32 Best Day Trips in Europe

Best Day Trips in Europe

Day Trips in Europe can reveal lots of hidden gems and secret locations which will be hard to find in the cities. Day trips in Europe provide a glimpse into the beautiful countryside and way of life in Europe. While I travel to Europe I ensure I always keep one day in hand in a city just to explore the country on various day trips.

Day trips in Europe can be done so easily thanks to the Day passes of Eurail. You needn't always have a car or book a car for yourself. You can easily hop on to a train and enjoy the various sights in Europe on a Day Trip. Apart from trains for Day Trips in Europe, you can always take a bus as well. Busses in Europe are extremely comfortable and punctual. The best part of taking a bus during your day trip is that you can see the countryside in Europe.

So to travel more and explore Europe we asked Travel Bloggers across the world to pick up their favorite destinations for Day Trips in Europe. The below list is specially handpicked by travel bloggers across the world and will surely keep you spellbound.

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Without wasting further time lets see what the Travel Bloggers across the world have for you for Best Day Trips in Europe.

Best Day Trips in Europe

    Day Trip From London to the Isle of Wight

    The Isle of Wight is a small island off the south coast of England which is perfect for a Day Trip. With an immense history, Brits have been heading over to the island for day trips and weekend getaways for hundreds of years. The weather is slightly warmer than mainland England and the natural scenery is stunning from all areas of the island.

    You must visit Osborne House during your day trip, which was originally the summer home for Queen Victoria during her reign and is now a lovely historical museum for all the family to enjoy. 

    For those of you who are familiar with wildlife, you will notice the island is home to the famous red squirrels, which is not typical of England. See if you can spot on whilst you visit one of the many parks around the island.

    Day Trip From London

    Famous for cycling, there are many different popular bike routes which you can take that will take around the main areas of the island. We would definitely recommend trying to get through one of the routes if possible, with the shortest being around 30km in length.

    From London, we recommend taking a car for your day trip as you will need one on the island. You will head towards the port in Lymington or Portsmouth, and then take your car on the 30minute ferry journey over the English channel into the island.

    You will not be left hungry as all parts of the island are filled with restaurants and cafes to keep your appetite in check.

    Contributed by Manpreet from YourVeganAdventure

    Day Trip From Venice to  Burano and Torcello

    If you are in Venice and can bear to tear yourself away from its charms, then the perfect day trip from Venice would be to visit the islands of Burano and Torcello located in the Venetian Lagoon. A leisurely 45-minute ferry ride from Venice will take you directly to the fishing town of Burano made famous by its multi-colored painted houses and its quaint shops and restaurants.

    If you are planning to go to Venice during the Venice carnival then you will find the island of Burano & Torcello transformed to beautiful fairyland.

    Once in Burano head along its narrow streets to the town center and stop for a cooling Aperol spritz, the local Venetian drink, and maybe something to eat from one of its many specialty fish restaurants.

    Continue your day trip in Burano by simply wandering along its backstreets and across its small bridges where the colors of the fishermen’s houses will have you mesmerized, I bet you won’t be able to resist taking hundreds of photographs.

    Day Trip From Venice to  Burano and Torcello

    If time permits head to Burano’s church where visitors can slip inside and light a candle for a loved one while enjoying the beautiful interior.

    Before returning to Venice take a 5-minute ferry from Burano to the island of Torcello.

    Day Trip From Venice

    This unassuming island isn’t colorful like Burano but has the impressive Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta at its center. A climb to the top of the Basilica’s bell tower will give you far-reaching views across Burano and out to the lagoon.

    When it is time to leave head for the ferry terminal and enjoy a scenic cruise back to Venice. This is one of those day Trips which you will remember for long.

    Contributed by Angela Price from Where Angie Wanders

    Day Trip From Amsterdam to The Hague

    If you want to extend your weekend in Amsterdam, a day trip to The Hague from Amsterdam is a great way to experience local life in The Netherlands. The Hague is popular with visitors with a passion for history and culture, due to the city's rich history, medical buildings, and royal links.

    The city is also home to the U.N.’s International Court of Justice, headquartered in the Peace Palace, and the International Criminal Court.

    The distance from Amsterdam to The Hague is around 67km and takes 45 minutes by train, or 1 hour by car. There are lots of direct trains run from Amsterdam Central Station to The Hague Central Station every 30 minutes.

    Day Trip to the Hague

    The most popular attractions in the city are historic Binnenhof, Peace Palace, Palace Noordeinde, Madurodam Theme Park, The Hague Tower, and Scheveningen beach which is only 15 minutes outside of the city. Scheveningen beach is beautiful with a wide boulevard, excellent beaches, and stylish pavilions. It is the perfect place to laze about, go swimming and even go hiking!

    Best Day Trips in Europe

    And once you have finished exploring the city, you will have worked up an appetite, so head to the Plein, a famous town square right next to the Binnenhof where some of The Hague’s best restaurants are located.

    Contributed by Sophie Davis from Sophies Suitcase

    Day Trip From Barcelona to Tarragona

    About 60 miles southwest of Barcelona, lies the beautiful Roman port city of Tarragona. It is almost a mini-Barcelona but without the tourist hordes and a perfect destination for Day trip from Barcelona.

    Located on the Mediterranean coast in the Catalonia region of Spain, Tarragona contains an interesting mix of beautiful beaches, ancient Roman ruins, a dynamic port, lovely museums, and a busy city center lined with several cafes and restaurants. If you are in Barcelona, then you have to take a day trip to Tarragona and explore this gem on foot.

    Day Trip to Tarragona

    You can get to Tarragona by taking a direct train from the following Barcelona stations - Sants, Estació de França, and Passeig de Gràcia. You can also get to Tarragona by taking a bus either from the Barcelona Nord bus station or the bus stand next to Barcelona Sants station.

    Tarragona is approximately 100 kilometers away from Barcelona. It takes 1 hr 10 mins to 1.5 hrs to reach Tarragona by train and 1.5 hrs to 1 hrs 45 mins to reach Tarragona by bus.

    Day Trip from Barcelona

    The main attractions to see in Tarragona are - the Mediterranean Balcony, the Tarragona Cathedral, the Tarragona Amphitheatre, the Rambla Nova, the Human Tower, the Tarragona Beach, and the Ferreres Aqueduct. One of the most interesting things to do is to explore the Old Town on foot. This way you get to acquaint yourself with the culture and history of Tarragona. You also get to befriend the locals and truly soak in the vibes of the place.

    The best places to eat in Tarragona are Tarakon, El Encuentro, Bar Cortijo, Arcs restaurant, Barhaus, El Terrat Restaurant, and Raco de l'abat restaurant. You can easily spend a day in Tarragona and the place is a must-visit in your Barcelona itinerary.

    Contributed by Vaibhav Mehta from The Wandering Vegetable 

    Day Trip From Frankfurt to Upper Middle Rhine Valley

    The Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002, covers 65 km (40 miles) of the Rhine River between the cities of Bingen and Koblenz and one of the best day trips in Europe.  Because of its high concentration of castles, picturesque villages, scenic vistas, and vineyards, it is a favorite of those looking to escape Frankfurt’s urban setting.

    Distances from Frankfurt vary depending on the particular city or town you want to visit on the Valley.  It is recommended to start exploring the area from Rudesheim (65 km, 1 hour by car or train from Frankfurt). Then, you can return to the big city from Braubach (100 km, 2-hour train ride) or Koblenz (127 KM, 2-hour train ride).

    Frankfurt to Upper Middle Rhine Valley

    Once in Rudesheim, stroll the streets of the Old Town (full of half-timbered structures), visit Siegfried’s Mechanical Museum, or walk to the Niederwald Temple to admire formidable views of the river.  Keep in mind wine tasting is popular in the area since there is an abundance of vineyards. Tasting wine during a day trip in Europe sounds perfect.

    From Rudesheim, take a Rhine cruise to see castles (Ehrenfels, Rheinstein, Sooneck, Katz), towns (St. Goar, Bacharach, Boppard), the Loreley Promontory and a fancy toll station (Pfalzgrafenstein Castle).You can end the boat ride at Braubach in order to tour Marksburg Castle, a medieval fortress that was never destroyed.  Continue to Koblenz to see the German Corner, Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, and Old Town.

    Eating options include Cafe Rosenberger (Rudesheim), Liesers Bistro (Koblenz), and Pizzeria Laguna (Braubach).

    Contributed by Ruth Rieckehoff from Tanama Tales

    Day Trip From Athens to Nafplio

    The picturesque city of Nafplio was once the capital of Greece and a perfect destination for an amazing day trip in Europe. It was the first city that the Greeks heralded as their capital after they won independence from the Turks in the 19th century. Today, Nafplio is a popular getaway day trip destination for Greek couples who visit the city to enjoy a romantic weekend away. 

    Nafplio offers something for every type of traveler. The city has passed through the hands of various civilizations over the past few centuries. Consequently, the architecture here demonstrates a mishmash of different cultures. In Nafplio, you will see Venetian fortresses sitting beside old Ottoman mosques, and sprawling neoclassical manor homes. 

    The Palamidi Castle and the Venetian Fortress of Bourtzi should be at the top of your list of things to do in Nafplio. The Venetian Fortress is particularly interesting as it is situated off the coast of the mainland and so you have to sail out by boat to reach it. 

    Part of the charm of visiting Nafplio on a day trip is simply found in coming here to enjoy a relaxing weekend. Stroll around the city’s narrow streets, window shop in its elegant boutique stores, and enjoy traditional cuisine in the restaurants of old Syntagma Square. Buses run at regular intervals each day from Athens’ Pedion Tou Areos station and Nafplio. 

    Contributed by Melissa Douglas from High Heels and a Backpack

    Day Trip From Athens to Kaisariani Monastery 

    Kaisariani Monastery is one of the best places to go hiking in Athens. This can be called a hiking day trip in Europe. However, very few international tourists have even heard of this place! The Monastery awaits in the depths of the Vyronas forest, just south of the center of Athens. 

    If you consider yourself an avid hiker, you can hike to the Monastery as part of a greater hike to the peak of Mount Hymettus. However, the 30-minute trek to the monastery is a rewarding adventure in itself. The Monastery dates back to the 12th century and the site here is expansive. 

    A courtyard, living quarters, and several small chapels make up the monastery site. In the summer months, you will encounter monks here selling homemade honey and other produce. The inside of the Kaisariani Monastery is every bit as spectacular as its exterior. Its walls are painted with lavish, colorful frescoes that depict various scenes from the bible. 

    It is easy to get to Kaisariani Monastery from downtown Athens. You can take the 250 bus from the city center. Simply tell the driver that you want to go to Kaisariani Monastery. There is a 15-20 minute walk from the stop, through the woodland and to the monastery site. Alternatively, you can also take a cab directly to the monastery. 

    Contributed by Melissa Douglas of High Heels and a Backpack

    Day Trip From Prague to Bohemian Switzerland National Park

    Bohemian Switzerland National Park, located in the North of the Czech Republic close to the border with Germany, belongs to one of the most beautiful places in the country. You will be mesmerized during this Day Trip in Europe. Lush forests, peaceful countryside, and plenty of hiking opportunities make it an ideal day trip from Prague.

    You can get there by taking a train from Prague to Děčín. From there, hop on a bus to Hřensko, a starting point for hikes in the area. The whole trip is 130km long and takes about 2.5 hours.

    The main draw point to the area is the famous Pravčická Gate, a stunning natural sandstone arch. It’s the largest in Europe and the second-largest in the world. It even appeared in the Chronicles of Narnia.

    The whole area is remarkable, though. You can hike through forests and enjoy amazing views. A hike along the little Kamenice creek is especially popular among locals. You can also take a ride on a small traditional boat surrounded by sandstone formations.

    There are a few viewpoints worth exploring, such as from the top of Mary’s Rock. The Pravčická Gate too offers wonderful views of the landscape around. A former bandit keep called Šaunštejn and Belvedere viewpoint is highly recommended as well.

    Nice restaurants can be found e.g. in Hřensko or Mezní Louka village.

    Contributed by  Veronika Primm of Travel Geekery

    Day Trip From Zurich to Ascona & Locarno

    Zurich offers the best of both worlds - a wonderful city to enjoy and proximity to several beautiful places in Switzerland for the best day trips. Some of the best things to do in Zurich are to explore more of Switzerland through fantastic day trips - something which I can personally attest for based on innumerable trips I have taken my friends & family on!

    One of the best day trips from Zurich is to the South of Switzerland - exploring the Mediterranean side of the country! The historic village of Ascona located on the shores of Lake Maggiore will enthrall you with its natural beauty, culture & history!

    Stroll down the lake promenade in Ascona and take in the stunning lake on one side and brightly colored buildings on the other. The old town is lined with restaurants, cafes and shops - it’s easy to spend an entire day in this pretty little village.

    The town of Locarno on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore is located just 15 minutes away from Ascona by bus and makes for a worthy addition to this day trip. The long lake promenade at Locarno is just as pretty and has some of the best places to eat at! Head to the top of the Cardada mountain at Locarno for some panoramic views over the town and the lake.

    Ascona & Locarno are located about 200 km south of Zurich. It’s an easy (and very beautiful) 2.5 hours’ drive. There are multiple train connections as well for those using public transportation.

    Contributed by  Smita Singh of My Faulty Compass

    Day Trip From Rome to Siena

    One of my favorite Tuscan cities sits on top of a hill which is one of the best day trips destinations. It is less visited than its sister city, Firenze, but to me holds more charm, fewer crowds, and amazing food for less. 

    To get to Siena from Rome take the train either to Chiusi or Firenze -only a 10-minute difference- and from there to Siena. In total it takes about 3 hours 40 minutes. Once you get to the train station in Siena look for the electric staircase that takes you up the hill to the Porta Camolia. If not you can arrive by bus which leaves you closer to the city. 

    Walk to the Piazza del Campo and spend some time in the heart of Siena. The tower in front, Torre Mangia, is part of the Palazzo Pubblico and sits at 87 meters in height. If you dare the 300 stairs, climb to the top for an unforgettable view.

    For lunch head over to the Antica Trattoria Papei for some bistecca alla fiorentina or Osteria la Chiacchera to have the typical pici al cinghiale -wild boar, something I miss whenever home in Mexico City

    After lunch, head to the Duomo di Siena, a romanesque and Gothic cathedral with an imposing white façade. Its graffito floor is remarkable, as well as the Bernini statue of Saint Jerome, the Piccolomini altar, Donatello statue, and the pulpit by Nicola Pisano. Its stained glass window at the back is impressive. If you still have some time left, get lost in the little streets and do some shopping for ceramics, Tuscan wine or, my favorite, Pecorino cheese. 

    Contributed by Lorenza from When I Roam 

    Day Trip From Amsterdam to Rotterdam

    Rotterdam is just 1hr train ride away from Amsterdam and thus one of the best day trips in Europe and with Kinderdijk, the 2 would make a perfect day-trip from Amsterdam.

    Rotterdam has quite a few places to see including the Erasmusbrug, Chabot Museum etc. The quirkiest of them all is Cube Houses. In fact, it is currently a hostel and it is possible to spend a night in this very quirky architecture. As the name suggests, this hostel looks like several cubes stacked next to each other at an angle, that looks like it's defying gravity! If you’re a Christian by faith, don’t miss Noah’s Arc, a museum about, obviously, Noah’s Arc!

    One of the unusual things to do here would be a tour of Van Nelle Fabriek Rotterdam, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the first instance, it doesn’t look unusual. But the fact is, this is one of the first-ever buildings to look ‘usual’ as we know it today. It's one of the first-ever steel & glass buildings.

    A trip to Rotterdam cannot be complete without Kinderdijk, located in the outskirts and the perfect way to reach here is by ferry. Kinderdijk is also another UNESCO Site. This place has 20 historic windmills that have been in place since 17th C, as a part of their water-management system.

    Contributed by Bhushavali from My Travelogue

    Day Trip From Helsinki to Tampere

    Back in the day I did a 2-month long cycling trip and spent a good portion of my time in Finland. One of the coolest places I encountered was Tampere. Only 100 miles and a 1h40 train ride away from Helsinki, this is the perfect day trip if you are looking to see the lakes of Finland while experiencing an interesting day out into the heart of Finland. 

    Wedged in between two large lakes, as most of Finland is, Tampere offers an interesting industrial history, with old industrial revolution buildings similar to the ones you’d see in the UK. And not too surprisingly, Tampere is named the Manchester of Finland. 

    If you’re looking for museums, there are plenty within walking distance of the train station. One of the more notable ones being Työväenmuseo Werstas (The Finnish Labour Museum) and the Lenin Museum. The latter being the site where Lenin and Stalin first met in 1905. 


    While there are plenty more museum options, if you are looking for something a little different (and fun), head over to the Särkänniemi amusement park which also contains the Doghill Fairy Farm and Angry Birds Land for an amusing day out - note this is only open a limited number of months each year.

    If you’re in Tampere then you have to experience the history of the industrial area. Finlaysonin tehdasalue (Finlayson Factory Area) holds many of the old industrial factories which are now converted into shops, restaurants, art exhibitions, and more. It’s truly beautiful how a city can keep its amazing historic buildings and still make them relevant in today’s world. 

    Contributed by Nick from Illness To Ultra

    Day Trip From Rome to Pompeii

    If you love ancient history or are simply fascinated by a city that was preserved in time almost 2,000 years ago, take a day trip in Europe when visiting Rome to Pompeii. 

    Pompeii in Europe has intrigued visitors for centuries and it’s easy to see why. As you wander the site and discover the villas, bakeries and even amphitheater of the former Roman city you can’t help but feel the presence of Vesuvius looming in the distance. This eruption of this now dormant volcano was responsible for the destruction of the city, covering it with molten lava and ash which preserved it to this day. 

    The Pompeii archaeological site is an easy one day trip suitable for budget travelers thanks to a high-speed rail link connecting Rome and Naples. Once you get to Naples, transfer to the local train to travel to Pompeii Scavi where you’ll find the entrance to the park. 

    If you book tickets for the train in advance you can make considerable savings which you could put toward a tour of the site with an archaeologist where you’ll learn the secrets of Pompeii. You will need at least 3 to 4 hours to explore the site which leaves just enough time to try one of the famous Naples pizzas before heading back to Rome.

    Contributed by Katy Clarke from Untold Travel

    Day Trip From Birmingham to Snowdonia National Park

    If you love outdoor adventures, you must go on a day trip from Birmingham to Snowdonia National Park. Snowdonia is the biggest national park in Wales and features some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK!

    Hikers will love it as they will find many hiking paths. The most popular hike is Mount Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales. Going up to the summit will take you about 6 hours. If you'd rather not walk, you can jump on the Snowdon Mountain Railway. It runs every day of the year and offers a very nice and authentic experience.

    Thrill-seekers will also love Snowdonia! There are plenty of awesome outdoor activities available. If you head to Penrhyn Quarry, you will find ZipWorld Velocity 2. It's the fastest zipline in the world and the longest in Europe. They will bring you up to the top of the mountain, get your harness done and you will be flying above a lake, looking at the beautiful Welsh coast.

    The best way to get to Snowdonia would be by car as it will give you the freedom to go where you want and enjoy a little road trip. It takes about 2 hours to get to Betws-y-Coed. 
    There is a train station in Betws-y-Coed but unfortunately, it’s not well connected to Birmingham. 
    Another popular option is to book a day tour. 

    Contributed by Pauline Vergnet from Bee Loved City

    Day Trip From Birmingham to Manchester

    If you want to discover another city in the UK, Manchester will be your perfect day trip from Birmingham.

    You can jump on a train from Birmingham New Street to Manchester Piccadilly. It takes about 1 hour and a half. You can also choose to drive but it will be less convenient as it takes more time and you will have to pay for carpark.

    Once you get there, you can start exploring! There are so many things you can do during your day in Manchester! The city center is quite small and easily navigable. Start your visit at Piccadilly Gardens and head to Market Street. This is where you will find all the shops, perfect for fashionistas out there!

    After that, you can head to the Northern Quarter. You will find many bars and restaurants on Thomas street. It's a great place to grab lunch. If you like street art, that will be the perfect place for you. There are many murals along Thomas Street and Stevenson Square.

    Another great neighborhood to visit is the Gay Village. Manchester is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in Europe and its Gay Village is very lively. There are plenty of bras and venues. You can also go to Sackville gardens to see Alan Turing and the LGBTQ bee.

    If you want to make the best of your time in Manchester, you can go on a walking tour. It lasts between 2 and 3 hours. The guide will take you everywhere including Manchester cathedral, Midland hotel, St Peter's square, Vimto landmark... and plenty more!

    Contributed by Pauline Vergnet from Bee Loved City

    Day Trip From Glasgow to Oban

    If you’re looking for a day trip from Glasgow that takes in incredible views of lochs and mountains, passes historic (and absurdly scenic) castles and finishes on the dramatic West coast for fresh seafood and a renowned whiskey distillery, then look no further!  A day trip in Europe to Oban, 150 km (93 miles) from Glasgow covers all this in a perfect day out. 

    It is possible to get to Oban by train in about 3 hours from Queen Street Station but to fully appreciate the beauty of this day out it’s best to hire a car and self-drive.  The drive takes about 2.5 hours without stops, along the A82 and A85 roads.  However, the drive itself is an integral part of this picturesque trip and it’s likely you’ll want to stop a few times.

    Leaving Glasgow city it’s not long before you’re driving the length of the western shore of Loch Lomond. Take a tiny deviation to visit the pretty village of Luss, located about 50 minutes from Glasgow, on the water’s edge.  The views (and reflections on a still day) of Loch Lomond and The Trosachs National Park are gorgeous.

    Continue on for another hour or so and you’ll pass the supremely photogenic and so very Scottish ruined Kilchurn Castle. The castle sits magnificently at the top end of Loch Awe, which is literally awe-inspiring. From here it’s approximately another 30 minutes’ drive to Oban.

    In Oban itself one of the main attractions is the whiskey distillery which dates from 1797 where you can take a tasting tour. Other things of note to visit are McCaig’s Tower, a 19th-century “folly” inspired by the Colosseum in Rome, and the ruins of Dunollie Castle. Both offer great views over the town and out to sea. However, one of the best things about the town is its fresh locally-caught fish, so a meal at one of its seafront restaurants is a must. Lunch at The Waterfront Fishouse Restaurant offers the opportunity to watch the inter-island ferries coming and going on the harbor while sampling delicious seafood.

    Contributed by Phoebe from Lou Messugo

    Day Trip From Frankfurt to Aachen

    A little bit to the west from Frankfurt, close to the Belgian border, there is a small town called Aachen. It's less popular among tourists but it's a great option for a one-day trip. The quiet atmosphere of an old medieval village is combined here with modern business and shopping centers covered in glass.

    There is a direct ICE train that covers the distance from Frankfurt to Aachen in a little over two hours. Must-see points include Aachen Cathedral and the main square called Markt, but you'll get the best experience from this town if you just get a bit lost and wander around those tiny streets.

     As small as Aachen is, you don't really need more than a day to see everything, so this one day trip is a no-brainer: just grab your cute passport and go book a train ticket!

    When you walk the cobblestone pavements that are Aachen's calling card, you'll be amazed by the variety of cool unique sculptures and fountains scattered around the city. A girl reading a book, a random janitor cleaning the street, a group of people hiding from the rain, a beast in the middle of a central square... After all the exploring is done, those stone-made characters that met you on every corner are what you'll always remember.

    Contributed by Juliet from Live Your Dream Today

    Day Trip From Copenhagen to Dragor

    Dragør, a charming fishing town on an island of Amager, 20 minutes (13 km) outside Copenhagen, deserves to be admired when in Denmark. A day trip to Dragør has to be there on your Copenhagen itinerary.

    With a rich Danish history dating back to the 12th-century, Dragør takes its visitors back in time when Dutch inhabited Amager island and its villages.
    You can feel the touch of Dutch heritage and culture as you stroll the cobbled streets striped with traditional thatched roof yellow houses artfully decorated with lilacs. The town also played a vital role during the Nazi Holocaust.

    The best way to explore Dragør is by walking the cute little town to soak its old-world charm. Also, check out Dragør Harbor and Dragør Museum to learn about its maritime history. If you happen to visit in summer, it makes sense to spend some time at Dragør Søbad, a public swimming pool.

    You can easily reach Dragør from Copenhagen using public transport, a rental car, or even a bike. Look for the bus 250S from Copenhagen Central Station or line 35 from the Kastrup Airport. If you're driving from Copenhagen to Dragør, make sure to stop by at Den Blå Planet, the largest aquarium in Northern Europe.

    One of my favorite places to eat in Dragør is Dragør Rogeri, right at the harbor, where you can enjoy Nordic cuisine while marveling at the views of the Danish side of Øresund Bridge.

    PS: Don't leave Dragor before you taste yummy organic ice-cream at Nam Nam Is.

    Contributed by Anjali from Travel Melodies

    Day Trip From Geneva to Lausanne

    Lausanne is the capital of the canton of Vaud in Switzerland and a perfect day trip destination in Europe. It is easily reachable from Geneva. There are numerous trains running daily from Geneva Airport to Lausanne and the journey time is less than an hour. Alternatively, you can hire a cab from Geneva to Lausanne. It is much more expensive than the train journey but more scenic as well.

    Due to its close proximity to Geneva, Lausanne makes for a great day trip destination. And there are so many things to see and do in Lausanne that you can easily spend days here without getting bored. For museum lovers, there is the Palais de Rumine (a group of five museums), Collection de l'Art Brut (a great collection of artwork by untrained artists), and the very popular Olympic Museum.

    Other popular attractions in the city are the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Lausanne, the Rolex Learning Centre, the Ouchy Promenade, and the Old Town.

    For those who love green spaces, there is the small but beautiful Montbenon Park offering a great view of the lake. Regular pleasure cruises also depart from Lausanne to other Lake Geneva destinations like Lavaux, Montreux, Chillon Castle, etc. If you have the time, a cruise is definitely recommended. With the Alps in the backdrop, cruising on the lake is a magical experience.

    And once you are done with sightseeing, it’s time to sample some authentic Swiss food. There are a great number of cafes/restaurants in the city where you can enjoy local delicacies.

    Contributed by Deeptha from The Globe Trotter

    Day Trip From Lisbon to Óbidos

    The medieval whitewashed town of Óbidos is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns in Portugal. Hundreds of years ago, a tradition began whereby the King of Portugal would bequeath the town to his bride as a wedding gift. Thus, Óbidos benefited greatly from the patronage of the queens and the royal family as a whole. Much of its medieval architecture remains intact, including the imposing castle, which has been declared one of the seven wonders of Portugal.

    When you first arrive, the best way to get a feel for the town and understand its layout is by walking along the ramparts of the town walls. Just be careful, as there are no guard rails, so it's not recommended for people with vertigo or a fear of heights. Be sure to check out the many bookstores in town, some of which are housed in unusual locations. For example, there's one inside an organic produce market, and another in a deconsecrated chapel. On Rua Direita, you'll find plenty of bars and cafés serving the local liqueur, called ginjinha. It's best drunk from an edible chocolate cup!

    The fastest way to get from Lisbon to Óbidos is by bus. It's an 80-kilometer trip and takes about one hour on the Rodotejo bus that leaves from Lisbon's Campo Grande station. There's also a train, but it's much slower so not really suitable for a day trip. 

    Contributed by Wendy Werneth from The Nomadic Vegan

    Day trip from Glasgow to the Isle of Arran

    The Isle of Arran is a popular island off the west coast of Scotland. It is also known as "Scotland in Miniature" because it offers a little bit of everything Scotland is famous for: sandy beaches, castles, mountains, seaside villages, whiskey, and standing stones. And the best thing? The Isle of Arran is an easy day trip from Glasgow.

    Get a Rail & Sail ticket to reach the Isle of Arran in approx. 2 - 2.5 hours from central Glasgow (via Ardrossan port). Traveling by car is more expensive on the ferry, but gives you more flexibility on the island.

    My favorite activity on Arran is the challenging hike up Goatfell, that tallest mountain on the island. It lies just outside Brodick and the trailhead can be reached within a short walk from the ferry port. The hike offers stunning views of the mainland coast, the iconic peaks of the Paps of Jura and the rest of the mountain range on Arran.

    For a less active day trip to Arran, catch a bus to Lochranza to visit the castle and the distillery, or make your way to Blackwaterfoot for a shorter walk to the Machrie Moor Standing Stones.

    In Brodick, sample the local food and drinks scene - try the locally made beer, indulge in a scoop of dairy ice cream, and pick up a small wheel of Arran cheese to take home as a souvenir.

    Contributed by Kathi Kamleitner from Watch Me See

    Day Trip From Birmingham to Powys Castle, Wales

    Less than 70 miles from Birmingham lies the beautiful, Powis Castle or to give it its Welsh name, Powys Castle. Taking less than an hour and a half by car, this castle located near Welshpool in Powys in Wales is one of the best day trips to take from the city. This medieval castle, fortress, and the grand mansion is under the National Trust.

    As the seat of the Earl of Powys, this castle is known for its stunning mansion as well as the formal gardens, deer park, and landscaped estate. It is a popular place to visit near Welshpool and you can even enjoy Powys Castle with kids.

    Start your visit with tea and cakes from the little café in the courtyard of the castle before exploring the castle itself. The Herbert family is still in residence so some parts are not open to the public, but you can visit places like the drawing-room, games room, and kitchen. There are often people in different rooms to give you information about the castle and the room in which they are. Just be aware that no photos are allowed in the rooms of the castle as it is a private residence. Once you have finished exploring the castle, take time to visit some of the gardens which are extensive.

    There is a lovely walk around the lake towards the Ice Cellar, formal gardens, and Deerpark as mentioned. You will want to spend at least a couple of hours at Powys Castle to fully appreciate all it has to offer. And I highly recommend an ice-cream if the little stall is there!

    Contributed by Cath from Passports and Adventures

    Day Trip From Munich to Neuschwanstein

    The castle Neuschwanstein is one of the most visited and famous castles in Germany. No wonder. It’s architecture is one of a kind and it inspired Walt Disney to create the Disney castle.

    More than 2 million tourists visit Neuschwanstein every year.The best view to take a picture of the castle is from the Marienbrücke bridge. It is a popular place and especially during the summer months very crowded.If you visit castle Neuschwanstein during summer, it’s recommended to be there as early as possible, or later in the afternoon.For a guided tour through the castle, tickets can be purchased directly at the ticket center.

    Besides visiting the Neuschwanstein castle you can also visit the castle Hohenschwangau. It is located close by.Or if you are into hiking, the Pöllatschlucht gorge is an amazing place to see the castle from a different angle.

    The castle Neuschwanstein is located about 110 km away from Munich.The easiest way to get to the castle is by car or train. By car, you will be there in about 2 hours. Taking the train from Munich takes around 2.5 hours. The closest city to the castle is Füssen (Fussen). From the train, station buses take you directly to the castle area.

    Contributed by Christina Leutner from City Sea Country

    Day Trip From Barcelona to Sant Cugat del Vallès

    Sant Cugat del Vallès is definitely one of our favorite day trip destinations from Barcelona. This is not only because the small city has a lot of beautiful architecture to offer, but also because it is arguably the fastest and easiest destination to reach from Barcelona's city center. After all, the small town is only 17 km from Barcelona. So you only need around half an hour to reach Sant Cugat.

    The city itself is beautiful. With its typical medieval Catalan style, it immerses you in a completely different atmosphere than in the streets of Barcelona. It is also much quieter here than in the neighboring Catalan capital.

    The most popular attraction of the small town is its impressive monastery. The monastery and its church are located right in the city center. Therefore, they are easy to reach on foot while walking through the city center. The monastery can be visited free of charge. Even the interesting museum inside is free of charge. A visit to the museum is absolutely worth a visit. In addition to Spanish and Catalan, all information can also be found in English. However, the most beautiful place inside the monastery is the spectacular courtyard. Thus, it's an amazing place to take wonderful pictures.

    After you visit the monastery, you are probably going to be hungry. That's why you might want to visit the Sant Cugat del Vallès market. You can find it in the adjacent square. Here you can find all kinds of tasty snacks.

    Contributed by Vicki Franz  from Vickiviaja

    Day Trip From Madrid to Toledo

    When you are in Madrid, a day trip to Toledo is a must. The spectacular medieval city has so much to see so make sure you bring good walking shoes as there will be a day of walking. Walking from Plaza Zocodover and up to Catedral Primada, which is a wonderful gothic piece in the heart of old town, you can literally stop at every corner. It is said that there is no place with more ancient sites per square meter in Europe other than Rome!

    Make sure you don’t miss out on the Jewish Quarter where you find Monasterio de San Juan de Los Reyes a cloister which perfectly blends Gothic and Mudéjar styles. On the outside wall, you can see the chains of freed Christians back in Muslim times. In the Jewish Quarter, you also find the famous museum of El Greco, which was a Greek artist that lived in Toledo and definitely left his mark on the city with his paintings.

    The old town of Toledo is surrounded by the Tajo River and several astounding rock bridges cross it. Especially the Puente de San Martin and the Azarquiel Bridge are worth crossing. The first one even has a zip line crossing! From the Alcazar, you have great views over the river and there is a lovely park to stroll through too.

    Toledo is only an hour from Madrid and there are frequent buses and trains all day so it is easy to get there on your own. However, if you prefer to go on an organized trip, there are plenty of tour operators offering guided day trips.

    Contributed by Linn Haglund from Brainy Backpackers

    Day Trip From Venice to Verona

    Verona is well known for Juliet’s House, from the famed Romeo and Juliet story written by William Shakespeare.  The city can be reached by car or train and is about 75 miles from Venice. Verona is a  beautiful city on the river, has a bridge, fortress, and amazing history that requires a proper visit.  Verona has one of the most well preserved Roma amphitheaters in all of Italy, which is still being used for musical performances and events to this day.  Verona Arena is available for touring when you purchase a ticket in advance.

    Castle Vecchio is a spectacular castle with grounds that was once a defensive fortress protecting the city against invaders.  The accompanying bridge, Ponte di Castle Vecchio is a magnificent bridge that is only for pedestrians and provides views over the river.  It is a great bridge on which to take pictures and there are areas to climb a bit higher for better views as well.

    A walk around Verona is a great way to take in the city.  In the center, there is usually a market or some other vendors who set up shop during the tourist season.  Around the center, there are many bakeries, Italian confectionery shops, and artisan shops that welcome tourists from all over the world. It is well worth taking the time and visiting some of the smaller unique shops.

    Contributed by The Elusive Family

    Day Trip From London to Oxford

    The city of Oxford is a must-visit when you are in England! Although it is primarily well-known for the University of Oxford, you will also discover plenty of other exciting things to see and do here…and a day trip from London to Oxford is the perfect way to explore all this city has to offer.

    Oxford sits at only 1-2 hours from London, and you can easily visit by train or by coach depending on your budget. Coach tickets are often slightly cheaper, while trains maybe a little more expensive but are quicker. Whatever you choose, you will find the trip between these two cities to be easy and stress-free.

    There are lots of things to see in the city, but with only one day you will have to prioritize. You should definitely take the time to go inside at least one of the colleges (Christ Church and Magdalen are both amazing!), and many people also love visiting the Harry Potter filming locations across the city (including the famous stairwell at Christ Church).

    Other important things to do include visiting the gorgeous museums, going punting on the river, and seeing the city skyline. There’s a reason Oxford is called the City of Spires—so you definitely won’t want to miss seeing the city from above! Be sure to drop by The Varsity Club Bar & Restaurant for an amazing rooftop view.

    With its proximity to London and plethora of exciting activities, Oxford should definitely make it onto your list of places to visit from London. It will be an unforgettable experience!

    Contributed by Abi from Happy Go Abi

    Day Trip From Athens to Sounio

    Cape Sounion, also known as Sounio, is the southernmost tip of the Attica peninsula and is the location of an impressive archaeological site that looks over the sea. The ruins of the Temple of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, dominate the landscape and are best seen at sunset with the golden rays gracing the curves of the ancient columns.

    Lying just over an hour from Athens, Sounio can easily be reached as a day trip from the capital, either allowing time to spend a day on the beach at Cape Sounion first or simply heading over in the evening in order to watch the sun go down.

    If you can, you'll also want to allow yourself time to enjoy a meal of fresh fish in one of the local beachside tavernas near the Archaeological Site of Sounio, as there's no better location to tuck into some sumptuous Greek seafood! The calamari from Marida is heavenly and the saffron mussels at Taverna Syrtaki are a must.

    Travelers can visit Sounio as part of a sunset tour (usually leaving from Athens around 4 pm in the summer) or, if you have a friend in Athens with a car, you may want to make a day of it.

    Contributed by Chrysoula from Athens and Beyond

    Day Trip From Edinburgh to Dundee

    Dundee is the perfect day trip from the city of Edinburgh in Scotland. It's a beautiful coastal city just north of Edinburgh and there are tons to do there! Not only is it the birthplace of DC Comics, it's also home to many nautical museums and the new V&A Museum of Scotland.

    With a car, Dundee is reachable from Edinburgh in just over an hour, but it can also be reached by train. Just hop on at Edinburgh Waverley and get off at Dundee in approximately 1 hour 22 minutes. The train costs approximately £18.90 for a single ticket.

    One of the best ways to spend time in Dundee is to visit the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum. It's absolutely free to enter and it's filled with lots of wonderful art. There's a rotating art gallery room as well, which oftentimes has to be paid for. A year ago there was an amazing video game art exhibition, and it was well worth the money to go in and experience it! Other great art museums in the area include the McManus and Dundee Contemporary Arts.

    A great place to eat in Dundee is Babica Hen Cafe. The food is great and it's pretty affordable. Trellis is also an awesome option; it's a wine bar and kitchen with extremely tasty food.

    Contributed by Krystianna from Volumes & Voyages

    Day Trip From Milan to Bergamo

    Bergamo, a city in Northern Italy, is a beautiful day trip from Milan. Set amidst an impressive backdrop of the Italian countryside stretching towards the distant Alps, the city is incredibly photogenic. The ‘Citta Alta’ (old town) of Bergamo is best known for its charming cobblestone streets and the grand interiors of the religious architecture here. 

    The 12th-century Santa Maria Maggiore and neighboring Collenoi Chapel are certainly worth admiring. Other activities in Bergamo include visiting numerous museums such as the Museum of Natural Science and Archeology, cute corner restaurants, and taking a walk around the beautiful 6km circuit of Venetian city walls which were built in the 14th-century.

    Bergamo was considered a city of importance and wealth during the Middle Ages and now has UNESCO World Heritage Status. While the modern city of Bergamo is easy walking distance to the old town - or accessible via the short funicular railway ride - the Citta Alta has remained a charmingly historical area as if it’s heritage has been kept safe between the protective city walls.

    Due to the close walking proximity of the main attractions, the area is a good choice for a day trip. The train from Milan to Bergamo arrives in under an hour and costs approximately just 7 euros, depending on when you visit. You can buy your ticket directly to Milan Central Station. Both Bergamo Airport and Milan Malpensa Airport have previously had budget flights to many cities around Europe.

    Contributed by Cass from Volumes & Voyages

    Day Trip From Berlin to Hamburg

    Thanks to its industrial and maritime heritage, Hamburg's attractions include a number of interesting sights, both natural and man-made. You even get the best of both worlds in the Speicherstadt district, the city's only UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's made up of a series of canals that are lined by brick warehouses on both sides and is especially picturesque in the evening. Also in the Speicherstadt is Miniatur Wunderland, which is the world's largest model railway. There's actually much more than just railways here; entire cities have been recreated in miniature.

    One of Hamburg's newest attractions is the concert hall known as the Elbphilharmonie, or "Elphi" for short. Even if you don't attend a concert here, be sure to go up to the free observation platform for incredible views. Happenpappen is just one of many great restaurants in Hamburg. They offer a changing daily menu for lunch and a variety of vegan burgers and bowls at dinner.

    Even though Hamburg is nearly 300 kilometers from Berlin, the fastest train can make the journey in less than two hours. You'll want to take the Deutsche Bahn Intercity-Express, which leaves from Berlin Hauptbahnhof and arrives at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof.

    Contributed by Wendy Werneth from The Nomadic Vegan  

    Day Trip From Vienna to Salzburg

    Salzburg is a city that can be reached from many cities of Austria and Germany for a day trip. From Vienna, it is approx. 2 hours and 20 minutes by train and hence a perfect day trip destination. But if you have more days on hand, Salzburg won’t disappoint you. Salzburg offers a variety of things to do. Museums, old town, Mozart’s birthplace, Gardens, palace, cathedrals, and so on. 

    But what we absolutely recommend is exploring Sound of Music movie locations. Remember, one of the all-time popular musicals was shot here! 

    Being a UNESCO World Heritage site, the first thing that should be explored is the old town of Salzburg. And it is done best on foot. Take a funicular ride to go up to the fortress. From there you get a bird’s eye view of the city of Salzburg.

    Visit Mozart’s residence which has been conveted into a museum. This Salzburg cathedral is in the middle of the Old Town as if it’s a centerpiece. St. Peter’s Abbey is also right next to the cathedral. These two are a must-visit if you are interested in fine baroque architecture.

    Keep at least an hour for Mirabell Gardens and another for Mirabell Palace if time permits. The baroque styled palace provides a beautiful backdrop to the Mirabell gardens. The garden is well maintained and has appeared in the movie as well. 

    Eat Mozartkugel at Cafe Furst which is the original home for this. 

    Contributed by Nisha and Vasu from Lemonicks

    That's all in the Best day trips in Europe list. If you liked it then it would be great if you can share it among your friends and family so that these beautiful destinations can be explored.Also let us know in the comment section below about your experiences of visiting to these destinations for day trips in Europe.

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    Best Day Trips in Europe #Europe #DayTrips #Trips

    Best Day Trips in Europe #Europe #DayTrips #Trips

    Best Day Trips in Europe #Europe #DayTrips #Trips

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