One Day in Bangkok - The Perfect Itinerary

One Day in Bangkok - Yes assuming you had just one day in Bangkok what would you do? Lots of things to do but too little time. Don't worry shoestring travel will provide you with a one day Bangkok Itinerary through which you will be able to get a real vibe and get a feel of the culture and lifestyle of the city of Bangkok. 

You can't see all the places in Bangkok in one day however Shoestring Travel will try to cover most of the places in this One Day in Bangkok Itinerary which you should visit to understand the culture, way of living of Bangkok a little better and moreover to enjoy your holiday in Bangkok.

One Day in Bangkok: Where to Stay

Since you will have just one day in Bangkok you should ideally stay in a hotel which is well accessible by the BTS Skytrain & MRT. If you are confused regarding what is BTS Skytrain & MRT, well these are the names of two train lines which connects entire city of Bangkok.
The Bangkok Skytrain is known as BTS and the Bangkok Subway is known as MRT. 

You can find the Bangkok Skytrain Station map here and for the Bangkok Subway Metro, you can find the station maps here.

Now coming back to where should you stay in Bangkok for One day. The following are the places where you can book your hotel for easy accessibility to the entire city :

1. Hotels Near Asok BTS or Sukhumvit MRT Stations 

The best part of the staying near Asok BTS or Sukhumvit MRT station is that from one station you can access both the BTS as well as MRT line. It will be easier to travel during your One Day in Bangkok. Also, the nightlife is great in this area.

Below is a list of hotels where I have stayed during my multiple visits in Bangkok 
(Note: The list of hotels is based on my personal recommendation only and no monetary transaction or any transaction in kind which includes free stay etc has happened between me and the hotel in lieu of this recommendation)

2. Hotels Near Siam BTS or Ratchathewi BTS

If you plan to shop a lot during your One day in Bangkok stay then you should choose hotels near Siam BTS or Ratchathewi. One of the biggest malls in Bangkok, Siam Paragon is situated near this place and wholesale garment market Pratunam is located near this.

Below is a list of Hotels which you can choose from. I personally liked the Amari Watergate Hotel and my stay there was amazing. The rooftop swimming pool has some amazing views of the Bangkok skyline and the amenities like Gym, Cafe is great and the choice of breakfast is mouthwatering.

Amari Watergate Rooms
Amari Watergate Rooms

Detailed One Day in Bangkok Itinerary

Shoestring travel will help you with a detailed one day itinerary of Bangkok. If you have just 24 hours or One Day in hand you can follow the below timewise Bangkok itinerary to get a real feel of the city of Bangkok.

While suggesting the One Day in Bangkok Itinerary I am assuming that you will start will day early and end your day extremely late, after all, you just have one day in Bangkok to enjoy the life of true Bangkok.

Maeklong Railway Market - Samut Songhram

Time : 6 am - 10am

A local market always gives an insight into the life of locals and what if the local market is the world famous market through which a train passes every day. The icing on the cake right.

During your One day in Bangkok, the first place you should go to is Maeklong Railway Market in Samut Songkhram region. No Bangkok itinerary is complete without going here.

Four times a day a train passes through this local market. The shops here fold before a train crosses and unfolds again. This makes this market really unique in the world. Its absolutely a must visit when you are traveling to Bangkok.

A moment from Maeklong Railway Market

Important Things before you leave for Maeklong Railway Market during your One Day in Bangkok

The train crosses the market at the following times :

Departure from Maeklong Station  :   06:20 Hrs, 9:00 Hrs, 11:30 Hrs and 15:30 Hrs
Arrival at Maeklong Station : 8:30 Hrs, 11:10 Hrs, 14:30 Hrs, 17:40 Hrs

Since you have just One day in Bangkok and many places to be visited hence target to see the train crossing at 09:00 Hrs.

Maeklong Railway Market Bangkok Thailand

How to Reach Maeklong Railway Market

Journey Time: 2 Hrs one way
Cost: 130 THB approx ( One way - 90 THB for Mini Van and rest for BTS tickets) 

There are various ways to reach Maeklong Railway Market from Bangkok, however, the following route is the fastest and cost-effective. After all shoestring travel is all about traveling the world on a budget. 

One day in Bangkok I would recommend the following way to travel to Maeklong Railway Market :

a. Take a BTS from your nearest BTS Station to Mo Chit BTS Station approximately around 06:00 Hrs - 06:15 Hrs. It will take approx 22 minutes to reach Mo Chit BTS if you are traveling from Asok BTS.

b. Head to Mo Chit Bus Station. It will be approx 2 Kms from Mo Chit BTS. You can either take a Grab Taxi to reach Mo Chit Bus Station or walk down.Best is to take a local bus  with numbers 26,77,96,104,136,145 or 509. Walking will take approx 20 Mins.

By the time you will reach Mo Chit Bus station it will be approximately 07:00 Hrs.

c. Minivans leave Mo Chit Bus Station every hour, just head to the counter and book your tickets for a Minivan. It will take approx 1 Hr 30 Mins to reach Maeklong Railway Market. By the time you reach it will be already 08:30 Hrs-08:45 Hrs.

Once you reach Maeklong Railway Market, head for the railway tracks right away so that you can see the train coming at 09:00 Hrs. 

Maeklong Railway Station Shoestring Travel

Once you see the train crossing spend some time to enjoy the flavors of the market. I will make a detailed blog post on Maeklong Railway Market soon.

Maeklong Railway Market Bangkok Itinerary
A Folding Shop in Maeklong Railway Market

Shop at Maeklong Market One Day in Bangkok
Meat Seller at The Market

shoestring travel Bangkok Itinerary

Once you have enjoyed the market head to back to Maeklong Bus station and take a minivan from Maeklong to Bangkok which will drop you at Mo Chit. If you leave by Minivan at 10:30 Hrs you should reach Bangkok by 12:00 Hrs.

Bangkok Temple Tour

Time : 12:00 Hrs - 15:00 Hrs

One day in Bangkok is incomplete without visiting the important tourist attractions especially the Temples ( Wat ) of Bangkok.

How to Travel to Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaew 

From Mo Chit BTS Skytrain take a train towards Saphan Taksin BTS Skytrain Station. You first need to get down at Siam BTS station and change the line towards Saphan Taksin BTS Skytrain. It's extremely easy, it's like getting down from the train and walking towards the opposite side on the platform. 
Once you get down at Saphan Taksin BTS Skytrain station walk towards the Sathorn Pier. Its just opposite to the Saphan Taksin BTS station. Take a boat ride to Tha Tien Pier. The ferry ride will cost you approx 15 THB.

The temples mentioned below are just a walking distance from Tha Tien Pier.

Boat Ferry Chao Phraya River Bangkok

Temples to Visit in One Day in Bangkok Itinerary

a. Wat Arun

Wat Arun, Bangkok is a Khmer style temple which was built during the Ayutthaya period. Wat Arun is situated on the west (Thonburi) bank of the Chao Phraya River. 

The design of Wat Arun is completely different than other temples in Thailand. This makes is unique and one of the most visited attractions in Bangkok. Wat Arun looks stunning during sunset.
The central spire is 70 meters high and climbs this to get some amazing views of Grand Palace and Wat Pho across the river.

After seeing the majestic Wat Arun take a ferry and cross the river on the other side.

Wat Arun Bangkok at Night

b. Wat Phra Kaew

After you arrive from Wat Arun, boarding the quick ferry to cross the river and you’ll be at the Grand Palace grounds. The temple is situated right here. Wat Phra Kaew is also known as the Temple of Emerald Buddha.

The spectacular Grand Palace is Bangkok city's one of the most famous landmarks. The Grand  Palace was once a home of Thai King and it was a Royal Court.

Within the Palace’s grounds is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, containing the small, very famous and greatly revered Emerald Buddha that dates back to the 14th century.

Wat Phra Khaew Bangkok Thailand Shoestring Travel

c. Wat Pho 

Wat Pho is also known as the temple of reclining Buddha and you must have seen this temple in thousands of pictures of Bangkok. One day in Bangkok and not visiting this temple is a sin. Walk a little from the grand palace and you will reach Wat Pho. 

Recently Wat Pho has gained international recognition as a meditation center and for the traditional Thai massage that is both practiced and taught there.

Reclining Buddha Wat Pho Bangkok

Lunch at Wang Lang Market in Bangkok

Lunch Time : 15:00 Hrs - 16:00 Hrs

By this time you must be really hungry. Just take a ferry from Wat Pho and cross the river and walk towards Wang Lang Market. If you can't trace it just ask for Siriraj Hospital (it's one of the most famous hospitals in Bangkok).

Around the Siriraj hospital, there are fabulous street food options. Have your lunch here and taste various street foods.

Wang Lang Market Street Food Bangkok Thailand

Mahanakhon Skywalk - Breathtaking Bangkok Skyline

Time : 16:00 Hrs - 18:00 Hrs
Cost: 750 THB

This is a lifetime experience in Bangkok and shouldn't be missed. The views of Bangkok from Mahanakhon Skywalk is breathtaking as it is the highest observatory deck in Bangkok at 314 Meters height.

Panoramic View Bangkok City Thailand Shoestring Travel
Panoramic View of Bangkok City

Take a Grab taxi from Wang Lang Market and head to Mahanakhon Skywalk.

The King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk opened in November 2018 and it also has a rooftop bar. 

The fun begins as soon as you enter Mahanakhon Skywalk. To reach to the 74th Floor you will take a lift which is one of the craziest experience you will ever get inside a lift. The lift shows 360 degrees animated video ride over Bangkok's rooftops which plays inside all the walls, floors, and ceiling on LED panels. You will reach 74 floors exactly in 50 seconds yes you read it correct 50 seconds 74 floors.

Mahanakhon Skywalk Highest observatory in Thailand

As soon as you get out of the lift on the 74th floor you will be greeted with 360-degree views of the Bangkok skyline. Well, hold on your breath till you go to the upper deck that's where the breathtaking views will make you mesmerized.

Don't miss the glass walkway which is a sheer drop of 300 meters below where you will be standing and you will be standing on glass. Well for a few seconds you might be scared but after that, you will feel comfortable. Just enjoy the view down below and the breathtaking views of the Skyline of Bangkok.

Check the below pictures to see Bangkok's skyline Mahanakhon Sky Bar Bangkok Thailand
A Moment at Mahanakhon Sky Rooftop Bar

Bangkok City from Highest point Mahanakhon Skywalk

Shoestring Travel at Highest point in Bangkok

Mahanakhon Skywalk Bangkok Thailand

China Town Yaowarat Road: Food Paradise

Time : 18:00 Hrs - 21:00 Hrs

One day in Bangkok and not going on a gastronomic experience which is something which shouldn't be missed at all.

Take a Grab Taxi from Mahanakhon Skywalk and head to China Town in Yaowarat Road. The distance is just 4 km and shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes even in heavy traffic.

Get down in China Town and indulge yourself on a gastronomic experience. Night time is more vibrant, best for getting street food. Sidewalks turn into street restaurants a night. Night time is defiantly more crowded.

Day or night traditional Chinese delicacies like Bird-Nest soup or Shark Fin Soup are available in restaurants along Yaowarat Road. You can find a Michelin star restaurant Jay Fai shop which sees long queues every night.

It's busy, it's crowded, it's colorful. it's reasonably cheap, it's welcoming, it's hot. it's inviting, it's crazy, it's chaotic, it's for bargain hunters, it's cultural,

it's China Town!!

Yaowarat Road China Town Bangkok

Bangkok Street Food China Town Thailand

China Town Bangkok Food Paradise

Yaowarat Road Bangkok Thailand

Khao San Road: The Backpacker's Party Paradise

Time : 21:00 Hrs till You have energy left

Head to the backpackers' paradise and party hub of Thailand. Dance on the streets, make friends, laugh and repeat. Even if you are traveling solo you are bound to make friends here. Such is the vibe of this place, that's Khao San road for you.

Pub hop and indulge yourself in cheap drinks.

Khao San Road One Day in Bangkok Itinerary Thailand

street dance at Khao San Road Bangkok Thailand

Khao San Road Bar Bangkok Thailand

Enjoy your One day in Bangkok Itinerary and if you have any doubts or you would require more clarity feel free to comment below. Shoestring Travel will help you to plan your perfect holiday in Bangkok. You should have an Amazing Holiday in Amazing Thailand.

Bon Voyage !!!

Shoestring Travel


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