Sadhupul Lake, Chail Palace Hotel & Maharaja’s Palace when you visit Chail.

Where to Go from Mumbai during Long Weekend

If you have heard of the famous Alphonso mangoes then you must have also heard about Ratnagiri. The famous mangoes have the origins here. Apart from tasting and seeing the art of cultivating Alphonso mangoes you can visit various ancient sites which you can find here.

Where to Go from Bangalore during Long Weekend

Visit Gandikota from Bangalore during this long weekend. Gandikota is also known as the Arizone of India due to majestic hidden canyons. The Canyon bears a resemblance to the Grand Canyon. Dont miss Gandikota Fort, Belum Caves and Rayalacheruvu Lake when you visit Gandikota.

Second Long weekend in March  in India

This is the most colorful weekend of 2021 due to the festival of Holi.

One of the most colourful festivals in the world has to be Holi Festival which is celebrated in India every year. Holi festival is also known as the festival of colour. People use holi colours to smear each other.Holi festival is a fusion of colours when the entire atmosphere becomes extremely colourful.

Enjoy the festival of Holi in true Krishna style at Mathura

This is once in a lifetime experience and extremely colorful. This shouldn’t be missed at all

Read my detailed blogpost on how to celebrate Holi in Mathura during the long weekend holiday.

Long Weekend Holidays in India in April 2021

April brings a few more long weekends in 2021. There is a total of 3 long weekends in April 2021 however depending on where you stay you will be able to enjoy two long weekends in April.

First Long weekend Holiday of April in India

Without taking any leaves you will be able to get 3 long holidays and the best part this is a Pan India holiday.

Where to Go from Delhi during Long Weekend in April

Before the Summer season peaks, you can either go to Jim Corbett National Park is famous for Tigers and wildlife or else you can head to Kufri.

Kufri is one of the most beautiful places one can go from Delhi. Kufri is approximately 370 Kms from Delhi and is one of the popular weekend getaways from. This beautiful hill station also serves as the starting point for treks to Manali and Shimla. Go to the local bazaar and take a leisure walk to know more about the culture of this place.

Where to Go from Mumbai during Long Weekend in April

If you are interested in history then head to Ajanta & Ellora caves which is approximately 350 kms by road.

The nearest railway station is Jalgaon city or Aurangabad station. Ajanta & Ellora caves are a UNESCO World Heritage site and are a must-visit during the Long weekend of 2020. The Ajanta Caves are approx 30 rock-cut Buddhist cave which dates from the 2nd century BCE to about 480 CE. The Ellora caves are one of the largest rock-cut monastery-temple cave complexes in the world built between 600-1000 CE Period.

The caves include paintings and rock-cut sculptures described as among the finest surviving examples of ancient Indian art, particularly expressive paintings that present emotions through gesture, pose and form.

Long Weekend Getaway from Bangalore

Sakleshpur is a quaint hill station set in the magical domain of the Western Ghats at an elevation of 956 meters. Located in Karnataka, this pretty hill station is known for its trekking trails, historical landmarks, and rich wildlife.

For vacationers are interested in peacefully enjoy the refreshing atmosphere, Sakleshpur has a wide range of comfortable accommodations available. So whether you want to spend your break basking in the lap of nature or exploring a collection of historical monuments, Sakleshpur is one of the ideal weekend getaways around Bangalore.

Where to Go from Kolkata during Long Weekend in April

Head to Bagora in North Bengal in the first half of a long weekend holiday. 

Bagora & Chimney are two villages near Kurseong is approximately 10 km. Bagora offers serenity and peace and is a perfect place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life. You have to take a right turn from Kurseong to reach Bagora via Dow Hill Road. 

There are many rewarding walks and trekking trails from Bagora, which is known as zero point. A short stroll will take you near the core area of Kurseong Air Force base, from where you can enjoy a view of the vast expanse of the Teesta. Relax under the turquoise sky and enjoy the view of the icy mountains.

During the 25th May long weekend holiday head to Bhalukhop near Kalimpong. Bhalukhop Khasmahal village is located in Kalimpong which is extremely peaceful and a perfect weekend getaway. After reaching Kalimpong you need to hire a taxi which will take approximately 30 minutes to reach Bhalukhop. Just like Bagora, this village is extremely picturesque. There are many homestays in Bhalukhop. 

Second Long weekend holiday of April in India

The second long weekend holiday is mainly Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi. This long weekend holiday is for 4 days and hence I would recommend a few places which are relaxing in nature.

Long Weekend Getaway from Delhi

Just 125 kms from Delhi there is an amazing historical place called Neemrana which will be the perfect weekend getaway during this long weekend holiday. Take a peek into India’s historic and royal past at the 15th century Neemrana Fort Palace. Take a camel ride around the fortress to explore the lush green surroundings. Make sure you try the zip-lining in the Fort Centre. Neemrana Baoli is another must visit the site.

Long Weekend Getaway from Mumbai

Head to Panchgani & Mahabaleswar during this long weekend holiday from Mumbai. Mahabaleshwar is a quiet and misty hill station near Mumbai that boasts of one of the few evergreen forests in the country. 

Once served as the summer capital under the British government for the Bombay province, today is a fun and adventurous weekend getaway for the Mumbaikars. Nestled between five hills of the Western Ghats, Panchgani is aptly named and one of the most adored hill stations in Maharashtra. 

The town is blessed with pleasant weather all year round and calls for an appealing weekend retreat for nearby cities. Come here to spend tranquil moments with your loved ones. The journey from Mumbai to Panchgani is also breathtaking. 

Long Weekend Getaway from Bangalore

Nothing like enjoying a long weekend amidst nature. Head to Kabini during this long weekend. Get mesmerized among hills, beautiful and majestic Kabini river, and waterfalls. Go for a Safari inside Kabini Forest. You will get to see leopards, elephants, and few extremely rare bird species.

Yu will also get to see the Bengal Tiger, jackal, Pangolin, and other exotic wild animals in their natural habitat.

Third Long weekend holiday of April in India

This long weekend is exclusive for the Eastern Part of India mainly Kolkata & West Bengal as it’s the Bengali New Year. By taking leave for one day you can get a 4 days long weekend holiday in April.


Where to Go from Kolkata during Long Weekend in April

Ditch Darjeeling and head to Lamahatta instead in the month of April.

Lamahatta is located at an altitude of approximately 5,700 feet and is just 23 km from Darjeeling. To reach Lamahatta take a car from NJP station to Jorbanglow near Ghoom . Once you reach Jorbanglow you need to take another shared taxi for Lamahatta. Lamahatta is well connected by the Darjeeling-Kalimpong state highway.

Lamahatta is a small village where farming and cattle rearing are the main sources of livelihood.The main inhabitants here are tribes like Sherpas, Yalmos, Tamangs, Bhutias and Dukpas. Major attraction of Lamahatta are the parks and two beautiful ponds called “Jore Pokhari”. You can sit near the ponds for entire day and soak in the serenity and the peace at Lamahatta.

Long Weekend Holidays in India in May 2021

Unlike last year this year the month of May has only one long weekend for 4 days.

In May the weather will be hot, so the best way to beat the heat is to escape to a hill station during the Long weekend holiday in May. So I will suggest hill stations to spend the long weekend holidays during the summer season.

Where to Go from Delhi during Long Weekend in May

To escape Delhi heat, head to Rishikesh for the 1st May. Rishikesh is a hub of temples, cafes, yoga ashrams & adventure sports. Make sure to stop by the Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh. Made famous by the English band, the ashram premises have a lush growth of green patched and beautiful artwork. It is said that Beatles had written few songs while staying here in this ashram.

During the Id-ul-Fitr long weekend holiday head to Chail. Chail is one of the perfect hill station in Himachal Pradesh and a great weekend getaway during the long weekend holiday in May 2020. Chail served as the erstwhile the summer capital of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of the princely state of Patiala and is popularly known for housing the world’s highest cricket ground built-in 1893.

Where to Go from Bangalore during Long Weekend in May

There are not many hill stations which you can visit from Bangalore and even there are few that are not at a very high altitude.

In the first long weekend holiday, you can head to Wayanad which is approximately 280 km from Bangalore. Wayanad is majorly known for its unique collection of natural marvels. From caves and waterfalls to rich biodiversity thriving in its wildlife sanctuary, there is so much to see in this hill station in Kerala.

On the second long weekend holiday during the Id-ul-Fitr you can visit the Saklespur which is approximately 250 Kms from Bangalore. This hill station is just at an elevation of 900 meters and makes the perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore. 

Where to Go from Mumbai during Long Weekend in May

Visit Matheran hill station during the 1st May Long weekend holiday. Matheran is on the western ghats and is at an elevation of approximate 2500 meters. A ride on the Neral-Matheran toy train is something that one must experience.

It is difficult to find hill stations from Mumbai due to its geographical location. Hence with no other option left head to Lonavala & Khandala where every Mumbaikar heads during a long weekend vacation.

Where to Go from Kolkata during Long Weekend in April

One of the romantic places in the Hills is Lepchaghat. This is also one of the favorite honeymoon destinations. 
Lepchaghat is a little far from Darjeeling and is a beautiful hill location. Reaching Lepchaghat is easy from Darjeeling or New Jalpaiguri. Lepchaghat will offer you peace and tranquility and much-needed break to rejuvenate.

Long Weekend Holidays in India in June 2021

Sadly there are no long weekend holidays in the month of June. So be ready to slog in the office or if you need a break you have to use your leaves in June.

Long Weekend Holidays in India in July 2021

All India will get only one Long weekend holiday in the month of July. If you are from east India mainly West Bengal and Odhisha you might get one additional long weekend holiday due to Rath Yatra

First Long weekend holiday of July in India

The best way to enjoy Rath Yatra has to be in Puri. Puri is just 10 hours by car. Puri transforms during Rath Yatra and is one of the best experiences you should try before you die.

Ensure you book well in advance for hotels in Puri during Rath Yatra. Mostly all hotels get booked 2-3 months in advance and expect to pay a premium during Rath Yatra in Puri. Pull the cart of Lord Jagannath and immerse yourself with blessings of the God.

The second Long weekend holiday of July in India

Just by taking one day leave you can 4 days of Holiday

Where to Go from Delhi during Long Weekend in July

One of the most beautiful and picturesque places from Delhi has to be Kasol. Kasol is a heaven for backpackers and travellers.Kasol is more than a destination, it will transform you with its unique culture, rituals, and languages.
Get adventurous and try to take a dip in the pristine waters of the Parvati river. 
Kasol is known for a plant that grows there and gives you a high however there is much more beyond it which will give you a high for a lifetime. Soak in the culture of the Kasol and you will be enriched.

Kasol is an experience of a lifetime.

Where to Go from Mumbai during Long Weekend in July

Head to the wine capital of India i.e. Nashik. Nashik is the perfect weekend gateway not only for wine lovers but also for all people. Immerse yourself in a vineyard and soak in the beauty. You can also go for wine tasting tours and pick grapes from the plantations.
Don't forget to visit Sula Vineyards, York Winery & Tasting Room, Soma Vineyards, Pandavleni Caves, Muktidham, Trimbakeshwar, Mhasoba Temple,

Where to Go from Bangalore during Long Weekend in July

Yercaud is a beautiful hill station from Bangalore which is nestled among the Shevaroy hills. The main attraction of Yercaud s the emerland lake.Its a beautiful lake that will give you Instagram worthy pictures. You can also trek through the forests of Killiyur Falls.

Head to Pagoda point and you can get a picturesque view from this point. Also don't miss the various orange and coffee plantations and head to Bear's cave which is a high pint in every traveler's itinerary.

Where to Go from Kolkata during Long Weekend in July

A small village close to Nepal border in West Sikkim is called Uttarey. Its a popular destination from pelling which is situated some 30 kms away. Uttarey is famous for its serene natural beauty which will take your breath away. You can get an amazing view of Mount Kanchenjunga from Uttarey.

While going to Uttarey from pelling you will cross the second highest bridge in asia called as Singshore bridge. Uttarey is less touristy and hence you get to enjoy the rustic life of the mountains.

Long Weekend Holidays in India in August 2021

Only one long weekend in August this year. 15th August, India's independence day falls on a weekend hence we missed a long weekend.

Long Weekend Getaway From Delhi 

If you are getting 5 days leave then from Delhi goes to Jaipur and then to Mandawa

Mandawa is one of the little known treasures of Rajasthan and is the perfect place to enjoy the Long weekend holiday. Mandawa’s Havelis are extremely colorful. The walls of these haveli’s in Mandawa are beautifully adorned with paintings. Since there’s a showcase of art everywhere in Mandawa, it often is also regarded as ‘Open Air Art Gallery’. It is just 170 km from Jaipur and 260 km from Delhi.

Long Weekend Holiday Getaway From Mumbai 

Mumbai steals the show during the monsoon. There are lots of places from Mumbai which turns magical during the monsoons. I would recommend you to go Malshej Ghat, Bhandardara ( a hidden weekend getaway), Harihareshwar, Amboli or Tapola during this long weekend holiday to enjoy the monsoons. 

Long Weekend Getaway From Kolkata

Mawsynram and Cherrapunji are synonymous with monsoons. So the best way to enjoy the monsoons to head to these places from Kolkata during the long weekend holiday and if you are getting 5 days leave. If you are getting only 3 days long weekend holiday then you will not be able to go. Head to Mandarmani to enjoy the monsoons on the beach if you are getting 3 days leave.

Long Weekend Getaway From Bangalore 

Agumbe is a small town in Shimoga district of Karnataka and turns extremely scenic during the monsoons. Agumbe is known for its high rainfall and dense forests full of reptiles and other plants and animals. The rainforests surrounding Agumbe is part of the Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary. Agumbe is also called as the Cherrapunji of the South.

Long Weekend Holidays in India in September 2021

Just like June, September doesn’t have much long weekend holiday. You will get only a long weekend if you are in Mumbai or Bangalore. Delhi and Kolkata mostly don't get any holidays on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Where to Go from Bangalore during Long Weekend in September

Bangalore will get 3 days of long weekend leave during the festival of Onam. Head to Dandeli which is approximately 400 km from Bangalore and is famous for Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. If you are lucky you can see black panthers & elephants. You should visit River Kali, Shiroli Peak, Sykes Point, Kavala Caves, Sathodi Falls at Dandeli. 

Where to Go from Mumbai during Long Weekend in September

When its Maharastra’s biggest festival why do you want to go out of Mumbai rather enjoy the immersion of Ganesh Idols which take place. 

Long Weekend Holidays in India in October 2021

All the cities – Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi & Bangalore will get 2 long weekend holiday in October for 3 days each. If you stay in Kolkata or work here you will get an added bonus of a 3 days long weekend holiday turning into 4 days long weekend holiday in the month of October.

If you are from Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore then Kolkata is the place to enjoy the Durga Puja during this long weekend holiday in India. One of the largest festivals in India is Durga Puja. 

To give you a scale of the event - You can take the craze of Christmas in London, Summer Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Valentine's day in Paris, and then add it to the month-long madness of Olympic Games or the World Cup and cram all that into a span of 5 days and you still wouldn't know what you are missing if you haven't been in Kolkata during Durga Puja. 

This can throw a glimpse at the grandeur and magnificence of the festival, but you will not be familiar with this festival until and unless you visit the City of Joy- Kolkata.

Long Weekend Holidays in India in November 2021

November doesn’t have many long weekends. Before the year ends this is the only month which will offer you a Long weekend holiday and there is none in December.

First Long Weekend Holiday in November

You will get 4 days of a long weekend holiday in November due to Diwali. One day of leave will turn it into 4 days.

Where to Go from Mumbai during Long Weekend Holiday

Head to Revdanda beach which is approximately 100 km from Mumbai. The village Revdanda is an amazing place for a relaxing holiday. The shores of Revdanda beach is pristine and taking a stroll here with refresh you. The sunset on Revdanda beach and the local cuisines is something you shouldn’t miss. You can also go exploring the historic sites, forts, temples, old churches and chapels.

Where to Go from Bangalore during Long Weekend 

The best place to begin the winters from Bangalore is Ooty. This is the perfect long weekend destination from Bangalore. Don’t forget to taste the various homemade chocolates available here.

Where to Go from Delhi during Long Weekend 

Once you are done celebrating Diwali head to a weekend getaway for a couple of days from Delhi.

 Head to Nahan which is approximately 250 Kms from Delhi. Nahan is a small village in the Shivalik Range in Himachal. Nahan has green meadows, winding trekking trails, old temples, gorgeous lakes. Nahan is extremely romantic.

Long Weekend Holiday Getaway From Kolkata 

Soak in some history of the Nawabs and head to Murshidabad. The Battle of Plassey played an important turning point in the history of India which established the colonial rule in India. Head to Murshidabad and immerse yourself in history.

Second Long Weekend Holiday in November

If you are from Kolkata you will not get this long weekend holiday. However, people from Delhi & Mumbai will mostly get this long weekend holiday.

3 days of the long weekend and you can go anywhere before the year ends.

Long Weekend Holiday Getaway From Mumbai 

One of the few amazing places you can go from Mumbai on long weekend holidays is Karnala.

Karnala is famous for its scenic views, bird sanctuary, and the exciting Karnala Fort trek. Also called the Funnel Hill trek, it is an easy but enticing trek. The hillfort is within the Karnala Bird Sanctuary which is home to stunning bird species, therefore, a haven for birdwatchers. The soothing landscape brimming with natural beauty will ensure a time well spent.

Long Weekend Holiday Getaway From Delhi

Head to Bir Billing from Delhi during this long weekend holiday. Paragliding is one activity that you can do in Bir Billing. Bir Billing is an offbeat village in Himachal Pradesh and features in an endless list of best places to visit in India. Go for treks in Bir Billing, enjoy the seminomadic villages.

Long Weekend Holiday Getaway From Bangalore

Visit Hampi from Bangalore and October is a perfect time. Hampi was the capital of  Vijaynagiri empire in the early years. It is one of the most beautiful locations in India. Hampi is around 6 hours from Bangalore.You would require 2-3 days to visit all the places in Hampi.

Long Weekend Holidays in India in December 2021

Entire India will be soaked in Christmas and New Year celebrations. Sadly there is no long weekend in the month of December.  25th December: Christmas falls on a Saturday this year.

The best way to enjoy Christmas is celebrating the real authentic way. Head to the nearest church and enjoy Christmas over wine and Christmas cakes.

Hope Shoestring Travel has been able to contribute to your travel plan in 2021. Let us know your travel plans and travel experiences during the Long Weekend Holidays.

Happy New Year 2021

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    There are many other places worth visiting within Delhi’s 500 kilometres radius. This includes Sariska National Park, Jim Corbett National Park, Lansdowne, and Chandigarh. You can turn any weekend getaway into a romantic holiday with your beau!

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  4. Whoa! I'm sure a lot of effort has gone behind this post. While I didn't have major travel plans in 2021, I'm glad Saputara happened and I got to meet you. Sometimes unplanned things bring in the best surprises!



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