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Chinatown in Bangkok is the ultimate food paradise. This Chinatown in Bangkok guide contains Food in Chinatown, Things to do in Chinatown in Bangkok, and everything about Chinatown in Bangkok. Every time I travel to Bangkok, I make it a point to visit Chinatown of Bangkok just for the food. Chinatown in Bangkok is unique as it is a blend of Thai & Chinese food. If you are thinking that in Chinatown of Bangkok that you get only Chinese Food then let me tell you, that you are wrong. You get every kind of cuisine starting from Thai to Chinese and Chinatown in Bangkok offers amazing seafood and few exotic foods like fish fins.

Chinatown Bangkok Guide Food and Things To Do

This blog post is the ultimate guide for navigating Chinatown in Bangkok while you taste the amazing food and also see some unique sites in Chinatown of Bangkok. Trying out various options of food that Chinatown in Bangkok has to offer you is a must. Before we delve deeper and get lost in the tantalizing taste of the food we should know the history behind the place. By the way, it is on Yaowarat Road.

History of Chinatown in Bangkok

Approximately 1400 years ago, the Chinese people from the provinces of Guangxi & Yunnan started migrating south. They migrated to the Northern Regions of Thailand. 

The Tai people brought Chinese influence to Thai Cuisine. The world-famous Pad Thai is influenced by Chinese immigrants. The real name of Pad Thai is Kway Teow Phat Thai. "Kway Teow" is a Chinese word in a Chinese dialect which means rice noodles, and the entire name means stir-fried rice noodles Thai-style. Noodles and stir-frying are very Chinese, and immigration of the Chinese people brought the style of cooking to Siam. Flavors like tamarind, palm sugar, and chilies were the Thai twists.

Yaowarat Road Chinatown Bangkok

Chinese immigrants introduced a different style of cooking techniques like Stir-Fried & Deep Frying employing the utilization of wok to Thai Cuisine. They also introduced noodles to Thai Cuisine. The Chinese people also introduced soy to Thai Cuisine.

It is believed that the birthplace of Thai Street Food in Chinatown District also known as Yaowarat Road. Chinatown of Bangkok is the mecca of street food.

Exploring Chinatown in Bangkok

Once you reach Chinatown in Bangkok you will be extremely confused about how you should navigate the place. You will get extremely confused about how and where to go in Bangkok's Chinatown.

Shoestring travel has the solution for you in this Chinatown in Bangkok Guide. Refer to the below map to understand how you should navigate Chinatown.

Chinatown in Bangkok Guide 

10 Best Restaurants in Chinatown in Bangkok

When you are in Chinatown in Bangkok you need to have street food along with food at the best restaurants.

So the Top 10 Restaurants in Chinatown of Bangkok where you need to go and taste some authentic Thai & Chinese food are given below in the Chinatown Guide for Food in no chronological order :

Rut & Lek Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown of Bangkok

The first restaurant in Chinatown Bangkok Guide for Food is Lek & Rut Seafood restaurant. It is a contrast to the great food and unlikely location.

Why am I saying its an unlikely location as it is on the intersection of the main road? If you want to experience the way of life of Thai people along with enjoying Thai cuisine then you need to dine in at this restaurant in Chinatown. It is absolutely a great experience once to have your food here.

Once you reach Rut & Lek seafood restaurant you need to wait for your turn to sit. Don't expect a swanky restaurant. This restaurant is just on the pavement. 

Location of Rut & Lek Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown: Phadung Dao Rd, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Timings of Rut & Lek Seafood Restaurant: Daily from 5.30pm to 2am
Phone of Rut & Lek Seafood restaurant in Chinatown in Bangkok: +66816375039

Yoo Fishball Restaurant in Chinatown of Bangkok

If you want to dine at a modern & upscale restaurant in then you should head to Yoo fishball restaurant mentioned in this Chinatown Bangkok Guide. They serve traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Yoo fishball restaurant of Chinatown in Bangkok specializes in fishballs. The restaurants serve at least 25 kinds of dishes.
You have to try softballs with mackerel, garlic, and spices.

Yoo Fishball Restaurant Chinatown Bangkok

Location of Yoo Fishball Restaurant in Chinatown of Bangkok: 433 Yaowarat Road, Khwaeng Samphanthawong, Khet Samphanthawong Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, 10100, Thailand
Open timings of Yoo Fishball Restaurant: Daily from 5.30pm to 2am
Phone number of Yoo Fishball restaurant: +66897827777

Nai Mong Hoi Tod, Bangkok

Nai Mong Hoi Tod next in the list of Chinatown Bangkok Guide is a street food restaurant which is in the heart of Chinatown of Bangkok. It is a small restaurant that serves amazing food. The restaurant has small red-colored plastic stools for you to sit on.

Don't miss having a crispy Thai oyster omelet in this amazing restaurant. This dish consists of a crispy fried egg, a chewy batter, and salty, plump oysters, all garnished with green onions.

Nai Mong Hoi Thod Oyster Omelete

Location of Nai Mong Hoi Tod : 539 Phlap Phla Chai Rd, Pom Prap, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Timings of Nai Mong Hoi Tod: Daily from 11am - 8:30pm
Phone number of Nai Mong Hoi Tod: +66897733133

Guay Jub Ouan Pochana in Chinatown in Bangkok

If you want to have rolled noodle soup head to Guay Ju Ouan Pochana restaurant as mentioned in this Chinatown Bangkok Guide. They have been serving this for the last 50 years. This restaurant has a complete family vibe and you will see locals coming with their family to have food here. 

At Guay Jub Ouan Pochana you need to order the pork belly soup which is served with traditional rolled noodles in a fragrant, hot broth. You will not get disappointed for sure.

Location of Guay Jub Ouan Pochana: 408 Yaowarat Rd, Chakkrawat, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Timings of Guay Jun Ouan Pochana restaurant: Daily from 6pm - 3am
Phone number of Guay Jub Ouan Pochana restaurant : +66865089979

T & K Seafood of Chinatown in Bangkok

T & K Restaurant is super busy always. You will have to wait for sometime before you get a seat to dine in. The decor like other restaurants in Chinatown is not great however be rest assured that you will get to taste amazing mouth-watering food. This restaurant mentioned in this Chinatown Bangkok Guide is a must-visit if you are a lover of seafood like me.

T&K restaurant is known for its seafood and you will only find seafood here. Try deep-fried fish served with a variety of sauce or barbecued huge size prawn or delicious seashells. You will be left wanting for more.

Location of T & K seafood Restaurant : 49-51 Phadung Dao Rd, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Timings of T & K Seafood Restaurant: Daily from 4pm to 2am
Phone number of T&K seafood restaurant: +6622234519

Red Rose Restaurant at Shanghai Mansion Hotel

If you want to have food at an upscale restaurant in Chinatown then you should head to Red rose restaurant at Shanghai Mansion hotel. The decor is amazing with an iron staircase, and antique furniture and gramophones.

The red rose restaurant in shanghai mansion hotel is centrally located in Chinatown. The food here will take you back in time when emperors dined on elegantly cooked meals. Try their Peking duck and you will not be disappointed.


Location: 481 Yaowarat Rd, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Open: Daily from 10am to 11pm
Phone: +6622212121

Yim Yim

Yim Yim has to be one of the oldest restaurants in Chinatown in Bangkok. It is in business for more than 80 years in Chinatown in Bangkok. The food here tastes home-cooked food and their hospitality is amazing. They make traditional Teow Chew style cooking dishes.

Yim Yim of Chinatown serve sone of the best Chinese sashimi in Bangkok and also roasted piglet and duck with ham and chestnuts. Yim Yim has large round tables which are a completely Chinese way of eating where you share a variety of dishes.

Yim Yim Restaurant bangkok Chinatown
( Source )

Location: 89 Soi Yaowa Phanit, 2nd Floor, Tang Chai Yu Restaurant, Yaowarat Road, Samphanthawong Subdistrict, Samphanthawong District, Bangkok, Thailand
Open: Daily from 10am to 11pm
Phone: +6622242205

Kuay Jab Nai Huan

Kuay Jab Nai Huan is one of the favorite restaurants in Chinatown in Bangkok. This is a small street stall and is a master of one dish. They serve large rolled rice noodles with crispy pork belly, with intestines, and served in a pepper filled clear soup. The prices start at just 40 Baht.

You need to wait in the queue to get your turn as this restaurant becomes choc-o-block starting at 6pm.

Kuay Jab Nai Huan bangkok chinatown things to do

Location: 4 Yaowarat Rd, Chakkrawat, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Open: Daily from 6pm to 10pm
Phone: Not Available

Jok Kitchen Michelin Star Restaurant in Chinatown in Bangkok

Jok Kitchen is one of the best restaurants probably in entire Bangkok and has got a mention on the Michelin Bangkok guide for 2020. This restaurant in Chinatown in Bangkok requires reservation weeks and months in advance.

There is no set menu and you will be served with whatever fresh is available and the chef decides what to serve for dinner. It accommodates just 16 guests. Jok kitchen serves Thai-Chinese seafood. Expect to get mostly crab claws, abalone, and sometimes you can be treated with chicken feet. Trust me it's extremely tasty.

crab claw jok kitchen bangkok chinatown
( Source

Jok's Kitchen Chinatown Bangkok
( Source )

Location: 23 Soi Isara Nuphap, Phlab Phla Chai Road, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Open: Daily from midday to 3pm and from 6pm to 10pm
Phone: +6622214075

Hua Seng Hong

Hua Seng Hong n Chinatown in Bangkok is one of the costlier options. However, be rest assured that the food at Hua Seng Hong will not keep you disappointed at all. This is a huge spacious restaurant and serves a host of seafood items.

The yellow curry with crab meat and the large sea bass with soy sauce is absolutely amazing and don't miss having it here. In the end, try the Thai Crepe to go back with sweet memories of Chinatown of Bangkok.

Location: 371, 373 Yaowarat Rd, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Open: Daily from 8.15am to 12.30am
Phone: +66 (0)2 222 7053

10 Food to Try in Chinatown in Bangkok

Yaowarat Toasted Bread

One of the most unique food you will find in Chinatown is Yaowarat Toasted Bread. It is a toasted bread with butter and inside it is filled with condensed milk or chocolate or any other filling you want. This makes is soft inside and a little crispy outside. You will always find a huge queue to have this. Hence reach a little early is you want to have this unique food in Chinatown of Bangkok.

Yaowarat Toasted Bread chinatown bangkok

Grilled Squid in Chinatown of Bangkok

You will find grilled squids in many places in Bangkok but I loved the grilled squid I had here in Chinatown in Bangkok. It was grilled to perfection. The amount of grill is extremely important for a squid as if it is grilled more then it becomes hard and if it is grilled less it remains extremely chewy. With the squid don't forget to add the Thai chili sauce which makes this squid taste better.

Chinatown Bangkok - Food Guide & Things to Do

Cockles in Chinatown in Bangkok

Cockles are mini oysters like which is extremely delicious. When you are in Chinatown in Bangkok you need to taste this amazing seafood. It is served in Kilos, but don't worry a kilo is not much as the cockles are weighed with its shell intact. When you order the cockles in Chinatown they will provide a special sauce which makes it extremely tasty. You should order barbequed cockles as I personally found it tastier.

Oyster Omelet or Hoi Tod in Bangkok

The way this Oyster omelet is cooked here makes it unique. You will find Oyster Omelet or Hoi tod in many places in Bangkok but the taste of it in Chinatown will linger forever. You get two choices of omelet either you can order a regular omelet or you can order a crispy omelet. It might sound like a simple dish but the ingredients make it special.

Chinese desserts

If you have visited Chinatown in Bangkok and have not tried the Chinese dessert then its a sin. You will find Chinese deserts at many stalls on the pavements. The Chinese desert in Bangkok, you will find it is served with fruits, black and red beans, shredded coconut, all kinds of syrups, etc. The most favorite among tourists are rice balls stuffed with black sesame and served with ginger sauce. It is commonly known as   “Bua Loy Num Khing.” If you ask my opinion I didn't like this variety much. Suggest you pick and choose to make your own mix.

Ba Mee Jub Kang aka Thai Style Wantan Mee

The dish derives its name from Ba Mee which means egg noodles and Jub Kang which means workers. This dish was invented to serve the blue collared workers as this dish is extremely high in protein and it can be quickly had. The dish is a simple noodle dish and is served with lots of pork. Its basically a noodle dish with lots of meat and eggs. This dish is very filling so if you are planning to taste a lot of food at Chinatown in Bangkok then skip this as after having this you will not be able to have anything else.

Chinese Roast Duck in Chinatown 

In China I had tasted roasted duck however those were in restaurants, however the Chinese roasted duck that you get in Chinatown in Bangkok has a very unique taste. You will find Chinese roast ducks on the street side stalls at Chinatown in Bangkok. You will get rice and choice of sauce along with roasted duck. This is a must-try here in Yaowarat Road.

Roasted Duck Chinatown Bangkok

Khao Kha Moo

The best place to have Khao Kha Moo is in Chinatown in Bangkok. Its basically a pork leg on rice. Don't worry you will not get a full pork leg. The pork leg is braised and pieces of pork meat is served on the rice along with a boiled egg.

Pork in Bangkok Chinatown

Guay Jub specialty of Chinatown in Bangkok

This is absolutely a must-try when you are in Chinatown of Bangkok. Guay Jub is only found in Chinatown in Bangkok. The noodles are extremely tender and chewy which is served with crispy pork and a flavored broth.

Grilled Banana at Chinatown

This is another unique food that you will find in Chinatown in Bangkok. You must have been fired banana but here in Chinatown, you will find a grilled banana. The banana is served with chocolate sauce or condensed milk. But it is a lot tastier with chocolate sauce. 

Stewed Goose

The stewed goose is cooked for hours and is served with spices and cilantro. The stewed goose is served with rice and also with a choice of sauce. This is a common food and local favorite dish of the locals too.

Heng Dee

This is an interesting food and not for weak hearts. So before you read in this Chinatown Bangkok Guide fasten your seatbelts. Well, I am talking about two unique dishes which you will find only in Chinatown in Bangkok its called Fish Fins and Bird's nest. This dish was earlier reserved for the royals and the rich people of Thailand. This is a costly dish and skips this if you are traveling on a budget.

10 Things To Do in Chinatown Bangkok Apart from Food 

Chinatown in Bangkok is not only about good food but also there are interesting places to see in Chinatown. Before you head to Chinatown in Bangkok and gorge on delicious food its important to lose some calories. Below are the 10 amazing things to do apart from Food in Chinatown in Bangkok.

Wat Traimit (Temple of the Golden Buddha)

Wat Traimit is one of the most important Buddhist temples in Bangkok's Chinatown which will keep you spellbound. The Wat Traimit temple in Bangkok's Chinatown houses the biggest statue made of solid gold in the world. The statues value was discovered in the year 1955 till then it was covered in a thick layer of stucco. The weight of the statue is approx 5.5 tonne and is worth more than $250 million.
The Wat Traimit temple is located near the Chinatown gate.No tour of Chinatown is complete without visiting this statue.

Wat Traimit Chinatown in Bangkok

Chinatown Gate

This Chinatown gate is a beautiful structure that has been recently inaugurated in 1999. Chinatown in Bangkok has the largest Chinese community outside China.

Wat Mangkon (Dragon Lotus Temple)

Wat Mangkon is one of the most beautiful & decorated temples in Chinatown. You will find lots of red and gold color which means luck in Chinese. You can get a glimpse of amazing Chinese architecture in this beautiful temple.

Crocodile Temple

Crocodile temple has a very complicated name ie. Wat Chakrawatrachawat Woramahawihan. For ease of remembering in the Chinatown Bangkok Guide, we will call it the crocodile temple. It's not a large temple complex rather a smaller one. The temple houses crocodiles which you can see when you visit the temple. According to the fables these crocodiles used to eat young monks. The young monks cursed the crocodiles and hence now they stay in an enclosure in this crocodile temple.

Sampeng Lane

If you are planning to shop your heart out then head to The Sampeng Lane. You will find all sorts of things in this market. This market is mainly for wholesalers hence you have to buy in bulk at least 3-5 numbers of the same item to get the rate.

Tip: Best to visit Sampeng Lane in Chinatown in the morning. Most shops are open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theater

If you are planning to see a royal Thai theater then head to the Sala Chalermkrung  Royal theatre.It was constructed in the year 1933. This art deco building has been restored beautifully. To watch a Thai performance you need to go on Thursday & Friday at 7:30pm.

Street art in Chinatown

Carry your camera when you visit Chinatown in Bangkok. Keep your eyes open you can see beautiful graffitis made during your stroll here.

So Heng Thai in Chinatown

So Heng Thai is one of the most well preserved Chinese villas mentioned in this Guide of Chinatown which is dating back to 200 years. This is a hidden secret and only a few tourists have been to this place. Currently, there is a small cafe and a Museum 

Flower Market in Bangkok Chinatown

The Pak Khlong Talat flower market is located in Chinatown in Bangkok and one of the most interesting and colorful places in Chinatown. There is a huge collection of flowers. Just walk in the market and get mesmerized by the beautiful color and smell of the flower.

Guan Yin Shrine / Thien Fah Foundation

The Guan Yin Shrine is one of the best attractions mentioned in this Chinatown Bangkok Guide. Guan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy in china, and you can find a 900-year-old statue in the shrine. On holiday the atmosphere in this shrine is mesmerizing due to hundreds of people coming here to pray and they burn an incense stick.

How to go to Chinatown in Bangkok

Chinatown can be reached by all modes of transports i.e. bus, tuk-tuk, metered taxi, MRT, or boat.

MRT: To reach Chinatown take the MRT to Hua Lamphong station. From there walk for few minutes and you will get to see the China Gate. You can't reach Chinatown of Bangkok by BTS. You need to change to MRT.

Boat: You can also reach Chinatown by boat. Get down at the Rachawongse stop. Chinatown or Yaowarat road is extremely close by from there.

Taxi: You can take a metered taxi to Chinatown from anywhere in Bangkok

Next time you visit Bangkok don't miss going to Chinatown in Bangkok. Refer to this Chinatown Bangkok Guide to enjoy Chinatown of Bangkok to the fullest.

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Chinatown Bangkok Ultimate Food Guide and Things to Do guide is a comprehensive guide to Chinatown.When you visit Bangkok in Thailand then you must visit Chinatown. There are lots of food options in Chinatown in Bangkok which shouldn't e missed. #Chinatown #Bangkok #Thailand #ThaiFood #StreetFood

Have you visited Chinatown in Bangkok yet and gorged on delicious food that Chinatown has to offer. Let us know in the comments what you liked about Chinatown of Bangkok. Also if you want me to include any other places on the list let me know in the comments.

Chinatown Bangkok Ultimate Food Guide and Things to Do guide is a comprehensive guide to Chinatown.When you visit Bangkok in Thailand then you must visit Chinatown. There are lots of food options in Chinatown in Bangkok which shouldn't e missed. #Chinatown #Bangkok #Thailand #ThaiFood #StreetFood Chinatown Bangkok Ultimate Food Guide and Things to Do guide is a comprehensive guide to Chinatown.When you visit Bangkok in Thailand then you must visit Chinatown. There are lots of food options in Chinatown in Bangkok which shouldn't e missed. #Chinatown #Bangkok #Thailand #ThaiFood #StreetFood

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