25 Best Road Trips in Europe

25 Best Road Trips in Europe

Road trips in Europe are made of dreams. A road trip in Europe can unfold so many sides of unseen Europe. Just imagine you driving on straight roads, with Sweet Home Alabama playing and seeing the European countryside. We have all seen in movies, however now you can live your dream in one of the best road trips in Europe.

Escape and Discover the most beautiful places and landscapes on a Road Trip in Europe. So what are you waiting for tank up your car and get it ready for amazing road trips. Shoestring Travel has brought you a list of 25 Best Road Trips in Europe you can do now. 

These road trips have been hand-picked by travel bloggers across the world so be rest assure you will have an amazing time on these road trips.

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Let's jump into the list of 25 best road trips in Europe straight away.

25 Best Road Trips in Europe

    Road Trip From Frankfurt to Heidelberg

    Heidelberg, a city is known for its university, castle, and Old Town can easily be visited from Frankfurt.

    The 90 km (56 miles) distance between the cities can be traveled by car on a road trip.  In terms of time, it should take about an hour (each way) to travel from one place to the other.  There is a lot to see in Heidelberg.  It is advised to start sightseeing as early as possible.

    Start the day by visiting Heidelberg’s Castle.  On the grounds, you will be able to see the different buildings, art pieces, the Apothecary Museum, and one of the biggest wine barrels in the world.  Leave time to appreciate the castle’s gardens and the city’s views from a variety of vantage points. 

    Road Trip From Frankfurt to Heidelberg

    Descend to the Baroque Old Town and explore Karlsplatz (with great views of the castle), Marktplatz, the Church of the Holy Spirit, Hauptstrasse (the main thoroughfare) and the University. Ascending to the Church of the Holy Spirit’s tower is possible.
    Proceed to the banks of the Neckar River to see the Old Bridge and its imposing gate (Bruckentor).  Do not forget to check the statue of the bridge monkey!

    Cross the bridge for even more impressive perspectives of the city.  Active types should consider hiking the Philosopher’s Way, a trail passing terraced vineyards, foliage, and viewing platforms.

    Those wanting to try German fare should eat at Wirtshaus zum Spreisel, Schnitzelhaus, or Essighaus.  For pastries and cake, Cafe Gundel is a good option.

    Contributed by Ruth Rieckehoff from Tanama Tales

    Road Trip From Athens to Vouliagmeni 

    Vouliagmeni is an upscale coastal town that sits just 15 miles south of central Athens and perfect for a short road trip in europe. The town is renowned for its namesake “Vouliagmeni Lake” which is rumored to have healing properties. 

    Vouliagmeni Lake attracts hundreds of visitors each month who venture here to swim in its thermal waters. It’s possible to dive beneath the surface of the brackish lake to find a labyrinth of tunnels and caves. The full extent of these underwater caves has never been explored, and nobody is precisely sure where they lead! 

    There is a well-marked coastal path that runs along the Vouliagmeni shoreline. It’s possible to walk from Vouliagmeni lake, all the way to the nearby towns of Vari and Voula, depending on how much you enjoy hiking. 

    Road Trip From Athens to Vouliagmeni

    Lovely Vouliagmeni offers an array of stunning beaches. You can find both free communal areas and exclusive beach clubs in the town. Akti Vouliagmeni is the most elegant beach club in town. It has been known to attract celebrities and the likes of Rockstars, Supermodels, and Greek Politicians. 

    It is possible to take public transport from downtown Athens to Vouliagmeni. Take line #2 of the metro to Elliniko and then take the #122 bus to Lake Vouliagmeni stop.

    Contributed by Melissa Douglas from High Heels and a Backpack

    Road Trip From Prague to Olomouc

    Olomouc, the 6th largest city in the Czech Republic is possibly one of the best-hidden gems. Stunning baroque city center, plenty of fun things to do.. and zero crowds.

    You can reach Olomouc easily take a road trip from Prague. The road trip to Olomouc is approximately 3 hours.Olomouc is located 250 km away in the East of the country in Moravia region.

    The historical center of Olomouc is beautifully compact and fully walkable. On the Upper Square, you can find a stunning City Hall with its own astronomical clock. Right next you cannot overlook the monumental Holy Trinity Column, the only official UNESCO site in Olomouc.

    Road Trip From Prague to Olomouc

    The whole center is dotted by Baroque fountains, but you can also find Gothic/Baroque churches and houses built in Art Nouveau style. A nearby St. Wenceslas Cathedral has the second tallest spire in the Czech Republic.

    To taste local Czech cuisine, and especially the Olomouc-made soft fermented cheese called Tvarůžky, pay a visit to one of these restaurants: Moritz Microbrewery, Plan B, Hanácká hospoda.

    Olomouc also belongs to one of the greenest cities. Large parks surround the whole city center. You can also admire the abundant Olomouc street art and look for the main murals in or near the city center.

    Contributed by  Veronika Primm of Travel Geekery

    Road Trip From Zurich to Liechtenstein

    East of Zurich, in the beautiful Heidiland, lies the tiny principality of Liechtenstein - home to five castles and famous postage stamps! If you are staying or visiting Europe then Road trip is a must here. 

    From Zurich, Vaduz is located ~110 km away. You can take a (beautifully scenic!) road trip and reach the country in 1.5 hours.
    Liechtenstein, the 6th smallest country in the world, is an easy, and a super fun day trip from Zurich. With its rich history and stunning Alpine natural beauty, Liechtenstein will leave you awestruck! 

    One of the best things to do in Liechtenstein is to visit its capital, Vaduz. Take a stroll down the beautiful pedestrian street in Städtle and take in the Liechtenstein National Museum, the beautiful Peter-Kaiser-Platz (the square which houses Liechtenstein’s government), St. Florin Cathedral (a pretty 19th-century church) and the Alte Rheinbrücke (a covered wooden bridge between the 2 countries). Hike up to the Vaduz Castle for some panoramic views over the valley.

    Road Trip From Zurich to Liechtenstein

    The small mountain town of Triesenberg should be next on your list. Beautiful views and charming buildings make this village a delight to walk through. For more history, head to the town of Balzers and visit its stunning Gutenberg Castle. For some fantastic Liechtenstein food, stroll down the Städtle or head to the town of Schaan.

    Liechtenstein also has several hiking and biking routes through the beautiful Alps for the adventure enthusiasts.

    Contributed by  Smita Singh of My Faulty Compass

    Road Trip From Zurich to Lucerne 

    Road trip from Zurich to Lucerne has to be one of the most beautiful road trips in Europe. Lucerne is located 50 km or just about 45 minutes' drive from Zurich. This is not only one the most scenic road trip but also a short road trip which you can do easily.

    The postcard-perfect city of Lucerne is one of the prettiest cities not just in Switzerland but in the world! With its charming wood carved chalets, the winding cobblestoned streets and the stunning natural beauty, Lucerne is a ridiculously charming place!

    Stroll down the famous Kapellbrücke, the landmark 1300s wooden bridge and the grand stone tower. Beautiful flowers adorn this bridge (or if its winter, a dusting of snow!) and fascinating 17th-century art decorates the inside. 

    Walkthrough the old town of Lucerne and sample some chocolates at Läderach - you will not want to leave this shop, I can guarantee you that!

    Continue your stroll to the lake promenade and take in the beauty of Lake Lucerne, one of the largest lakes in Switzerland. Stop for some ice cream (or hot chocolate if you’re cold!) at Bachmann and enjoy the views over the lake. See if you can spot the 2 famous mountains around Lucerne - Mt. Pilatus & Mt. Rigi. Both of these are easily reachable from Lucerne and make for amazing half-day trips. Make sure you take the ferry to get to these mountains - a boat ride on Lake Lucerne is one of the absolute best things to do in the city!

    Another amazing thing to do at Lucerne is to hop on the Golden Pass train line! This train starts in Lucerne and covers 3 mountain passes, 8 lakes, 6 cantons, and 2 language regions! 

    Contributed by  Smita Singh of My Faulty Compass

    Road Trip From Madrid to Segovia

    Located about 55 miles (90 km) north of Madrid, Segovia is a beautiful historical city and home to quite a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This road trip from Madrid to Segovia will just take an hour.

    The first one is the old city of Segovia, where you'll find the Segovia Cathedral (the last Gothic cathedral built in Spain) and the Alcazar of Segovia, a medieval royal castle which was one of Walt Disney's inspirations for Cinderella's castle. In the old city, you can also visit a few Jewish landmarks like the former main synagogue and El Pinarillo cemetery.

    Another unmissable UNESCO monument is the aqueduct. This impressive Roman architectural masterpiece stands for almost 2,000 years and consists of about 25,000 blocks and 170 arches. Take the time to admire it because it is truly remarkable.

    Beyond the landmarks, Segovia is a wonderful place to lose yourself in a maze of old streets, alleys, and squares. Every little corner exudes history and charm, so it's impossible not to fall in love with this magnificent city.

    Contributed by  Or from My Path in the World

    Road Trip From Florence to Siena

    This road trip in Europe will take just over an hour and you’ll see another side of Tuscany that is just as charming and as beautiful as Florence.

    Siena is one of Tuscany’s most beautiful towns and it’s an easy day trip from Florence. The Medieval city has a unique culture and community that centers around its impressive main square - the Piazza del Campo. This huge space is the venue for the city’s twice-yearly Palio horse race where riders from competing city districts decide who is the champion as they have for centuries. The city is also famous for its impressive duomo or cathedral and various museums and galleries packed with art treasures.

    But perhaps the best thing to do in Siena is to take a stroll around its cobbled streets, stopping to admire the historic city and to have a long leisurely lunch of Tuscan specialties at one of the many trattorias. Of course you must also try the local wine from Chianti hills outside the city walls. 

    The best way to reach Siena is to drive down from Florence.

    Contributed by Katy Clarke from Untold Travel

    Road Trip From Geneva to Montreux

    The pretty Swiss town of Montreux makes a wonderful day trip from Geneva. Montreux is located on the shores of Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) and offers stunning views and real charm, earning it the title of the jewel of the Swiss Riviera.

    There are so many things to do in Montreux you could easily spend more time here, but the major sites can be covered in a day.  

    First off you’ll want to stroll along the pretty lakeside promenade where you can visit a statue of Freddie Mercury, the late lead singer of rock band, Queen.  If you are a Queen fan, you can visit the studio where the band recorded seven of their albums, too. It’s inside the Montreux Casino, also located on the promenade.

    Continuing on along the promenade, you’ll come to Chillon Castle, a beautiful 12th century fortified castle that hugs the lakeside. An hour or two exploring the inside of the castle is time well spent.

    Montreux is surrounded by towering alpine peaks and the terraced rows of the Lavaux vineyards and a great way to get the best views of the town is on a lake cruise. Historic paddle steamers ply the waters of Lake Geneva, connecting ports on both the Swiss and French shores of the lake.

    Getting to Montreux is easy. This road trip will just take an hour between the twin cities.  

    Either way, Montreux is easily accessible, making it the perfect day trip destination from Geneva.

    Contributed by Carolyn from Holidays to Switzerland

    Road Trip From Athens to Epidaurus, Mycenea & Tiryns

    Epidaurus, Mycenae and Tiryns are UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greece. All the 3 are located in the Peloponnese region and can be done together as a day-trip from Athens. Public transport is not really a good option, however car-hire with or without a driver would make the trip easy.

    All the 3 places belong to the Greek Civilization. They belong to the Late Bronze age and have been mentioned in the works of Homer. The architectural ruins that we see here belongs to about 1600-1200 BCE and are important historical places.

    Mycenae is fascinating with the mere scale of the architecture here. Apart from that, the view is also great, flanked by mighty mountains on 3 sides. Everything here is labeled for easier understanding. Tiryns on the other hand is yet to be organized and labeled but the architecture is a bit more intact. The Sanctuary of Asklepios in Epidaurus is huge. It takes a couple hours to go around this place and with their official app for a self-guided tour, it is pretty easy. There is a site-museum that has all the artifacts unearthed here as well.

    Athens to Epidaurus is 125km and perfect for a road trip in Europe and would take about 2 hrs drive from Athens. With a small diversion to stop-over at Mycenae and Tiryns it would be 180km and would take 2:30hrs. The best place for lunch would be a short stop at Nafplio at one of the many restaurants with a view of the sea.

    Contributed by Bhushavali from My Travelogue

    Road Trip From London to Portsmouth

    One of our favorite road trips from London is to the waterfront city of Portsmouth. There is plenty of history here and lots of activities that you can do to keep yourself busy. These include visiting the historic dockyard, the amazing museum and art gallery, the newly build Emirate Spinnaker Tower and the famous shopping outlet Gunwharf Quays.

    It is fairly easy to get on a road trip from London to Portsmouth, typically a journey will take you under 2 hours and the distance is approx 85 miles by road. 

    Those who plan a bit of retail therapy at Gunwharf Quays (home to the premium shopping outlets), we recommend road trips for sure as you may need help carrying all your bags back! You can expect to be in the heart of Portsmouth within 90minutes from London and there is ample parking throughout the city, so do not worry on that front.

    Within Gunwharf Quays, which is located on the waterfront, you will find a large array of eateries, all with beautiful views of the sea and the marina of docked boats and yachts. There is something for every appetite, as the shopping outlet itself boasts over 30 different restaurants. We recommend setting off from London, around 8am to avoid any traffic getting out of the city and into Portsmouth and then heading back around 7pm once the evening rush hours have come to an end.

    Contributed by Manpreet from Hello Manpreet

    Road Trip From Birmingham to Lake Vyrnwy

    If you want to enjoy a relaxing day out, Lake Vyrnwy will be the perfect road trip from Birmingham! Take your car and enjoy this amazing road trip which will take you about 1h45mins. 

    Located between Welshpool and Snowdonia National Park, Lake Vyrnwy is one of the most beautiful reservoirs in Wales.

    There are many walking trails around the lake, perfect for all the hikers out there! You will discover beautiful landscapes and waterfalls. Another popular activity at Lake Vyrnwy is to cycle around the lake. The full loop is 12 miles long which will take you a few hours.  It is a bit long but flat so quite easy!

    Finally, if you love horses, you can choose to go horse riding around the lake! Pretty awesome, right?

    For lunch, head to the Lake Vyrnwy hotel and spa. Located at the top of a hill, the pub has a terrace overlooking the lake. The views are absolutely gorgeous! The food is very good and reasonably priced. They offer both traditional british food and european food.

    Lake Vyrnwy is a great place to visit as a couple or with kids. It’s calm and relaxing, perfect to get away from the city!

    Contributed by Pauline Vergnet from Bee Loved City

    Road Trip From Zurich to Lauterbrunnen valley

    The Lauterbrunnen valley is one of the most scenic places in Switzerland. It is a long valley that sits at the base of the Bernese Alps, with waterfalls rushing down the rocky cliff faces. To get there from Zurich, you have to do a road trip which will take you approximately 2 hours.

    Lauterbrunnen is a quiet Swiss village, but the perfect place to explore for a day. It is lined with local swiss restaurants and offers a short walk to many spectacular waterfalls. To get there from Zurich, you can drive for 2 hours or take the train for 3 hours, which is a scenic trip in itself. 

    Once in Lauterbrunnen, most people go for a walk along the valley floor to take in the entire landscape and waterfalls. The Staubbach falls are the largest, falling for 300m but there are many more including one that is actually inside the mountain, called Trummelbach falls, that you can visit for a small entrance fee. Renting a bicycle or e-bike is a quicker way to explore the entire valley if you have less time.

    There are also many hikes among the surrounding mountains which are suitable for all levels, and offer small mountain huts in case you want to stay overnight. If you have more time, you can go up to the Jungfraujoch, Europe’s highest train station to see the glaciers or take the gondola up to the Schilthorn for lunch at the spinning restaurant where they filmed a James Bond Movie. 

    As you can see Lauterbrunnen has many attractions, but its natural beauty is going to make the whole day trip worthwhile.

    Contributed by Tara from Tara's Travel

    Road Trip From Lisbon to  Batalha, Alcobaca and Tomar

    One of the best day trips to take from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon is to the UNESCO World Heritage Triangle located in the towns of Batalha, Alcobaca and Tomar, in Central Portugal. This triangle of UNESCO World Heritage sites lies approximately 140km north of Lisbon and takes around one and a half hours to reach by car, making them ideal as a road trip from the city.

    Start by visiting Tomar and the Convent of Christ. This former Templar stronghold dating back to the 12th century is surrounded by the walls of the Castle of Tomar and both form the UNESCO site. The convent has stunning architecture to admire from the Romanesque, Gothic, Manueline and Renaissance periods.

    From Tomar journey west to Batalha, just over 30 minutes away and visit the Monastery of Batalha. This Dominican convent dates back to the 14th century and has both Manueline and Gothic architecture. It also served as the burial church for Portuguese royalty in the 15th century. Explore the quiet of the cloisters and see the burial tombs of past Kings and Queens of Portugal.

    From Batalha journey 30 minutes south to visit the Monastery of Alcobaca to complete your tour of the UNESCO Triangle. This Roman Catholic monastic complex was established in the mid-12th century and its church and monastery were some of the first Gothic buildings in Portugal. The main nave is stunning but go behind the scenes and visit the cloisters and you can get a sense of what life might have been like.

    With all three sites, the main nave of the church is free to enter, while entry to the cloisters is payable. But it is worth it to see behind-the-scenes. There is a combined Heritage Route ticket which gives you entry to each site and saves you money over buying individual tickets. The UNESCO Triangle is an ideal addition to a Central Portugal road trip itinerary.

    Contributed by Cath from Passports and Adventures

    Road Trip From Budapest to Lake Balaton

    Just an hour away (135 km) from Budapest, Lake Balaton is Central Europe's largest freshwater lake (50 miles long) and is fondly known as the Hungarian Sea.

    You'll find beautiful vineyards, thermal spa resorts, quaint Hungarian villages, and towns, and volcanic hills sprinkled along the shores of Balaton. Balatonfürd, Siófok, Tihany, Keszthely, Hévíz, and Tapolca are some of the most famous resort towns.

    There's so much to see and do in the lake region that a day trip wouldn't do justice to it. But, if you only have a day, I'd recommend exploring Tihany, Keszthely, Hévíz Lake, which happens to be the world's largest thermal lake, and Lake Cave Tapolca. Also, beach-lovers will love Balaton for its unique beaches. Outdoor lovers can plan a visit to Balaton Uplands National Park to take on hiking or biking.

    You can choose to eat and drink at one of the many waterfront cafes and restaurants along the lake.

    Not direct though, there are regular buses and trains to all major resort and spa towns in Balaton from Budapest. Joining a guided tour with a local is also a great option for those who look for an immersive cultural experience. All said and done - self-drive is the best way to travel from Budapest to Lake Balaton.

    Contributed by Anjali from Travel Melodies

    Road Trip From Venice to Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Yes, this one may definitely seem like a bit of a stretch. But when opting-in for a car, this will be a comfortable 3-hour road trip to what is an old, cozy, and absolutely beautiful Slovenian city. If all goes well, there will even be some time left to make a stop by the stunning Lake Bled on the way back, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

    To make the trip from Venice to Ljubljana even more simple, here is the GPS to the convenient and affordable parking in the downtown of the destination: 46.057900, 14.499106 (Parking Tivoli)

    So, why Ljubljana, and what’s so great about it? 

    The capital of Slovenia has a walkable old town with all of the best attractions packed within just a few blocks. The best way to discovering this laid-back city is by driving the funicular to the top of the castle hill. This is the panorama to put on the to-do list. 

    The castle itself is a great destination, too. Slovenians know a thing or two about turning castle-visiting into an engaging experience. Instead of standard touring, they sell… an escape-the-castle quest. How awesome is that?

    Ljubljana’s old town with its cobbled streets and ancient buildings justifies wandering without a certain agenda. Part of this walking experience is crossing the legendary bridges of the city, and Zmajski Most, in particular. It is named after a dragon, the official symbol of Slovenia’s capital. 

    Another recommended experience is to try local cuisine. The best food to eat in Slovenia is sirovi strukli – rolls of boiled dough with different fillings, from cottage cheese and berries to chocolate. Quite a few great cafes in the old town serve this dish, including Druga Violina.

    Contributed by Inessa Rezanova and Natalie Rezanova from Through a Travel Lens

    Road Trip From Edinburgh to Falkirk

    At over 30 meters high ‘The Kelpies’ are the largest equine sculptures in the world. These beautiful horse head sculptures were designed by Andy Scott and unveiled in 2013. It took 90 days to build the sculptures which were inspired by Scottish folklore. The Kelpie is a mythical aquatic beast that can take on any form. 

    Situated in Helix Park in Falkirk the statues can be reached by car from Edinburgh within the hour. They can actually be seen from the M9 Edinburgh to Stirling road as you drive past they are so large! 

    Alternatively take a train from Edinburgh Waverley to Falkirk (the journey time is approximately 30 minutes) then catch a local bus from the train station to Helix Park. 

    At the park you will find an excellent visitor centre with information, tours and a cafe. 

    Take your time to walk around the statues - they are an amazing sight and even better close up. You can take a tour to see inside the sculptures too. If you arrive later in the day it’s worth staying until sundown.  At night the illuminated Kelpies are a particularly awe inspiring sight.

    As well as the statues you will find the Falkirk Wheel at Helix Park. The wheel is a rather impressive rotating boat lift which connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal.

    The Kelpies are an easy road trip from Edinburgh and am absolute must-see for anyone planning to visit Scotland

    Contributed by Tracy from Tracy’s Travels in Time

    Road Trip From Dublin to Blarney Castle

    The best road trip to take from Dublin is to visit Blarney Castle. If you are wondering why you should take this 3 hour, 260km trip from the capital, let me tell you why. 

    To kiss the famous Blarney Stone of course. Legend has it that those who kiss the stone will be bestowed with the gift of the gab. This is what the majority of visitors to this 15th century medieval stronghold come to do.

    But that is not all there is to Blarney Castle. As well as the Blarney Stone which is located at the top of the castle after no less than 99 stairs, you can explore some of the rooms of the castle on your way back down. There is not much to these rooms, but it is still worth popping your head into them.

    After you have finished in the castle you must explore the grounds of Blarney Castle and Gardens. They are simply quite stunning. Among the gardens to explore there is a poison garden complete with foxglove, just take care if visiting this with kids. There is also a fern garden, rose pergola, walled kitchen garden and more. There are no less than two waterfalls at Blarney Castle, a children’s playground and fairy glade and a lake.

    Blarney Castle is a hugely popular tourist destination and is one of the best castles to visit in Ireland. To avoid the long queues to kiss the Blarney Stone, I would advise you leave Dublin early and aim to arrive at opening time. Kiss the stone first which will leave you ample time to explore the gardens.

    Contributed by Cath from Travel Around Ireland

    Road Trip From Bucharest to Brasov 

    The stunning region of Transylvania in Romania is home to many picture-perfect towns that are worth visiting on easy road trips from the country's capital city, Bucharest. Located in the centre of the country, medieval Brasov is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Romania.

    Situated 184km north of Bucharest, Brasov is a very popular road trip destination from Romania's capital. You can get to Brasov from Bucharest by car in about 2.5 hours. 

    Brasov Old Town is very compact so it's super easy to check out all of the town's treasures on a single day. Every walk around the historic centre of Brasov starts from the gorgeous Council Square which is dominated by the iconic Black Church. Another attraction not to miss in Brasov is the impressive Rope Street, which is one of Europe's narrowest alleys. 

    If time permits, don't miss the chance to take a ride on the Mount Tampa cable car and enjoy the most breathtaking views to Brasov. Last but not least, make sure you dine in the beautiful old cellar of either Sergiana or Bella Muzica as both restaurants are utterly authentic and quite unique. 

    No matter how you choose to spend your time, though, one thing's for sure: Your day trip to Brasov from Bucharest is going to be the absolute highlight of your trip to the Romanian capital!

    Contributed by Maria & Katerina from It's All Trip To Me

    Road Trip From Munich to Stuttgart

    This road trip in Europe takes around 2.5 Hours and the distance is 232 kms.

    Host to the second largest beer festival in the world, Stuttgart is an amazing city to visit about an hour and a half west of Munich.  Easily reached by train or car, the city is located deep in a valley with tall green, forested hills surrounding one of the best known southern German cities.  Stuttgart is well known for a variety of things particularly as the home to Mercedes Benz.  Stuttgart is the auto capital of Germany and has a host of car factories located in and around the city.  Its love for cars is clear in its beautiful Mercedes Benz museum which displays the history of the automobile and takes visitors on an enjoyable history lesson with dozens of cars and buses displayed throughout the museum.

    Stuttgart is also home to a zoo/botanic garden, one of the largest combinations in Europe.  Set on a hill overlooking the city and many of the vineyards alongside, the zoo is a perfect combination of animals, and relaxing space, with many open spaces and greenhouses that can be visited.  If visiting with children, Germany’s largest indoor playground is located just on the outskirts of Stuttgart. 

    If visitors have extra time, there are also a few very short trips from Stuttgart that can be taken.

    Due to its city size, visitors can always find a market or event in the city, and its best to check before going to ensure that you get the true experience of the city.

    Contributed by The Elusive Family

    Road Trip From Milan to Lake Como

    Situated in northern Italy about 45 minutes away from Milan, Lake Como is a wonderful road trip away from the bustling northern Italian city.  

    The serenity of one of Italy’s most beautiful lakes is clear as soon as visitors reach the beautiful lake, best reached by car. There is a single two way road that wraps around the lake, narrow in many areas, but cresting hills and going alongside the lake.  The tiny dotted towns along the lake show the beauty of Italian architecture and beckoning those who want to spend a holiday by the water.

    Lake Como is beautiful any time of year, though in the summer there is much more to do and see. To truly experience the lake it is best to get as close to Bellagio in order to have the opportunity to visit a variety of villages or even just the town of Bellagio itself.

    Getting up to Bellagio is absolutely worth it when visiting Lake Como.  The city is just on the intersection of the upside Y shaped lake and has dozens of boats leaving its harbor during the bustling summer months.  Boats take tourists to various small villages along the lake as well as to villas with gardens.  If only staying for the afternoon, visitors can stop by a hotel and rent a daily pass to get access to the water, or hire a boat for the day.

    Contributed by Travels in Poland

    Road Trip From Athens to Meteora

    The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Meteora is a magical destination with ancient monasteries built atop karst limestone peaks that rise out of the valley. While the exact date of construction of the monasteries is unknown, it is thought they date back as far as the 11th century with the remote Skete of Stagoi being a retreat for Eastern Orthodox monks.

    Today, there are six monasteries that travelers can explore, with all but one of them being reached by teetering stairways leading towards heaven. These monasteries offer incredible vistas of this almost mythological-looking region as well as providing an insight into the history of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

    The site of Meteora lies just over four hours north of Athens on a road trip. You need to start early in the morning to enjoy Meteora on a road trip. If you have time, you may want to stay overnight near Kalambaka, so you can spend extra time exploring this fascinating site.

    Visiting Meteora as a road trip from Athens doesn't give you much time to discover other sites, but you may be able to make time to grab some delicious Greek cuisine at the Meteora restaurant before returning to Athens.

    Contributed by Chrysoula from Athens and Beyond

    Road Trip From Paris to Giverny

    Giverny is a short 90 minutes road trip from Paris. This town was home to Monet during the height of his artist career. Monet's home in Giverny is where he had a large Japanese garden built and where he painted his famous water lilies.

    Of course, the main attraction is visiting Monet's house and gardens. It is advised that you book your tickets for Monet's house and Gardens in advance as they book up quickly. You can explore the Monet gardens and then go see the inside of the house. The ticket includes seeing Monet's studio as well.

    As many Impressionist painters came to Giverny to paint with Monet and there is now a Museum of Impressionism in the town. It is just down the road from Monet's house. The village also boasts many beautiful gardens to see.

    Keep in mind that both the museum and Monet's house are open seasonally and may not be open during the winter months. The best way to get to Giverny from Paris is to take the train to Le Havre or Rouen and either take the shuttle bus or a taxi.

    Contributed by Tiffany from A Girl and Her Passport

    Road Trip From Rome to Naples

    Road trip from Rome to Naples takes approximately 2 hr 30 mins, but the road trip from Rome to Naples is like traveling to a whole new world. 

    This is the south of Italy, and things work a bit differently here. While the city's edgy vibe can be intimidating for first-time visitors, it's perfectly safe as long as you take the usual precautions, and it has some fascinating nooks and crannies to explore.

    If you're into dark tourism, you'll love the San Gennaro catacombs, which is the largest early Christian catacomb network in the world. And the Fontanelle cemetery, where skulls and bones are piled up and displayed in an old quarry, and where local people still pray for unknown souls and ask for favors in return. Naples has some beautiful sights above ground too, such as the Castel Nuovo and the incredible artifacts from Pompeii displayed in the National Archaeological Museum.

    And of course, it goes without saying that Naples, the home of pizza, has the best pizza in the world. There are many pizzerie here that claim to be the best, including the already famous Pizzeria da Michele that was made even more famous by the book and film Eat Pray Love. It's a very traditional place that only serves two types of pizza -- marinara and margherita -- which means that it's also one of Naples' vegetarian restaurants. Naples lies about 200 kilometers south of Rome, and the fast freccia rossa trains make the journey from Roma Termini to Napoli Centrale station in 75 minutes or so.

    Contributed by Wendy Werneth from The Nomadic Vegan  

    Road Trip From Paris to Chartres

    The obvious drawcard in Chartres is its cathedral, which is among the most famous cathedrals in France and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Constructed in the 13th century, it's a masterpiece of French Gothic architecture and is incredibly well preserved. Even most of the stained glass windows are original. The cathedral is decorated inside and out with hundreds of sculptures, although not all of these date from the original construction. The ones on the façade are Gothic, while the intricate choir screen inside is from the 18th century.

    You can climb up the northern tower, and if it's a clear day you'll be rewarded with lovely views of Chartres and the surrounding countryside. It's said that sometimes you can even see the Eiffel Tower from here! Once you've thoroughly explored the cathedral, take some time to wander the streets and look up at the half-timbered houses with flower pots in their windows.

    Chartres lies about 100 kilometers southwest of Paris and can be reached by a road trip from the in just a little more than an hour. There are some touristy restaurants scattered throughout the town, but nothing remarkable. And if you're looking for vegan or vegetarian options you're probably best off asking one of the veggie restaurants in Paris to prepare you a packed lunch.

    Contributed by Wendy Werneth from The Nomadic Vegan  

    Road Trip From London to Cambridge

    Cambridge is a small city just over an hour away from London by  car making it a great road trip and also location for a day trip. It's a walking city and small enough that you can get a real feel for the place in just one day. It's a university city so the predominant activities there are related to the renowned Cambridge University, which was founded way back in 1209.

    The top Cambridge colleges are larger and richer than those in Oxford and are truly magnificent. King's College and St John's College are the two that people usually visit on the first trip to Cambridge and each has a unique vibe. There are 31 in total though and lots are quite small and quaint so consider adding some like Pembroke (which is free to enter!) to your Cambridge day trip itinerary too. For a good view of lots of different colleges without paying to enter, you can stroll down the "Backs" that runs along the river. Don't forget to try punting on the river too - a classic Cambridge activity!

    In terms of food of Cambridge, a stop a Fitzbillies for their famous Chelsea buns is an absolute must. For a spot of brunch (or lunch or dinner too), head to the Old Bicycle Shop where there's some nice courtyard seating. For something a bit fancier, there's also a Cambridge-themed tea at the University Arms hotel where you can enjoy cocktails and cakes in the old library.

    Contributed by Laura from What's Hot

    That's all in the Best Road Trips in Europe list. 

    If you liked it then it would be great if you can share it among your friends and family so that these beautiful destinations can be explored on the road trips. Also, let us know in the comment section below about your experiences of visiting these destinations for road trips in Europe.

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