40 Best Hikes in Europe

Best Hikes in Europe is the list of most beautiful hiking trails in Europe for all kinds of difficulty levels. Its time to go back to nature and do some hikes and get fitter. These Best Hikes in Europe is a curated list of hikes in Europe from various travel bloggers across the globe. 

For most of the travelers, Europe is all about beautiful cities, history, and culture. However, very few people know that Europe has got a few of the world's best hiking trails. The hikes in Europe are breathtakingly beautiful offering your perfect scenery and great opportunities for landscape photography.

I hope this list of Best Hikes in Europe helps you to unwind and show you some beautiful hike trails which exist in Europe.

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40 Best Hikes in Europe #Europe #Hike #BestHikes

Best Hikes in Europe #Europe #Hike #BestHikes40 Best Hikes in Europe #Europe #Hike #BestHike

If you know of any other Hiking trail which can be included in this list of Best Hikes in Europe, kindly drop me a mail, would love to add to this list with all due credit to you.


    The Hardergrat Hike In Switzerland

    Distance: 20 Km
    Difficulty: Difficult
    Number of hours: 6 hours

    The Hardergrat hike is one of the toughest day hikes in the world due to its narrow ridge, long-distance, and tough incline. This hike also features in many lists of Best Hikes in Europe. It’s known as one of the most epic hikes in Interlaken and also one of the most dangerous. in this list of Best Hikes in Europe.

    The hiking trail begins near Brienz and follows the ridge all the way along the Brienzersee (Brienz Lake) to Harder Kulm Station. It takes most hikers a minimum of at least six hours to complete and there are many parts with very, very steep drop-offs. The Hardergrat hike is recommended for experienced hikers and to be avoided on wet days is the steep cliffs can be unforgiving.  The hike has 2000m of incline and is 20km in length. Wear good hiking shoes with excellent grip before you start this best hike in Europe.

    The best way to do the Hardergrat hike is to get the train up at Brienz and then hike across the ridge and then take the train down from Harder Kulm. The best route is to get the early train (it’s also half price) at Brienz and then work your way to Harder-Kulm Station and make sure you catch the last train down. Alternatively, if you are a hiking machine, you can hike up to Brienzer Rothorn, along the ridge to Harder Kulm Station and then down to Interlaken for a total of almost 30-kilometers and 3000m+ of incline throughout the day. Good luck with the journey.

    Contributed by Jackson Groves from The Journey Era

    Seven Hanging Valleys Hike Algarve in Portugal 

    Distance – 11 Kms
    Difficulty – Easy
    Number of hours – 6 Hrs

    Seven Hanging Valleys hike is one of the most beautiful among the best hikes in Europe.  This hike follows the coastline of the beautiful Algarve in southern Portugal.

    The hike starts in Carvoeiro and if you follow the trail it takes three hours.  There is also the option to walk back again for a six-hour hike in total.  The hike is relatively flat and marked along the way so you can relax and take in the views.

    One of the highlights of this best hikes in Europe is visiting Benagil Cave and Benagil Beach.  This stunning cave can be seen from the top but the real experience is taking a boat out to the cave and entering it.  Its well worth it if you want to visit first thing in the morning and then do the trail after that.

    There is not much shade on the Seven Hanging Valleys hike so make sure you bring sunscreen and a hat to be prepared for the sun exposure.  I also recommend plenty of water which you can also buy at a few shops along the way.  Bring a reusable water bottle so you can refill it.

    Contributed by Nicole from Nicole LaBarge Travel Blog 

    E4 Hiking Trail, Crete Island, Greece

    Distance – 13 Km
    Difficulty – Moderate
    Number of hours – 5 hours

    E4 Hiking trail in Greece is one of the best hikes in Europe due to the beautiful views. Of the many sections of the E4 Hiking Trail that run across the Greek island of Crete, the 13km section from Agia Roumeli is among the best for sweeping landscapes and interesting history combined with an easy day hike in Europe that requires little equipment or preparation. This hike in Europe can be easily enjoyed by anyone.

    Starting from Agia Roumeli, a pretty village at the foot of the Samaria Gorge (another excellent day hike of its own), an easily-distinguishable hike trail traces west past the 11th-century chapel of Agios Pavlos and climbs above the rocky coastline through a pine forest before descending to the Marmara Bay at the bottom of the pretty Aradena gorge. 

    Though the beach is mostly pebbles instead of sand, the clear water, and quiet atmosphere make it one of the best places to relax on the central southern coast of Crete, and a single taverna just above makes a great stop for fresh seafood with endless sea views. Don't forget to treat yourself here after doing the best hikes in Europe.

    Continuing with a brief climb to Lykos beach (with another great taverna that also rents rooms) and Finikas Bay, the walk makes one final ascent to the hilltop above Loutro and an old Ottoman-era fortress that dominates the rise. From the top, the whitewashed walls of Loutro and wide pleasant bay beckon just below – an idyllic Greek tourist town at the end of a pleasant 5-6 hour hike.

    Contributed by Stephen from Asia Hikes

    Best Hikes in Europe: Ben Nevis Hike in Britain

    Distance – 3.5 Km
    Difficulty – Moderately Easy
    Number of hours – 1.5 hours

    When traveling to the highlands of Scotland to hike most people head to Ben Nevis the highest mountain in Britain. Yes, this is one of the best hikes in Europe which is a fantastic and challenging hike but what if I told you there is a hidden gem of a hike nearby that will not take you too long? 

    Starting at the end of the only road into Nevis Gorge is the lesser-known Steall falls and Nevis gorge hike and this hike features in pur list of Best Hikes in Europe.

    This is a 3.5km hike it will take you between 1 to 2 hours it is ruff underfoot but not too challenging for most hikers.  It is about 200 meters in climbing. You will start your hike in a forest on a nice easy hike. Next, there is some climbing and narrow passing on rocks. The path is well maintained and easy to follow.  

    This hike of Ben Nevis in Britain may be short but the views are worth the hike. In this Best hikes in Europe from the stunning gorge with rock pools the likes, you will never have seen before to the grand finale the majestic Steall falls. This stunning waterfall is breathtaking. 

    Steall fall is the third-highest fall in Scotland and above you is The munro An Gearanach one of the famous ring of Steall mountains. Fancy a real challenge there is a yearly ring of Steall running race. That is not for the faint-hearted. 

    This is a there and back route so once you have enjoyed the falls and mountains its time to head back to your start point. 

    This hike in Europe is one for your bucket list what is not to love being surrounded by Scottish mountains and a stunning waterfall to boot. Grab those hiking boots and get hiking. 

    Contributed by Laura Martin from MissLJBeauty

    Tre Cime in the Italian Dolomites

    Distance – 10 Km
    Difficulty – Easy
    Number of hours – 3 hours

    If you’re looking for a spectacular, but relatively easy from the list of best hikes in Europe , head to Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Italian Dolomites. 

    Tre Cime means ‘3 peaks’ and it’s easy to see why- these spectacular rock formations are easily seen from miles away and they’re even more breathtaking closeup. To get up to the Tre Cime parking area (and the start of the hike), you need to pay for your vehicle or go up on a bus. We went up in our motorhome and stayed for two nights (which I highly recommend) but there’s also a rifugio available which you can book).

    For this best hike in Europe itself, the easiest and most popular option is called the Tre Cime loop. This route is about 10km and takes around 3 hours (depending on how often you stop to take photos!) 

    It’s well-signposted and the views are pretty much everywhere along that route are just breathtaking.

    The walk or this hike is fairly flat and easy and you’ll see many children walking with their parents. (Word of warning, there are NO safety barriers before the steep drop into the valley below. Be careful with kids and dogs)

    There are very few facilities once you have left the car park, so be sure to use the bathroom and get some water before you go. Also, pay very close attention to the weather. We were swamped by thick mist twice whilst we stayed up there- you couldn’t see more than 2ft in front of you. So be aware and turn back if needed.  This is one of the best hikes in Europe which everyone in your family would love.

    Contributed by Kat from Wandering Bird

    Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

    Distance – 4 Km
    Difficulty – Easy
    Number of hours – 2 hours

    Cagliari is a fantastic city to visit for many reasons in Italy due to its history, its beaches, its food scene, and beaches. The hiking in Cagliari had to feature in the Best Hikes in Europe list due to the amazing views.

    One of the best things to do in Cagliari is hiking, and you literally have to drive 5 minutes out of the city center (or alternatively take bus n. 6 all the way to the last stop on Calamosca) and still within the city boundaries to find yourself on a hike that will take you a million miles away from the stress of daily life.  This is another picturesque best hikes in Europe.

    The hike to Sella del Diavolo can be easily accessed behind Calamosca Beach - one of Cagliari's urban beaches. The hiking trail is well marked and easy to follow, uphill on the way to the main viewpoint, then mostly flat. 

    The entire hike in Cagliari takes no more than an hour and a half to complete and it is an easy to moderate hike, but you will certainly take longer as you will want to stop to take in the fabulous views of the city, of Poetto Beach and Molentargius Nature Reserve below, and the Mediterranean Sea. 

    Although this is an easy hike, make sure to wear at least hiking shoes as the terrain can be uneven and slippery in points. 

    Depending on the day of the week and time of day, this can be a very solitary or a very crowded hike. 

    Contributed by Claudia Tavani from Strictly Sardinia

    GR 221 Hike Trail in Mallorca, Spain

    Distance – 120 Km
    Difficulty – Difficult
    Number of hours – 4 Days

    This is another beautiful hike trail in the best hikes in Europe list. Dry Stone Route GR 221 is a long-distance hike in Mallorca, Spain that leads through the beautiful Tramuntana mountain range as well as through picturesque Mallorca’s villages. 

    This Best hikes in Europe is over 120 km long and starts in Arrac town and goes all the way to Port de Pollença. The difficulty depends mostly on your pace, in general, it is not very difficult hike but keep in mind, it goes through the mountain range. Fast walkers can complete the whole trek in 4 days, but if you want to enjoy it with stops in local villages, plan a whole week. 

    There are several beautiful places on this best hikes in Europe, the way like lovely mountain village Valldemossa, Lake Cúber or Lluc Monastery. Don’t forget to stop at Port de Sóller – a picturesque city with a beautiful bay. Even though the trek ends in Port de Pollença, go ahead and visit Cap de Formentor with a beautiful lighthouse overlooking impressive cliffs. There are also nice beaches at the Formentor peninsula.

    On the tracks, there are huts called refugees, which can be described as hikers’ hostels. They can be booked in advance (the price is around 15 euro per night). Drinking water can be found in every village and there are marked water sources even in the mountains. You can also check this Mallorca’s GR 221 trekking guide to find more tips and details for better planning.

    Contributed by Adriana Plotzerová from Czech The World

    Best Hikes in Europe: The Ursa Hike, Northern Greece 

    Distance: 40 Km
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Number of hours: 2 Days

    The Ursa hiking trail in Northern Greece is widely recognized as being one of the best hikes in Europe. The path leads travelers around the little village of Metsovo and its surroundings. Nestled high in the Pindus Mountains, traveling to Metsovo is like traveling back in time. The people here lead very traditional lives. The culture here is somewhat different from that of most of mainland Greece as Metsovo is a Vlach settlement. 

    You will pass by abandoned monasteries, dense forests, and fragrant meadows as you tread along this hike before arriving at the resort town of Karakoli. 

    Look out for the monastery of Agios Nikolaos. This unique stone monastery is nestled in the woodland 30 minutes outside of Metsovo near the start of the hike. It dates back to the 14th century and its appearance resembles a sheepfold. If you are lucky enough to find one of the resident monks outside, they may allow you to enter and view the beautiful frescoes. 

    The full length of the Ursa hike extends over 40km but it is possible to hike a partial distance. The hike is very well marked, and the starting point can be found in Metsovo square.  Hiking in Metsovo is possible all year round, but Autumn and Spring are arguably the best times to conquer the Ursa hike. 

    Contributed by Melissa Douglas from High Heels & a Backpack

    Leivonmakki National Park Hike, Finland

    Distance – 4.5 Km
    Difficulty – Easy
    Number of hours – 2 Hours

    Leivonmakki National Park is located in Finland’s central Lakeland district. It is roughly a 2.5-hour drive north of Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and just a 1-hour drive south of Jyväskylä which is the largest city in the region. The views here are beautiful and one of the most beautiful hikes in this list of Best Hikes in Europe.

    The national park is surrounded by vast expanses of freshwater lakes, quite typical of the region. Hikers are rewarded with some of the most stunning scenery in all of Finland, and almost mirror-like reflections in the water, making it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Finland. Due to the beauty of this place, it features in the list of Best Hikes in Europe.

    There are around ten individual hiking trails throughout the park, most of which are well worth the effort. However, the most noteworthy hike in europe and the one I personally came to complete is the Harjunkierros Hike (Esker hike). The hike trail’s extension out along the long Joutsniemi ridge is an absolute most-do. Reach the end of the peninsula and you are literally surrounded by water.

    The great news is that hikes can be turned into easy overnight getaways with a number of very basic campsites located right by the water’s edge. The not-so-good news is that the mosquitos here are ferocious, so light a smokey campfire, and don’t forget to pack the insect repellent.

    Contributed by Josh Shephard from The Lost Passport

    Sentiero Azzurro or “Blue Path", Cinque Terre, Italy

    Distance – 4.5 Km
    Difficulty – Easy
    Number of hours – 1 Day

    Cinque Terre's Sentiero Azzurro or “Blue Path" is one of the most beautiful hikes in the world as it is a cliffside hike that connects the five towns of the Cinque Terre. This best hike in Europe can be completed in one day or spread out over a longer period if you want to stop off overnight in each of the towns. The hike passes through the five towns of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.

    While the towns of the Cinque Terre are a haven for Instagrammers in floaty dresses and sandals (not that I have anything against that!), the hike between the settlements is actually relatively tough and will require a decent pair of walking boots or trainers at the very least! This Blue Path hike of the Cinque Terre is breathtakingly beautiful and hence had to get featured in the Best Hikes in Europe list.

    Whether you start in Monterosso or Riomaggiore, you'll want to look out for the small stall that checks your National Park Ticket (8 Euros) and then look out for signs for the next town along (Vernazza or Manarola respectively). Even if you don't have a map, once you're pointed in the right direction, you'll basically be able to follow the Sentiero Azzurro the whole hike trail along.

    The total distance of the Sentiero Azzurro is 12 km / 7.5 miles and the distances between each town vary from around 15 minutes to two hours. The stretch between Monterosso and Vernazza is the longest so it's best to have this as your first section while you have the most energy so that you can enjoy this Best Hikes in Europe to the fullest.

    Contributed by Chrysoula from Travel Passionate

    Rota Vicentina in the South of Portugal

    Distance – 76 Km
    Difficulty – Moderate
    Number of hours – 4 Days

    The Rota Vicentina in the South of Portugal is one of the best hikes in Europe. In fact, it’s a network of hiking trails that includes many day hikes and two long-distance hikes; the Historical Way, 229km, and the Fishermen’s Hike, 76km. The total distance of the hike is 383km. Two long-distance treks can be combined. 

    The Fishermen’s Hike is the most popular route and the beauty of this best hikes in Europe is mesmerizing. The hike starts in Porto Covo, a small beach town, and finishes in Odeceixe. From Odeceixe hikers can continue the walk following the Historical Way of the Rota Vicentina all the way to Cabo de São Vicente. Hikers need 4 days to complete the Fishermen’s Hiking Trail and 5 more days to reach Cabo de São Vicente. 

    The first two days on the Fishermen’s Hike Trail is the most challenging due to difficult terrain; most of the time the hiking route goes over sand dunes. It takes longer to complete these stages. Overall this best hikes in Europe is suitable for anybody including children. 

    The scenery along the Rota Vicentina is breathtaking; rugged cliffs, unspoiled sandy beaches, hidden bays, fishermen villages and endless fields. The Rota Vicentina offers a great combination of fantastic scenery, diverse wildlife and is a great cultural experience. 

    There are many amazing places to see along the route of this best hike in Europe. Some of the highlights; Porto Covo, Cabo Sardao, Odeceixe Beach, Arrifana Beach, Amado Beach, Cabo de São Vicente.

    April to June are the best months for walking the Rota Vicentina. The weather is great, there are not too many tourists and the fields are covered in flowers. 

    Contributed by Alya and Campbell from Stingy Nomads

    Le Puy Camino Hike in France

    Distance: 800 Km
    Difficulty: Extremely Difficult
    Number of hours: 40 Days

    This hike in the list of best hikes in Europe is for regular hikers. This hiking route is extremely difficult.

    One of the lesser-known Camino routes, that ends where the ubiquitous Camino Frances begins is the Via Podiensis which starts from Le Puy en Velay near Lyon and slowly picks it's the way through the well-maintained tracks of the GR65 all the way to St Jean Pied de Port at the base of the Pyrenees.

    Covering approximately 800 kilometers, this best hike in europe takes a little over a month of walking 20-25 kilometers on average per day. Do it all at once, or just a stretch of a week or two at a time as the locals do. Most days start and end in quaint French villages with small shops and bakeries to stock up on calories to burn on the hike. 

    Apart from the length, the difficulty isn't high with a mix of countryside single file track, fire roads, and quiet back county lanes to walk on. The altitude doesn’t generally reach above 1400m and after the stunning first week of the Aubrac, drops down into warmer, lower valleys for much of the journey. Just as a bonus, the track is well marked which makes it difficult to get lost on.

    As you can imagine, hiking from the Haute-Loire all the way to the Pyrenees comes with its bonuses. The food is fantastic, the wine is perfect and the views spectacular. Passing through ancient cities of Moissac, Cahors, and Figeac, the hike brings you to some of the most scenic towns in France, indeed nine of the ‘plus beaux Villes de France' are en route. 

    Arriving into the almost perfectly preserved medieval town of Conques with its cobblestone streets and original stone structures will stay with you for a very long time.

    As a hike, there are more remote, more isolated, and trickier journeys. But as an experience of France, of its food, it’s beauty, it’s "je ne suis quoi", there are not much better.

    Contributed by  Mark McCondach from Mount Adventure Club

    Fanes waterfall Hike , the Dolomites of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

    Distance: 8 Km
    Difficulty: Easy
    Number of hours: 4 Hours

    The hike to Fanes waterfall is one of the most famous hikes in the Dolomites of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, and one of the best hikes in Europe.

    In the Fanes valley, there is multiple circular hikes, which allows making the hike longer or shorter. The hike below takes approximately 4 hours and it is just a segment of the full hike. The difficulty is easy, as also children can take part in it, but it can be tougher for untrained people. Suitable gear for Via Ferrata is necessary: helmet, harness, and carabiner. This hike is not recommended to people who suffer from fear of heights.

    The main attraction of the hike is the majestic Fanes waterfall: the hike takes you under it and then down an impressive gorge next to it.

    Start from the parking lot of the National Park of the Dolomiti d'Ampezzo and walk along the road through the forest. After admiring the view at “Ponte Outo”, the High Bridge, wear your gear and start the Via Ferrata hike that leads to the waterfall, to the right. Walking under it is so exciting! Afterward, the way down to the bottom of the gorge has some rocks to jump and an iron ladder to climb. It is tiring, but the view of the whole waterfall is worth it!

    There are two ways back: to the right, the hike slowly works its way up to the starting point near the High Bridge; to the left, you will reach the viewpoint on the other side of the valley, and then the hike to the parking lot. 

    It is really a beautiful and rewarding hike in the Italian Dolomites. Find here more details and secondary hikes about the Fanes waterfall hike, in the series “Hiking for couch potatoes”. You will not regret this hike of the Best Hikes in Europe.

    Contributed by Giulia from Travelling Sunglasses

    Kungsleden Hike, Sweden: Best Hikes in Europe

    Distance – 425 Km
    Difficulty – Extremely Difficult
    Number of hours – 20 Days

    Another difficult hike in the best hikes in Europe list is the Kungsleden Hike. 

    The Kungsleden (King’s hike) in Arctic Sweden is definitely the most popular in the country. This 425-kilometer long adventure will take you from Abisko National Park in the north down south to the mountain village of Hemavan, a popular ski area in winter. If you don’t fancy doing the whole trek, you can easily hike a few sections of it as a short trek, such as Ammarnäs – Hemavan which will take you around 4/5 days. 

    Hiking in Sweden is pretty easy as the hike is well marked generally. However, note that the weather may be a problem at times since you mostly are across the arctic circle and weather can change rapidly. You may experience snow on the hike until mid-summer and early again in the fall which adds to the beauty of this Best Hikes in Europe.

    You may freedom camp along the track but can also choose to stay in the mountain huts. Most of them are a ‘first come, first serve’ base and cannot be booked in advance. You can also easily stock up on supplies in the huts, but remember that buying food in a hut is always more expensive than in a regular store.

    With a bit of luck, you will encounter reindeer, moose, arctic foxes, and other wildlife on your hike. The Kungsleden hike is definitely an awesome adventure for anyone who enjoys hiking in arctic areas. 

    Contributed by Antonette Spaan from We12Travel

    Laugavegur trek,  Iceland

    Distance – 53 Km
    Difficulty – Extremely Difficult
    Number of hours – 4 Days

    One of the most amazing hikes in this list of Best Hikes in Europe, you can do in Iceland is definitely the very popular Laugavegur hike. 

    This 3 or 4-day hike will take you from the highlands in Landmannalaugar to the green Thórsmörk valley in the south of Iceland. Along the way, you’ll pass amazing orange/brown-ish mountains which are typical for the Landmannalaugar area, as well as boiling mud, hot streams, and glaciers as well. 

    This trek is not for the faint-hearted as several river crossings will have to be made which make it feature in the list of best hikes in Europe. The water level may be ankle or hip depth, depending on the rainfall and whether there’s a lot of snow melting in the mountains. 

    Note that you may encounter snow all year round on this hike. The weather can be quite unrelenting so it’s advised to bring a GPS. Even though there are markers along the way, in poor visibility you can easily lose the track and end up in a geothermic area where you don’t want to be. 

    You can stay in mountain huts or at the campsites along the track. Freedom camping is not allowed along the track. 

    Contributed by Antonette Spaan from We12Travel

    Neuschwanstein Castle Hike in Germany

    Distance – 2 Km
    Difficulty – Extremely Easy
    Number of hours – 1 Hour

    This is a unique hike and extremely easy and toddler friendly and hence had to feature in the Best Hikes in Europe.

    When thinking about the Neuschwanstein Castle, hiking probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but actually, the area around the castle is one of the best hiking destinations in Germany. Since the castle is located on top of a hill in the foot of the Bavarian Alps, the only way to reach it is to hike up on a 1.5km long uphill road. The hiking trails are very well maintained and it’s a fairly easy hike, depending on your fitness level it takes around 30-40 minutes to reach the castle.

    What many people don’t know is that you can hike up to the Neuschwanstein Castle on many different routes, not just on the official path. After you started your climb from Hohenschwangau, you can take a shortcut in the woods that leads you right up to Mary’s Bridge (Marienbrücke), which grants you one of the best views of the Neuschwanstein Castle.

    Most people only come this far and turn back from the bridge but you can hike further up on the hill as well! Well, in this case, you will not be able to enjoy this Best Hikes in Europe to the fullest.

    After this point the roads are not in the best conditions, it’s worth to have proper shoes with you because the dirt paved roads can be challenging. Due to this, the hike after Mary’s Bridge is a little tougher but it’s still moderately-easy. It’s definitely worth hiking further up because the view is absolutely incredible! You will be able to see the whole area around the Neuschwanstein Castle, including the lakes, mountains, fields, and the Hohenschwangau Castle as well which looks so beautiful. This has to be one of the hikes in Best Hikes in Europe which provides a beautiful view.

    Contributed by Krisztina Harsanyi from She Wanders Abroad

    Dashbashi Canyon Hike in Georgia

    Distance: 8 Km
    Difficulty: Easy
    Number of hours:  1 Hour

    If you love waterfalls then you should do this hike which is featured in the Best hikes in Europe list. Dashbashi canyon, nestled in a lush green valley, features a beautiful waterfall and moss-covered rocks creating an illusion of emerald green water. Located 110 km from Tbilisi, hiking the Dashbashi canyon makes a perfect day trip from Georgia's capital.

    This easy hike which features in this of best hikes in Europe takes half or a full day depending on whether you rent a car, use public transport, or join the organized tour. The hike is doable on your own using a marshrutka (minibus) towards the Tsalka.

    Only 8km long canyon stands out with an unusual ecosystem and bio-diversity developed on the lava-made hills. Unfortunately, you can't hike the whole valley, only a small portion of it open for tourists. With relatively straightforward terrane for hiking, you don't need special equipment; comfortable shoes or non-slip sneakers will be just fine. Bring a cardigan or a raincoat as it might get breezy down the valley.

    To get to the canyon, first, you need to take a minibus to Tsalka. Ask the driver to drop you off near the sign of Dashbashi Canyon located next to Wissol Petrol Station. From there you'll need to walk to Dashbashi village for around 2km. Afterward, the only hike in between two cafes leads to the canyon and its waterfall. You'll be walking downhill for another 2km. Once down, you'll easily spot the waterfall. Sit down on one of the rocks, and relax by soaking the beautiful environment.

    Contributed by Baia Dzagnidze from Redfedoradiary

    The Pljesevica Mountain Hike, Korenica, Croatia

    Distance: 14 Km
    Difficulty:  Moderate
    Number of hours:  1 Day

    Located in northern Croatia, in the Dinaric Alps close to the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a small town called Korenica, you’ll find the start of the Pljesevica Mountain hike. This is one of the other beautiful hikes which features in Best Hikes in Europe list.

    The 13.6 km hiking trail starts off meandering through quaint little farms and fields, before heading into the forested area. It then leads up through jagged rocks until you reach the summit. At the top, you can stand with one foot in Croatia, and the other in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

    The top is also littered with so many fascinating buildings left from the Yugoslav War including the remnants of an old runway, bullet hole-ridden checkpoints, cave networks, and derelict barracks.

    The other highlight of this trek, which also makes an awesome Instagram photo & feature among best hikes in Europe is probably Croatia's most iconic and photogenic rock. 

    At the top of the mountain and just behind he abandoned barracks, there’s a bit of a steep scramble down a little ravine, there you’ll find a giant rock which acts as a natural stage looking out over the Croatian countryside below. Climb up the rock for the most phenomenal views.

    This is a full day hike right in the middle of nowhere, it's steep in places and sometimes the hike goes a bit wayward but it's totally doable if you're a novice hiker like me. However, take note that there are no amenities at all on the hiking trail. There are also a few safety points to look out for, including wild wolves, bears and land mines – I’m not kidding! The hike is outstanding, and one of my highlights of the trip.

    Contributed by Becki from Meet Me In Departures

    Orrido di Botri Canyon Hike in Tuscany, Italy

    Distance : 3 Km
    Difficulty: Moderately Difficult
    Number of hours: 2 Hours

    Orrido di Botri Canyon Hike in Tuscany, Italy is ideal for those with hiking experience wanting to enjoy a truly unique adventure for fitness or general health and well-being.  You will surely enjoy this hike which features in Best Hikes in Europe if you like little foresty area dotted with waterfall.

    Located to the north-east of Lucca, the canyon is set amongst the lush forest, making the hike an enriching experience on all levels.

    The canyon is a mix of small and large rich-green plants and trees complimented by the huge cliff-like grey limestone walls.

    Only walkable when the water level is low in the canyon, you’ll still find yourself wading through water at various parts of the hike, so be sure to bring a change of socks and shoes for after the hike.

    Navigating huge boulders and shimmying along secured ropes is part of the fun and the gushing water between high and low points in the canyon makes for beautiful photos.

    The approximately 3km hike (in one direction, and 3km back) climaxes with reaching the waterfall and pool (Piscina) where you can cool off after your one and a half hour hike through the canyon. This best hikes in Europe is one of those great hikes which you will remember for long.

    Children above age 10 can complete the hike with the supervision of an adult, but the difficulty in some parts is quite high so caution is advised. Overall the hike could be classified as 7-8 out of 10 difficulty level.

    Contributed by Matt from Fittness.com

    Sierra Nevada Hike in Spain

    Distance: 7 Km
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Number of hours: 4 Hours

    The Sierra Nevada is the highest mountain range in continental Spain and offers some great hiking opportunities and this hikes features in the best hikes in Europe list.

    Ruta De Los Cahorros de Monachil is one of the most accessible hiking trails from Granada, suitable for both advanced hikers and families with children. 

    The beginning of the hike is like an Indiana Jones adventure which makes it an exciting hike in this list of Best Hikes in Europe: there are hanging bridges, waterfalls, a canyon, and even a cave. The hiking trail follows the river with the same name through the forest until it reaches a tall waterfall. Many families prefer to stop here, have a picnic and bathe in the cold water from the pool formed at the bottom of the waterfall. It is a nice refreshing activity, especially on a hot summer day. This is the point where hikers will have to cross the longest hanging bridge, at 55 meters long, to advance into the narrow canyon.

    The Los Cahorros is a 7.2 kilometers long circular hike, and it requires around 3 to 4 hours to complete. Some people prefer to turn back at the end of the canyon, some continue up the mountain. The second part of the hike is the most difficult because of the inclination. In summer, this is very difficult to complete because there is no shade at all. I would recommend bringing lots of water, sunscreen and a cap if you attempt to do it in summer.

    Contributed by Joanna from Andalucia In My Pocket

    Vikos Gorge, Greece

    Distance – 17 Km
    Difficulty – Moderately Difficult
    Number of hours – 8 Hours

    Vikos Gorge, in northern Greece not far from the border with Albania, officially holds the Guinness world record for being the deepest gorge in the whole world and thus had to feature in the Best Hikes in Europe list. 

    You might think that a sight this awe-inspiring would be flooded with tourists, but nope! While the beautiful but somewhat less spectacular Samariá Gorge on Crete gets upwards of 1,000 tourists per day in high season, Vikos Gorge stays virtually empty, so you can fully enjoy nature in peace and quiet.

    If you do the full Vikos Gorge hike all the way from Monodendri to Mikro Papigko, it's about 17 kilometers and will take seven to eight hours. You can shorten this by an hour or two by exiting at Vikros village instead. But Mikro Papigko is an absolutely gorgeous village, so I really recommended going the whole way if you can. The walk is moderately difficult, with a steep descent at the beginning, a steep ascent at the end, and lightly undulating terrain in between. Be prepared to scramble over rocks every now and then.

    You'll have plenty of opportunities to cool off and enjoy this Best Hikes in Europe, though, because you will be walking alongside the Voidomati River. It's said to be the cleanest river in the country, but also the coldest, with an average temperature of just 8.5° Celsius. The gorge stays shaded for much of the day, but you should still bring plenty of water with you, as there's only one place to fill up water bottles. And you will need to bring all your own food too.

    Contributed by Wendy Werneth from The Nomadic Vegan

    Floyen Bergen Hike, Norway

    Distance – 4 Km
    Difficulty – Easy
    Number of hours – 1.5 Hours

    Mount Floyen is located in Bergen in Norway and is known for the viewing platform that offers a fantastic 360-degree of the city and the surrounding coast. This hike in the Best Hikes in Europe offers the best panoramic views.

    I hiked to the top when I was in Bergen for a week, on my Europe solo trip, and it is one of the easiest and best hikes in Europe. It is a popular destination for runners and regular walkers who are mostly locals. The scenic Floibanen funicular ride to the top of Mount Floyen is very popular, so it is almost always crowded, especially around sunrise and sunset. Hike to the mountain for some of the spectacular views of the coast, Mount Ulriken, and Bergen town.

    The Floyen funicular lower station at Bergen city center is the starting point for the hike. You will pass through Skansen, Fjellveien, and Skansemyren neighborhoods on the way. Follow the directions to the top. From the top of Mount Floyen, you can even hike further up to Mount Sandviken, Brushytten, Mount Blaamanen, and Rundemanen.

    The walk to Floyen is easy to moderate, and if you are physically active, it shouldn't be daunting to you. It takes 1 to 1.5 hours depending on your fitness and speed, with a short steep path in between. 

    The hike trail is covered with asphalt and well-maintained. The altitude is over 300 meters above sea level. There are plenty of viewpoints along the way, so you can stop and rest too. Climbing down will take less than 30 minutes. 

    Contributed by Reshma Narasing from The Solo Globe Trotter

    Cheddar Gorge, United Kingdom

    Distance – 9 Km
    Difficulty – Easy
    Number of hours – 3 Hours

    Europe is an amazing and diverse continent, which is also full of interesting hiking trails. If you are visiting the United Kingdom, you have to drive to Cheddar Gorge . Don't miss this hike in the Best Hikes in Europe if you are traveling to the United Kingdom.

    Located in Somerset is the largest gorge in the United Kingdom with cliffs and stunning stalactites. This world-famous place and this best hikes in Europe is an area of incredible natural beauty, it reveals many fascinating stories about our prehistoric ancestors, it is also an international center of caves, climbing, and hiking.

    Cheddar Gorge is an easy 3 hours hike perfect for adventure and history lovers as well as families.

    You will start by climbing the Lookout Tower. If you have excess energy, you can burn it while climbing the 274 stairs from the top of the gorge, and then 48 more to the lookout tower! From the top of the tower, you can look down at the valley in which the Cheddar Gorge splits into Mendip Hills. In the south, you can see flat lush meadows at Somerset Levels.

    Then you can start walking to the top of the gorge. After just 3 miles along the magnificent cliff tops, you'll find an amazing picnic spot and enjoy the best views in Somerset. Along the way, you can also meet lots of wild animals.

    Are you ready to explore this amazing place in England, which is one of the best hiking spots in Europe?

    Contributed by Darek from Darek and Gosia 

    Circular hike around Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales

    Distance – 12 Km
    Difficulty – Easy
    Number of hours – 5 Hours

    One of my favorite hikes in the United Kingdom is a circular hike around Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales, a 1 ½ hour drive from York

    This best hikes in Europe start in the charming Dales village of Malham and soon enters a shaded woodland to reach Janet’s Foss, an idyllic woodland waterfall. This woodland is lovely in Spring when the undulating ground is covered with bluebells and wild garlic. 

    From Janet’s Foss, it is a further quarter-mile hike to reach dramatic Gordale Scar. This unexpected, narrow canyon is flanked by sheer, imposing rock faces hundreds of feet high. The size of Gordale Scar can only be fully appreciated by hiking through it. A steep climb to the top of the gorge provides fantastic views of the surrounding Yorkshire Dales. 

    The hike then leads to Malham Tarn, a pristine, natural lake - one of only two natural lakes in the Yorkshire Dales region.  From here it is a short walk to the limestone pavement which is the top of Malham Cove. Malham Cove is a natural amphitheater 230 feet high where a waterfall, higher than Niagara Falls, once plunged. 

    This otherworldly spot was used as a filming location in the Harry Potter movies. Descend the rough stone steps to reach the base of the Cove from where it is a short, 30-minute walk back to your starting point in Malham village. This fantastic hike is approximately 8 miles long and takes between 4 - 5 hours. There are no catering or toilet facilities on route so make sure you pack plenty of snacks and water. The hike is not technically challenging and hikers will be rewarded with unusual geological features and incredible landscape views. 

    Contributed by Sinead of Best in York Guide

    Cami de Ronda, Spain

    Distance – 140 Km
    Difficulty – Moderately Difficult
    Number of hours – 8 Days

    The Cami de Ronda, a moderately difficult, multi-day-optional hiking trail running the length of the Costa Brava in Spain is perfect for hikers of all levels.  

    Originally built to communicate and transport goods between coastal villages, the path eventually became used to stop smuggling along the sea and is now a public hiking trail. which is extremely beautiful. This is another hike in Best Hikes in Europe which gives you a great view while hiking. Stretching along the rocky cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean this unique hike runs through the many seaside towns and villages dotting the coastline allowing for ease of access and plenty of stops along the way.  

    If planning to hike the entire trail, choose between a circular 140km week-long route or a point-to-point 43km 2-day route, with the Circular option starting and ending about 40km inland in Girona.  
    If you go the point-to-point route, it runs entirely along the edge of the sea with many steep climbs and narrow passes.  Access to all of the towns along the route allows hikers to sleep in hotels and eat at the local restaurants without the need for a large pack.  

    For those looking for a simple day hike, jump on the trail from nearly any town along the sea and hike for as long as you wish.  The incredible views that this Best Hikes in Europe offers, secluded beaches, castle ruins, and small villages make this hike one that should not be missed.  No matter your fitness level, the Cami de Ronda has an option for you.  

    Contributed by Kristin of  Snorkel and Hike

    Black Lake, Durmitor National Park Hike in Montenegro

    Distance – 3.5 Kms
    Difficulty – Easy
    Number of hours – 1.5 Hours

    The Black lake is located within the Durmitor National Park in Montenegro. It is, more or less,3km from Zabljak a small town just outside the park. If you like water and hillock then you will love this hike which features in this Best Hikes in Europe list.

    The Black Lake is a glacial lake consisting of two connected lakes, the large lake, and the small lake. The hike around the lake is 3.5km long and normally takes about 1.5 hours.

    If you wish, you could also start walking directly from the center of Zabljak, or more easily save your energy and drive to the car park from where you will reach the edge of the lake in about a quarter of an hour. This way you will be able to enjoy this Best Hikes in Europe with the fullest energy.

    Once you reach the lake there is no shortage of signs and it is very easy to follow the path around. The walk is easy and accessible even if you have children with you, obviously, in this case, it is better to consider 2-3 hours to go around.

    The Black lake is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful attractions of Durmitor National Park and a stop not to be missed on a Montenegro road tour. The site, despite paying € 3 for access, is also very popular with locals who spend the day between picnics, swimming, and riding on the boats available to rent.
    The Black lake is located at 1,416m and is one of 18 other smaller lakes scattered among the mountains, and for the more adventurous there are many paths connecting the different lakes with each other.

    Contributed by Clotilde from A Princess Travelling with Twins

    The Bronte Way in Yorkshire and Lancashire Hike in England

    Distance – 71 Kms
    Difficulty – Moderate
    Number of hours – 4 Days

    The Brontë Way is a 44 mile (71km) long hiking trail across some of the most scenic parts of West Yorkshire and Lancashire in the north of England. The route takes a minimum of two days but most hikers will want to spread the distance over around four days. While it’s a significant distance, it’s not particularly strenuous beyond some steep hills.

    The Brontë Way is named after the Brontë sisters - Charlotte, Emily and Anne - and takes in many of the locations that were either important in the sisters’ lives or that inspired their novels. So you can relive the moments from the novel while doing this Best Hikes in Europe.

    It starts at Oakwell Hall between Leeds and Bradford. Oakwell Hall was the inspiration for Fieldhead in Charlotte Brontë’s novel Shirley. From there, the hiking route takes in Thornton Village where the sisters were born, before heading down into the Worth Valley at the pretty village of Oxenhope. 

    From Oxenhope it’s just a few miles to Haworth, where Charlotte, Emily and Anne wrote their most iconic novels. You can visit the house where they lived with their father Patrick and their wayward brother Branwell - it’s now the Brontë Parsonage Museum.

    From Haworth, you’ll head onto the moors that the sisters loved so much. Three miles from Haworth you’ll come to the Brontë Waterfall - a popular destination for their walks. Just over a mile further on is a ruined farmhouse called Top Withens, which some believe to have been the inspiration for Wuthering Heights. The Brontë Way finishes at Gawthorpe Hall in Padiham, Lancashire. Enjot this Best Hikes in Europe.

    Contributed by Helen from  Helen on Her Holidays

    Mons Klint in Denmark

    Distance – 16 Kms
    Difficulty – Moderate
    Number of hours – 1 Day

    One of the best hikes in Europe and one of the best day trips from Copenhagen is the beautiful Mons Klint in Denmark. 

    Mons Klint is a gorgeous natural feature of chalk cliffs stretching 6 kilometers along the eastern coast of the Danish island of Mon. The hike around Mons Klint weave through the forest above the cliff and feature lookouts that are perfect for photos and views of the cliff and coastline below. There are several loops that vary in length and difficulty and most give you the chance to descend to the shoreline and then climb a wooden boardwalk and staircase to ascend back up the cliff.

    The highest cliff at Mons Klint is 128 meters tall. While the hike would-be difficult for toddlers or travelers in a wheelchair or babies in a stroller – the overall difficulty is low. The grounds around the access road to Mons Klint include a spacious parking area, picnic tables, and a geology center and museum to tour before you hike the cliffs. There are also campgrounds and accommodations close to the cliffs and in the town of Møns itself, which is a popular summertime holiday destination. The destination is about a two-hour drive due south from Copenhagen and it’s easy to navigate with scenic farmland and countryside to views on the way.

    Contributed by Derek and Mike of  Everything Copenhagen

    Lavaux Vineyard Hike in Switzerland

    Distance – 11 Kms
    Difficulty – Easy
    Number of hours – 3.5 Hrs

    This hike in Best Hikes in Europe is for wine lovers. Lavaux vineyard hike in Switzerland is one of my favorite hikes. Not only does it take you one of the most beautiful swiss wine trails, but it also offers some of the best views of Lake Geneva and Swiss Rivera.

    What makes these vineyards special is that they have been here since the 11th century and depict the cultural importance of wine in Switzerland. These vineyards have the status of the UNESCO heritage site. These vineyards are sloped and terraced. These slopes make it seem like the vineyards are melting into the shiny lake Geneva.

    The hiking path of this Best Hikes in Europe starts at St. Saphorin train station and goes through the small villages of Dezaley, Epesses, Calamin, Cully, Villette, and ends at Lutry, in the Swiss Riviera.

    The hike is well paved. You will find the most stunning views during this hike. These lush green vineyards plunging all the way into Lake Geneva creates a beautiful amalgamation of the greens and blues.

    For more details on the swiss wine culture, how to reach the starting point of the hike, guided walks through the vineyards and stunning pictures of the hike, check out this post about the stunning Lavaux Vineyards.  

    Contributed by Nisha Dalal from Nerdy Footsteps

    The Seven Rila Lakes Hike in Balkans

    Distance – 10 Kms
    Difficulty – Easy
    Number of hours – 3 Hrs

    The Seven Rila Lakes hike is one of the most popular hikes in the Balkans and one of the best hikes in Best Hikes in Europe List, and for good reason. When you get to the top, you are greeted with simply stunning views of the Seven Rila Lakes below. Whatever you do, do not forget to bring your camera or cell phone with you to capture this fantastic site!

    The hike is easily reached from Sofia. It is a two-hour drive from the city to the start, so it's the perfect day trip! 

    There are several options for the hike. When you get here, you can either do the full hike or you can take the chairlift to jumpstart your adventure closer to the top. If you start at the bottom, expect to spend six to eight hours on the hike, but if you use the chairlift you will spend about four hours on the main loop to see five of the seven lakes.

    You can also continue higher to see all seven in this best hikes in europe, but expect this to add an extra two hours to your day. 

    If you want to spend more time in this region, you can stay in the Rila Mountains. You can camp or stay in a guest house. If you stay longer, make sure to see Rila Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

    Contributed by Allison Green from Sofia Adventures

    Bachalpsee Lake Hike in Switzerland

    Distance: 6 Kms
    Difficulty: Easy
    Number of hours: 2 Hrs

    Bachalpsee is one of the most pristine and secluded lakes in Switzerland and offers the best hikes in Europe. 

    It is well hidden above the Grindelwald village and can be reached by hike. Another alternative is to enjoy the 30-minute gondola ride with remarkable views over the Grindelwald village and the alps and then hike the remaining path. Up here, everything felt pure and untouched: the snow-clad mountains, waterfalls, the freshness in the air. 

    After reaching the First gondola station, we followed the signs and walked towards the Bachalpsee (with lots of photo breaks). This best hikes in Europe offer great photo opportunities. The hike was pretty simple with just a small initial incline. The lake is beautiful and offers a picturesque picnic destination. But beware, it can be half-frozen even in June. So bring our layers! The view of the lake between the alps will definitely make it worth though! 

    You can also enjoy the Tissot First Cliff walk immediately next to the gondola station that provides a 360-degree panoramic view. It is open for the public and you can access it for free. This destination is also famous for its adventure activities like bird-flying, paragliding, quad biking, etc. There is also a restaurant near the gondola station which provided drinks and snacks. Check out this detailed post about Grindelwald and planning your hike to Bachalpsee with budget tips! 

    Contributed by Nisha Dalal from Nerdy Footsteps

    Vintgar Gorge Hike in Slovenia

    Distance – 2 Kms
    Difficulty – Easy
    Number of hours – 1 Hr

    If you have been to Slovenia and have not visited Bled and hiked the Vintgar Gorge, then you have missed one of the best hikes in Europe. It is not a difficult hike, nor is it very long but it is certainly quite picturesque. 

    Vintgar Gorge is about 2 km gorge created by the river Radovna, in Radovna Valley. The sheer walls of the gorge are more than 100 meters at places. Vintgar gorge is actually a misnomer because the word Vintgar itself means a gorge. Locals actually call it the Blejski vintgar or the Bled Gorge. 

    The beautiful Vintgar Gorge hike, in the Best Hikes in Europe which is part of the Triglav National Park, is just about 4.5 km from the town of Bled. The mouth of the gorge or the starting point of the Vintgar Gorge hike is easily accessible from Bled by walking. There are also buses that take you to a village called Podhom and then one can walk for about 1.5 KM. 

    There is a wooden walkway to help navigate the entire stretch of the gorge. The gorge is otherwise not navigable. The whole experience of zigging and zagging on the walkway which many times crossed to the other side or went up and down is just mesmerizing. The sheer ferociousness of the rapids at many places is to be seen to be believed. To cap it all there is a waterfall called Šum. Šum means noise. It was indeed so noisy that we could not even carry out a conversation in its vicinity. 

    Here is an amazing fact. This walkway was built to increase tourism in the year 1893, over 125 years back! 

    Contributed by Nisha & Vasudevan from Lemonicks

    Fairy Pools of Isle of Skye Hike in Scotland

    Distance: 2 Kms
    Difficulty: Easy
    Number of hours: 1 Hr

    This is one of the other best hikes in Europe which will make you spellbound. The Fairy Pools are a group of beautiful looking pools which are blue in color on the Brittle river. These pools offer great swimming and hiking experience to the people.

    This best hikes in Europe can be done by anyone and is extremely easy. This is the perfect hike for going on a weekend with your entire family.

    The Flysch Route Hike in Spain

    Distance: 14 Kms
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Number of hours: 4 Hrs

    The flysch route in Spain is another hike in the list of Best Hikes in Europe that will keep you mesmerized. This is located between Mutriky, Deba & Zumaia. Don't confuse this with the name of the place. Flysch is a natural phenomenon. This forms due to soil erosion from the ocean. 

    The formation of Flysch takes millions of years to form. This Flysch route is on the West Coat of Guipuzcoa in Spain. The hike is approximately 14 kilometers and can be completed in 4 hours and the views of this best hikes in Europe is just great.

    Mt. Buet Hike in France

    Distance: 14 Kms
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Number of hours: 6 Hrs

    The Mont Buet Hikes in Best Hikes in Europe is a hike if you love the mountains. The Mont Buet peak is at ten thousand foot peak in the French Alps.It is the highest peak in Aiguilles Rouges.

    It is popular hike which is usually made from the Vallorcine valley between Col des Montets and the Swiss border. This hike is easy as it is not a climb but a normal walk but does involve about 6000 feet or 1800 meters of ascent in a return trip of over terms so for those walkers who are feeling energetic to do this Best Hikes in Europe, here's an outline of the ascent route.

    Behind Hotel at Le Buet you can see a path going up into the forest marked Cascade a Berard, Refuge Pierre a Berard and Mont Buet. Follow this hiking trail which begins among the forest which crosses beautiful waterfalls. When the river is crossed by a wooden bridge the path steepens up into the woods ever emerging in a high, remote feeling mountain valley above the timberline.

    Trolltunga Hike in  Norway

    Distance – 27 Km
    Difficulty – Difficult
    Number of hours – 12 Hrs

    This is another tough hike among the best hikes in Europe. This hike will take you approximately 12 hours. Trolltunga means troll's tongue and the hike is mesmerizing from the top. 

    You need to be in good shape to complete this hike. While hiking you will find many beautiful places however the views from the top are especially breathtaking. You can see Lake Ringedalsvatnet from the top.

    Laugavegurinn Hike in  Iceland

    Distance: 55 Km
    Difficulty: Difficult
    Number of hours: 12 Hrs

    This hike in Europe is one of the best hikes in Europe where you can relive the moments of folklore and magic. While taking this hike in Europe you can see wild Icelandic horses running on the green meadows and hot springs from black volcanic rocks. 

    This best hikes in Europe is known for the variety of landscapes that it has to offer. Smaller hike can be done as a few hours of tours as well.

    Gran Paradiso National Park Hike in Italy

    Distance – 27 Km
    Difficulty – Moderate
    Number of hours – 1 Day to Multi days

    The Grand Paradiso is in the Valle d’Aosta, in Italy's Alps in the northwestern part. This park was set up to protect the Ibex initially. The Gran Paradiso National Park is a sprawling beautiful park over 70000 hectares. 

    You can see Mont Blanc,  Monte Rosa & Matterhorn ranges from various hiking trails. You can do day hikes near the lakes or if you are a little adventurous you can hike to the peak or the highest point however this will be a multi-day hike. One of the most beautiful hiking trails is the 7.7 km hiking trail to Lago Pellaud via the Grand Rû Ring.

    Canary Islands, Spain

    Distance – Various Hikes
    Difficulty – Moderate
    Number of hours – Few Hours to 2-3 days

    Canary islands offers great hiking trails which can be done within a few hours or can stretch up to 2-3 days. The best hiking locations in canary islands are Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and La Gomera and all three distinct from each other.

    World's highest volcano is in Tenerife dotted with coastal trail & pine forests. You will not fin dmuch hikers in Tenerife hiking trail. If you want more picturesque views then hike the Gran Canaria which has rocky shoreline and beautiful valleys. If you want a feel of South America in Spain then do the hike in La Gomera which also has beautiful views.

    Norwegian Fjords, Norway

    Distance : Various Hikes
    Difficulty : Easy to Moderate
    Number of hours : Few Hours to 2-3 days

    For extremely beautiful views hike at Norwegian Fjords. This offers hundreds of hiking trail for all kind of hikers. You can see blue glaciers, lush forests, mountains in this hiking trail.

    If you have undertaken any of the above Best Hikes in Europe, do let Shoestring Travel in the comment section below.

    Also if you want to add to this list mail me at shoestringtravel.in@gmail.com

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